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   Chapter 3 NO.3

His Sweetheart By Courtney Radford Characters: 4372

Updated: 2018-06-04 21:31

Nick Black POV:


My eyes locked with hers, and I couldn't help but to gape at her. She was gorgeous. Her eyes sparkled as she slowly walked down the aisle.

I watched as she began to look at me, the glint in her eyes that conveyed her true happiness.

"babe" she whispered when she reached me, I took her hand in mine and she smiled. "I missed you" she adds lowly.

"I missed you more" I whisper back, smiling.

I was in awe with her beauty and my breathing hitched when she began to say her vows.

"Nick" she starts, letting out a shaky sigh. I gave her a reassuring smile as she continued, "I knew that you were the one when I laid eyes on you. I remember how stubborn you were in school" she smiled, her eyes tearing up, "you always hated when other guys talked to me because of your insecurity that you were never good enough. But the truth is, you've always been better than enough. I will never ever know how I got so lucky with you Nick. Never" My eyes began to tear up, "and I'll always love you. I never want to argue with you, I never want to lose you." She adds. I see her take another deep breath as a tear fell down her cheek, "I promise to love and care for you, I will try in every way to be worthy of your love. I'll be honest, kind, patient and forgiving. I love you so much, so today I'll give you my heart and forever be with you no matter where our journey leads us. You are my man, my love, my life for today and always"

She smiled gently, wiping my tears away as she quietly whispered 'i love you' for just me to hear.

I smile at her, the women who was going to me mine truly and begin my vows.

"Amelia, today will forever hold a place in my heart. The day you became mine truly, and for forever. Though, you were always mine anyway" She laughed as I brushed away her tears, "I will always remember how kind and genuine you are. You're so down to earth, so beautiful and everyone could tell how much I was in love with you when we first met. My mom even guessed that I was in love with you before she met you because I could talk about you and your beauty for hours. And you were the first one to say 'i love you'. I remember

how upset I was because I wanted to tell you first" she grins at that, "but at the same time I couldn't have felt happier. That day, that one day when you said 'i love you' I imagined my future and the rest of my life would be with you. We hardly ever argue, and I'm glad because instead of arguing we are genuinely happy. After my sister died, I didn't think anyone would bring back the happiness I was once felt when she was alive and I miss her everyday, but you made me happy. You always have and I will never understand how I got so lucky with you. I remember everything about you, I remember when I first met you back in high school, I remember how happy you were when I took you out on a date, or when you took me on a date because you said you wanted to make me as happy as I always made you. I remember when we stayed up till 5 AM under the stars just talking about life, I remember when you sat and made me watch titanic, even though I would have watched it with you willingly. I remember when you demanded that you pay at least half for the date because you said it wasn't fair on me, even though I would spend every last penny on you. I remember how creative you are, how you always wanted to be an artist and look at you now" I chuckle as she gazed at me, love in her eyes, "an artist, her work selling world wide. I'm so proud of you, sweetheart" I felt more tears fall as I cherish how lucky I am to have her. "As a thank you for everything you've done for me, I'll always take care of you. I'll always forgive you, I'll always love and cherish you. I promise I won't disagree with you because I know you are always right" she chuckled when I said that, "and I promise I won't ever give you a reason to leave. I promise to make you the happiest girl in the world and treat you like royalty" I finalise. I hear the crowd 'aww' when she cries when I finish with "I love you, sweetheart".

"I now pronounce you husband and wife, Nick, you may kiss your bride" I hear the crowd clap but I was focused on my sweetheart, my wife.

Just as I'm about to kiss her, she whispers "I love you" to me.

"I love you too, sweetheart" I whisper before planting my lips on hers.

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