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   Chapter 2 NO.2

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Nick Black POV:

"Mr Black" my secretary, Shelley, walks up to me with a document, "here's everything we found" she hands it over, sending me a flirtatious smile.

"Thanks" I say bluntly, "please leave" I say firmly, barely containing my excitement.

Finally... finally, I'll be able to explain what happened to my sweetheart and we could be back together.

I looked in the folder, the first thing that came up was her name: Amelia Smith.

The fact is said smith instead of black broke my heart. I signed the divorce papers after one night that she demanded me to or she would never forgive me. I signed them in hope of a second chance in the future. Now was the time.

The second thing that appeared was her address. I was shocked to see she was in London, when I was in New York.

I called my private jet, making an appointment for a flight in half an hour.

"Shelley" I call.

"Yes sir?" She but her lip.

"Cancel all my appointments for the next month. If anyone calls, register it. Cole will be taking over when I'm gone" i say. Cole was my younger brother.

"Yes Mr Black" she nods before doing as she was told.

Shelley was damn annoying and I was getting annoyed with her flirting.. the only reason I didn't fire her was because she is good at her job.

I walk to my car, calling my parents and putting it on loudspeaker to tell them everything. They were big fans of Amelia, especially my father.

"Hey Nick" mom and dad says simultaneously.

"Hey mom, hey dad. I'm going to London" I say with a bright smile.

Fuck I love Amelia, and I was going to get her back no matter what it takes.

"What? Why?" Mom asked.

"Amelia" I breathed out, "Amelia is there" I didn't tell them I was tracking her down.

"Aw, congrats bud" my dad and I had an unbreakable relationship.

"Thank you" dad loved Amelia like his own, as did mom. They still do.

"Keep is updated Nick, okay? We love you" mom says and I could hear her smile.

"Will do, love you too" I say before hanging up since I was at the airport.

I didn't have to worry about luggage, since I had a lot of clothes everywhere I went. I had the money to buy new clothes whenever anyway.

I got onto my jet, on the table in front of me was Amelia's file and magazines with newspapers.

I carried on reading the file, about her health, her phone number and all of that before I began to look through some articles.

Since I was a famous CEO, I had a lot of paparazzi and they always wrote articles.

2 years ago, before my sweetheart left, the articles always were written about how happy I was. After she left, they made sure to write about how depressed I became and how I buried myself in work.

Today's article, for example, states about how maybe I was in a bad state because of a relationship. It annoyed me at how spot on they were.

I was in a bad state, I started to sleep less when she left. Her heartbroken eyes and teary face never left my mind and stayed there at night.

I knew what happened wasn't my fault, I knew Lily was obsessed with me. But I never looked at another woman when I had Amelia. Heck, even after she left I didn't look at another woman. She was the most beautiful and gorgeous girl in the universe, why did I need to look any further. I had my girl, I had the women of my dreams, well I did have her. Now, I wanted her back.

I tried to take a small nap before I arrived but it was useless. I kept getting nerves, I swear it was like asking her out on a date all over again. This time, however, it was different.

I quickly bought some clothes from the shops before I went to my hotel. It was a nice place but I only went back to shower and change into something a bit better than sweats and a black t-shirt.

Once I'm out, I get a cab since I didn't have time to have a car sent over. I told him the address and arrived not even 10 minutes later.

Wow, she made quite a nice living here. It was a modern house but seemed cosy.

With a deep breath, I knock on the door.

"Drew-" shit, Amelia looked more gorgeous than I remembered. I ignored the fact she must have been waiting for some guy and noticed the shocked look on her face. She was really gorgeous. Blonde hair that was naturally curly with the prettiest green eyes I've ever seen. High cheek bones, plump lips. Damn, she was gorgeous.

"Mummy, who? Who?" That's when I noticed a cute little boy in her arms. He looked like me and her, but I didn't want to make assumptions. Especially since 1- it would be extremely wrong of me to barge in and make accusations and 2- I didn't want to scare them, neither of them.

I was mesmerised when Amelia gently put the boy into the ground, kissing the top of his head.

"Go play with your cars Luke" She force a smile, "Drew would be here in a minute" she adds and the boy, Luke, nods before bouncing off to play with his toys. He was such a bubbly boy, I wandered how old he was.

"Who's Drew?"I ask. I hope to god that she hasn't moved on. If she did, i didn't know what I would do with myself. I wouldn't be able to live. The past two years has proved th

at. My doctor even diagnosed me with insomnia because I could never sleep and I got told many times I had a drinking problem, by family.

"That's none of your concern" she says bluntly, spinning on her heel to look at Me. The voice she used hurt me and I felt a tug at my heart when she asked, "Why are you here?"

"I think you know why, sweetheart" my voice is low. Surely she knows I still love her. I made it clear the last time I saw her.

"Don't call me that!" She hisses and I take a breath. "I don't know why you are here. You have no right to be here. You cheated on me, remember?" She questioned, tilting her head to the side and putting her hand on her hip. Although she tried to look like she didn't care, I knew she did. I saw how her eyes darkened and breathing faltered as she said that.

"I didn't fucking cheat on you Amelia!" My voice boomed in the empty room, "I loved you, i still do" My voice broke, "You are my world" i whisper brokenly, "why would I risk losing someone as valuable as you for her?" I spat 'her'. I looked at her desperately. I needed her so badly. I needed her as much as I needed oxygen.

"I don't care what you and that bitch done" She says bitterly.

"Amelia, please believe me" I beg, my eyes watering and I knew she saw it because she turned on her heel. Though, this was my true emotions. The thought of not having her broke me.

"Mummy" Luke runs in, tears running down his face.

"What's wrong baby?" She asked softly, gently wiping his tears and lifting him up on her hip.

"I hurt" he cried, putting his hand out. She kissed it better and I felt my heart warm. I always knew she would make an amazing mother.

"Aw my poor baby" she whispers lightly, hugging him closely to her.

I observed Luke again, he looked a lot like me and it was killing me not having Amelia. If I had a son too, I think I would break.

"Who's son is that?" I ask softly but when I didn't get a reply, asked a different question. "How old is he?" I asked.

"2" She says quietly. My eyes widen and my jaw drops as I take in this information. I have a son.

"He's mine" i gasped out loud, my eyes filling with adoration as i looked at our son. He's beautiful, just like his mother.

"Yeah" she says, kissing Luke on the forehead.

"Why didn't you tell me?" I asked. I'm sure I sounded upset and angry but I missed my first and only sons first words and his birth.

"You cheated" She stated stubbornly and I felt like giving up. Would she ever believe me?

"If only you would have listened to me! This is my son too, Amelia! I missed his first word, his first steps, his birth" i say exactly what's on my mind.

"Well I'm sorry Nick, but I was planning on telling you as soon as I found out that I was pregnant. But then I got the photos of you two cheating and when I came home you were both there! Don't tell me that doesn't seem like you were cheating" she says loudly Making Luke flinch.

"I'm sorry" I say desperately, "I'm fucking sorry Amelia! I never cheated on you, I never would. Why would I? Everyone knew I loved you more than anything. These past 2 years have been hell for me. It's been hell being without you. Now I found out I have a son too!" I cried out, this was too much, "please sweetheart, I want to make up the time I've been without you both"

"You can see Luke. You can spend time with Luke. It's not fair that you can't see him. But that's all" she says. I pleaded for her, I wanted them both. I needed them.

"I want you, Sweetheart. I love you" i plead.

"No Nick. It didn't work the first time, what makes you think it would work this time?" She ask and i sighed loudly.

"Please sweetheart" i beg.

"No, goodbye Nick. You can see yourself out" She says before disappearing.

I'm about to leave when I see lots of photos in photo frames.

The first was of Luke's ultrasound, another when he was first born.

Another was Luke hugging Amelia.

"He looks like us" i say softly when I feel Amelia next to me. She was so close I could smell the familiar scent of vanilla that always made me feel at ease.

"He does"

"Lia?" A guy walks in and She smiled. Jealous began to rage in my stomach.

"Hey Drew" She grin as he kisses her head. I felt my fists clench. She was mine, he wasn't allowed to do that.

"Ah, So you're the boyfriend" I say bitterly but try my hardest to be polite. It doesn't work though.

"That's none of your concern. Who the hell are you?"

"That's Nick" She says, placing her hand on his shoulder.

"Luke's father, Nick?" Drew asked and She nodded.

"I'll text you when I should pick up Luke next" I mumbled, maybe I should give up. I could always see my son.

Instead of giving up, I imagined Amelia in another guys arms, getting married to another guy so when I'm by the door, I turn to her and tell her honestly, "I really love you, Amelia. I've never stopped loving you, I'll wait for you, sweetheart. I'll wait forever if it takes that long" i murmur before closing the door behind me.

After that, I head to my hotel and can fall asleep.

I guess it drained me out.

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