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   Chapter 14 NO.14

My BabyGirl By Courtney Radford Characters: 4774

Updated: 2019-01-10 05:16

I'm so sorry that this chapter took so long to write, I've recently started sixth form and have found it quite hard to settle and also to find time to update. I'll try to make updates more regular but I'm not sure how regular because sixth form has been very stressful recently. Thank you all for all of your support xxxx

Charlotte POV

"Really?" I ask, gasping. I see Emilia look down and not say anything. It was so quiet, I could hear the boys murmuring downstairs.

"Does Ben know?" I ask, I try to make sure I don't sound worried because I knew that would only make Em feel worse.

"No, of course not! I can't tell him. This is going to ruin everything!" She cried out, I take her into a hug and let her cry on my shoulder.

"Ben will support you through this, if the test comes back positive" I say, i make sure I try to stay positive for her.

"He's been so suspicious, I had to go to the doctors because he pretty much forced me to go, and now that I've been, I don't know what to tell him. He thinks I have an illness, that's how ill I was feeling last week" she cries, she covers her face and just sobs.

"Char, baby. Are you two okay?" I see Em visibly freeze at the sound of Tyrell at the door.

"Yeah, we're fine babe" I say back. I see the door handle jiggle.

"Why's the door locked?" He asked curiously.

"No reason, we will be down in a minute" I say. Em covers her mouth to try and make sure h

of my head.

"Of course. I'll order your favourite. What do you two want?" Ty asked, standing up.

He really is the best boyfriend ever.

Ben and Em say that they would share a pizza as they weren't really too hungry before Ty orders the pizzas.

We put on a movie after we waited for the pizza to arrive. After the movie ended, Ben and Em decided to leave as Em said she was exhausted.

We say our goodbyes to them, cleaning up after they leave.

"You're the best boyfriend ever" I say, walking over to Ty to sit next to him on the couch.

"I try to be the best boyfriend for you" he says with a smile.

"I love you" I say honestly. I lean over and kiss him. I love Ty more than anything, and I was so lucky to have him.

"I love you too, Char. You know that" he says with a smile before kissing my forehead.

"Can we go and see Cam?" I ask softly. Ty grabs my hand for reassurance, before nodding his head.

"Of course we can"

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