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   Chapter 9 NO.9

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Ty's PoV:

"I'm so fucking tired of your shit Shelby! Leave my girl alone. I'm with her because I love her, not because I live with her. Get that shit out of your head" I snap. My anger was consuming me and by the second I was getting angrier. Why couldn't she just leave us alone?

"Ty, listen please" she begs, grabbing onto my arm.

"Get the fuck off of me! I told you Shelby, I don't like you. I don't want to be near you at all" once she didn't reply, I felt my anger calming slightly.

I took a deep breath before I add about the project, the whole reason we are in this mess.

"I'm doing the project alone, I'll say you contributed but I don't want your help. After that, you'll be working with someone else" I say. Finally, the teacher had allowed me to move. And it was easy to swap with Jason- a guy who had a crush on Shelby.

I was now sat next to Bennett and he was cool, he was quiet but I noticed he was always trying to do the best to his ability.

Shelby's eyes lit up with rage, I could see her clenching her fists by her side.

"What has she got that I haven't?!" She asked angrily.

"Charlotte has got class, and self respect. She has had a hard time but she is so strong. She is so gorgeous the way she is and I never want her to change" I say. When I speak about what I love about my girl, I end up going on and on since I love everything about her.

Shelby narrowed her eyes and spinners on her heel, leaving me with my own thoughts.

Since I missed half of first period, I didn't bother going in but Charlotte went to hers. I texted her phone to see if she was okay and that I would see her soon.

It was still 10 minutes till the end of the lesson, so I was just walking to Char's class when Ted walked past.

"Can you stop hitting on my girlfriend? You know she and I are together, it's annoying as fuck that you can't leave her alone" seriously, I know my girl is beautiful, but why is everyone bothering her about our relationship. I thought we were quite a normal couple. Apparently, we were different from the other couples in this school. Maybe because, unlike the other couples, we wouldn't cheat on each other.

"No, I've always been told to follow my heart, and that's what I'm doing. Charlotte i

don't know why Ted would ever say that to someone. Hr's sick. "Then he said you don't know me that well and called me buttercup " After she explained everything to me, I was ready to beat him to pulp.

"You don't want them now, do you?" I ask when Charlotte is washing her face after we come out of the bathroom stall.

"Maybe just to lose a bit of weight" she lets out a sigh. I close my eyes, my hands on her waist as I suddenly protest.

"No, I love you charlotte. I love your hair and your eyes and your smile and your body. I love you how you are. Who cares what they say, they are irrelevant, please don't take them again" I beg.

"Okay"she whispers sadly eventhough I knew she wanted to take those pills again.

"I love you babygirl, i always will" She smiled and she makes me smile when she says 'i love you too'.

"I'm taking you out" I grin. I felt more than angry but my main priority was for Charlotte to be happy. Tomorrow I would hurt Ted beyond words can explain.

"You aren't even going to ask?" she asked whilst getting into the car.

"Don't need to, i know you are into me, and I'm into you too" I give her a cheeky grin and she rolls her eyes yet a small smile appears on her lips.

"Boys" she mutters.

"What was that?" My lips tilt up into a smirk. God, I love my girl.

"I said i love you" she smile innocently and I kiss her hand.

"Its a good job i love you too then" I grin. She returns the smile and I begin to drive to where she wants to go for lunch.

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