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   Chapter 8 NO.8

My BabyGirl By Courtney Radford Characters: 5996

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Charlotte POV

"What the fuck did you tell him this time?" Shelby spits. She glared at me, her eyes narrowed into splits as she cornered me in the bathroom.

"The truth" I say, pushing her off of me and smirking, "I told him how you are putting others down to get what you want" I say, I stand my ground towards her.

"I was telling you the truth! He is only with you because you live together!" She screamed, shoving me.

My back hit the wall, sending shooting pains all down my back.

"No he isn't!" I say. I shove her back, so hard that she falls on the floor.

"He doesn't really like you!" She hissed, standing up and putting both of her hands on my shoulders to keep me against the wall.

"Well he hates you!" I say. He told me many times how he hates her, "he loves me, if he didn't, why did he give me a promise ring?" I spat. I knew i was pushing my luck but rubbing it in her face was actually quite satisfying.

I felt a stinging sensation on my cheek as my head was crashed into the wall.

She slapped me in the face.

I take a deep breath before i let out a laugh.

"A bitch slap coming from a bitch. Should've saw that coming" i say bitterly. She steps forward and i take that as my opportunity to shove her backwards. "Do it again, i fucking dare you Shelby. Slap me again and i'll make sure to slap you so hard into next week" i say bitterly.

I saw fear light up in her eyes before she literally runs out of the bathroom.

I look into the mirror and see a red mark on my face, and it stung like a fucking bitch too.

I got my makeup bag out of my school bag and put a little concealer onto the red patch.

Once i was happy that you couldn't see it, i left the bathroom only to be harshly tugged into an empty classroom.

"Get o.." im cut off when a

m when Shelby slapped me till every single thing Ted said, even the pills since Ty knew about everything else.

"You don't want them now, do you?" He asked when i finished talking.

"Maybe just to lose a bit of weight" i sigh, looking anywhere but him.

"No" he says suddenly. "I love you charlotte. I love your hair and your eyes and your smile and your body. I love you how you are. Who cares what they say, they are irrelevant" Ty says, "please don't take them again" he begs.

"Okay" i whisper and he kisses my forehead.

"I love you babygirl, i always will" he says and i smile. Even at the worst times, those three words make me a bit happier.

"I love you too" i say.

He helps me up, and after grabbing my hand, we walk into Tys car, since it was lunch.

"I'm taking you out" Ty grins.

"You aren't even going to ask?" I question but willingly got into the car anyway.

"Don't need to, i know you are into me, and I'm into you too" he gives me a cheeky smile and i roll my eyes.

"Boys" i mutter.

"What was that?" Ty asked, with a smirk.

"I said i love you" i smile innocently and he rolled his eyes yet kisses my hand.

"Its a good job i love you too then"

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