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   Chapter 6 NO.6

My BabyGirl By Courtney Radford Characters: 7255

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Charlotte POV:

Finally. It was Friday and I couldn't wait to get out of school and be with Ty for the weekend.

The rest of the week was fine, Ty and I made up and it seemed that Shelby was trying even harder to get his attention.

She even cornered me and told me to break up with him.

Ted has also been a pain. He has been asking me out on a date all week and when I told him I had a boyfriend, he never believed me, even though he knew Ty and I were dating- he saw us. He knew that we argued not too long ago and even said that we broke up. I laughed when I thought he was joking but he was being 100% honest so I told him that Ty and I were together and we weren't arguing at all.

I was getting everything from my locker when I felt arms wrap around my waist.

"Hey babygirl" Ty whispers, kissing my neck.

"Hey babe, you okay?" I ask, turning in his arms to see him.

"I'm fine, Shelby is annoying but I just can't wait to spend the weekend with you" he mutters. I love how honest Ty is.

When he came home from being at Shelby's, he told me she tried to kiss him. I guess I was surprised he told me because I know that he deals with his own problems in a completely different way.

"I know babe, she is annoying" I say and he smiled, kissing my cheek.

"Has she done anything since she cornered you?" He asked, brushing my hair out of my face.

"No, just the occasional glares and shoves" I say. Honestly, it was more barging and trying to get a reaction but she never got one.

"I'll have to speak to her" his eyes lit up in annoyance.

"It's fine, honestly. I don't even care that she does it. She wants your attention" I say.

"Charlotte, hi" I hear Ted approach.

"Hi" I say before I shut my locker.

Ty grabs my hand in his.

"So this is your boyfriend?" He asked and I nodded.

"Yes Ted. This is my boyfriend Tyrell. Why are you even surprised? You saw us together not too long ago and knew we were dating then. But anyway, You and Ty already know each other so there is no need for introductions here. We will just be going" I say before I begin to walk away.

"I told you that you were under his spell" Ted chuckled yet

harlotte POV: (sorry for the constant switching)

"You're a fat, ugly cunt" her words were taunting me. It was as if she had screamed them at me.

Ty ran his hand through my hair, comforting me but I couldn't stop crying.

What if he doesn't like my body?

I was really curvy, I knew that.

I remember when I went to school and I used to be bullied because of my weight, then I remembered my parents started to be mean about it too.

It made me hate myself and I wanted to change.

Ty knows about my parents and about the bullying, but he didn't know what I did about it.

I took pills that helped you get skinny. Once you took them, you didn't get hungry and every time I got hungry, i took them. I remembered I bought them online and I relied on them so much that I eventually almost stopped eating.

I got too skinny that I had no energy and passed out. I had to go to the doctors and then I realised that they wouldn't change the fact I'm curvy.

I haven't took them for almost a year now, the last time I did I almost overdosed because I was taking 2 every hour.

Ty picked me up, said a thank you to Ben and Emilia before carrying me in our house and up to our room.

"Babygirl" Ty sighs, he hovered over me and looked down into my eyes, "you know you aren't fat or ugly. You're perfect baby" he whispers before he leans down and places a kiss on my lips.

I think about his words and realise than I'm crying again.

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