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   Chapter 4 NO.4

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Charlotte POV:

Tuesday 27th July 2017. 10:30AM.

Today I concluded that this was a bad day for 4 reasons which all sucked majorly.

1- I just got my period and forgot my pads at home. Even though Ty reminded me last night.

2- Shelby is coming over tonight so her and Ty can work on their project.

3- I found out a complete douche went to my old school with Ty- it was Ted- and he wouldn't stop following me all morning.

4- I cant see Ty for at least another hour and a half and I also have no lessons with him today.

I didn't know what to do because everyone was in lessons right now and I was stuck in the girls toilets, bleeding with no pads.

Ty even reminded me last night and I couldn't believe I forgot.

I text Emilia, asking her to meet in the toilets ASAP.

Not even 30 seconds I hear her call my name.

"Char?" She asked hesitantly, "is everything okay?" She asked and I sigh.

"No, it's not. Want to know why? I miss Ty. And I also just got my period and have nothing. Oh and let's not forget that Shelby is coming around later to work on this project" I mutter.

"My gosh you poor thing" I hear Emilia murmur. Emilia is like me when she is on her period, so she understands the struggle.

"Have you got a pad?" I ask and I'm relieved when she says she does.

She gives me it and I quickly do my business before going out of the stool and washing my hands.

"You know Ty doesn't even like her" she says and my lips curl into a pout.

"I know he doesn't. I just don't want to watch a girl hit on my boyfriend in front of my eyes. I'll lose control" I say and she gives me a hug.

"What are you going to do now?" She asked and I shrugged.

"I'm going to ditch until lunch" I say, "I want to see Ty and the worst thing is none of you's are in my class all day" I whine and she smiled, knowingly.

"I know, hon. I'm always a text away if you need me Okay?" She says and I smile.

"Okay same goes Lia. Speak later?" I ask and she nods.

"Bye babe" she leaves the bathroom and I leave with her but walk in the opposite direction.

The first thing I do is go to the closest shop and pick up a pack of pads and chocolate.

I quickly hand over the money before I get bored and sit in the park on a bench.

"Hello?" I answer without looking to see who was calling me.

"Hey babygirl where you too? I needed to tell you something but you weren't in class" Tyrell says and I sigh.

"I skipped, I'm at the park on a bench" I say and begin to eat my chocolate.

"Why did you skip?" He asked and I shrugged.

"Couldn't be bothered with school" which wasn't completely a lie.

"Okay well do you want me to meet you?" He asked. I really wanted him to but

"No Ty, you shouldn't waste time learning for me. What did you want to tell me though?" I ask and he sighs.

"I'd rather tell you in person. I know it probably won't end well" he mumbled and I got confused.

"What won't?" I ask and I hear a faint 'fuck it' before he replied.

"I'm leaving school to meet you now, I'll tell you when I meet you" he says and I reply before we say our goodbyes.

I put the chocolate back into my bag before he appears.

"Hey" I say and he smiled.

"Hi" he says, "I wanted to say that Shelby can't come around to our tonight" he lets out.

"Oh Thank the freaking gods. I wouldn't have been able to sit there and watch her try to flirt with you right in front of me" I let out and see hi

m look hesitant about something.

"I'm actually going to hers to do it. Her parents demanded that she stay home to do it because apparently she is grounded" he says and my jaw drops.

"And you're going?" I ask after a few minutes of silence.

"Yes its a school project" he says and I look at him.

"But it's more to her" ty knew I was being difficult. I knew I was being difficult but I couldn't help it.

This girl would do anything to get with him, even if it meant she forces herself on him.

"So?" He questions, slightly raising his voice, "it means nothing to me Char. Why should it matter because you know I love you" he say standing up.

I stood up too, placing my hands on my hips.

"She has her way with boys Ty! I guarantee that her parents won't even be there when you go over!" I raise my voice too.

I knew when she bumped into me this morning, claiming that she "won" had a bigger meaning.

"Don't you trust me?" He asked.

"I trust you Ty. It's her I don't trust. She would leap at any opportunity to jump into your pants!" I point out in disbelief.

"Why are you being so touchy about it?" He asked and I raised my brows.

"I'm not being touchy about it! You know damn well that she is different that if it was any other girl" I point out.

"I'm going" he says and I feel myself becoming angry but also hurt.

"Fine! Go, have fun and make sure you say hi to her parents for me" I spat before I storm off. When I've turned, I wipe away a few tears that fell.

Maybe I took it over the top but she likes Ty. She wants him and, not to mention she is so beautiful. Also, she has an amazing body all boys dream for.

She could get any boy she wanted, even Ty if she tried hard enough.

As I begin to head home, I feel tears begin to fall from my eyes.

I go home and jump into the shower before I lay in bed.

I didn't fancy going back to school. I looked at the promise ring he got me, I remembered the way his eyes shone, the way he smiled and how he told me I didn't have to worry.

{Charlotte's promise ring from Ty}


"I know we haven't known each other for long Char, but I'm serious about us. I know that I love you. And I wanted to give you this" he pulled a small, navy blue, velvet box and opened it. "This is a promise ring, when you wear it, I want you to remember all my promises to you. I promise that we can make it through anything. I promise that I'll stick by you no matter what. I promise that I'll always love you. I promise that I'll treat you right. And I promise that I'll replace this ring with an engagement ring one day, and I'll make you the happiest girl in the world" he says softly.

He puts the ring on my finger and brushed away my tears before kisses my lips. He then places his lips on my forehead for a bit before he cups my face.

"I love you Charlotte Johnson. Some may say it's too fast, but they can fuck themselves because when I'm with you, I know we are in it forever" he smiled softly.

"I love you Ty. I love you so much" I wrap my arms around him and sob into his arms.

"I love you more BabyGirl"

*end of flashback*

But before I fell asleep, I had a message and 3 missed calls on my phone, from Ty.

Tyrell??: stop being touchy about it. It's not my fault I got paired with her. If I had a say in anything, you would be my partner. I'll see you tonight.

I sigh, snuggling under the duvet and falling to sleep.

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