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   Chapter 2 NO.2

My BabyGirl By Courtney Radford Characters: 6077

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Tyrell's POV:

Charlotte led the way since she knew where this class was after asking for directions from Emilia.

I was kind of zoned out.

I guess it was strange to be at a new place with people I don't know, except Char, Ben and Emilia of course.

"Why don't you introduce yourself guys?" The teacher gave us a warm smile.

Shit, how long have we been here.

"I'm Charlotte and this is my boyfriend Tyrell and we just transferred here" Charlotte says politely.

I notice her sending daggers at this one girl who is staring at me- making me really uncomfortable- and so I tighten my grip on her hand, letting her know she has nothing to worry about.

"How long have you been together?" The girl asked, leaning back in her seat.

"I don't see how that's your business" Charlotte says, leaving everyone stunned into silence. We both make our way into our assigned seats, thankfully next to each other.

"Who's the new hot girl?" I hear a guy ask.

A guy just entered the room and his eyes landed on my girl.

"Hot?" I hear the bitchy blonde mutter to herself. Bitch.

I focus back on the boy and he sees me and smirks.

He sits next to us and sometimes I think life hates me.

"So are you single or interested in hook..."he begins but Charlotte cuts him off.

"Not interested. I have a boyfriend" she says bluntly before turning back to the front of the class, but not before giving me a smile.

Class goes quite quickly and by the time it has finished, I wanted to punch that guy.

He was trying to hit on her all lesson. Fortunately, it didn't work. She ignored him or, when she did speak, she turned to me.

"Come on, I know you think I'm hot" he says smugly.

"Hey babe, what are we doing later?" She asked me, smiling.

"Hm, I'm not sure" I say with a smile.

The guy was silent for a minute or so before he continued.

"So are you a virgin?" The guy asked making Charlotte freeze.

"Hey Babe, i love you" she says again. I think she was trying to take her mind off of what happened not too long ago.

"I love you too" I smile and, when the teacher wasn't looking, leaned forward to kiss her quickly.

I was shocked to see how fuming Charlotte was when we got out of class.

"Stupid dickhead didn't know when to shut the fuck up" she mutters angrily, for a split second, I see her eyes fill with tears.

"Hey BabyGirl, I'm here and I won't let anyone hurt you ever again" I whisper, wrapping her in a hug.

She hugs me back before we make our way to second period.

Now I really can't wait to get home to cuddle with my beautiful girlfriend.


"Which means you have an assignment..." my teacher trails off before the bell rings for the end of the day.


We all get out of our seats, rushing out of the door but I'm sure I was first because Char was not in my last period.

I got sat next to that bitchy girl- her name is Shelby- and I just hoped and prayed that we wouldn't get partnered up since we are sat together.

Through the lesson, she b

egan to flirt with me. Although it didn't work because she wasn't even that attractive, especially compared to my beautiful girlfriend.

"Wait Tyrell!" I know she is chasing after me but I don't stop. It's literally like I'm running away from her.

Charlotte and I arranged to meet at her lockers and I was very lucky it was close to my class and outside of hers.

I walked up to her, hugging her. Mostly because Shelby was fucking annoying but also because I missed her- even if it was only for 2 hours.

"Hey babe" she smiled, opening her locker after we pulled away.

"How was your last period baby?" I ask, leaning beside her locker and facing away from Shelby.

"Fine, a bit boring. I got partnered up with this guy called Aiden. He's cool though" she says and I smile at her.

"Tyrell" I hear her call my name again.

"Who was that?" Charlotte asked, busing herself with her locker.

"This girl, Shelby. The bitch from music" I mutter, "she is so fucking annoying. I swear I was going to snap my pencil and use it to stab myself in the eye so I could leave the lesson" I say dramatically.

"Or you could've asked to move" Charlotte chuckles and shuts her locker.

"Already asked" I let out a sigh.

"I think we are paired for the assignment. I'll see you tomorrow" Shelby winks and bites her lip before walking away.

"He's taken by me! I'm his girlfriend!" Charlotte shouts after her making me laugh.

"God, I love you" I say when I stopped laughing.

"What? She needed to know that you had a girlfriend" Charlotte shrugs innocently.

"She does know. I told her" I say and she shrugs.

"Then maybe she is too dumb to understand" she lets out.

I feel my lips twitch into a smile at her jealousy.

We walk to Ben's car and get in when we see they are already in.

"What took you so long?" Ben asked with a smile.

"Charlotte got jealous of Shelby" I blurt.

" I did not get jealous" she snaps at me but I saw her trying not to smile.

"Baby, you shouted after her that I was taken by you and that you were my girlfriend" I chuckle making Ben laugh along with Emilia.

"So? I am your girlfriend" She states.

Ben drops us off and we smile and say thank you before walking in.

"Don't worry about her BabyGirl, she is a pain, yes but it's fine because I will get this assignment done as soon as I can" I say and she smiled.

"I'm not worrying about her" she says, "that girl clearly just wants sex and, not only that, but can't respect the fact you have a girlfriend" she says. "I just can't wait to finish school" she says with a sigh and, after she kicks her shoes off, falls back onto our bed. I take off my shoes and lay next to her.

"It's not long now baby" I say and kiss her softly.

She pulls away too soon for my liking.

"I want to make cookies" she says out of nowhere before walking downstairs.

I smile to myself because I've got the best of the best before walking down to help her make some cookies. The sooner they are made, the sooner we can make out.

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