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Charlotte POV:

A fresh start. Sounds great right?

This was a new year, which meant new people. I was glad to say that Ty and I are going to the same school as Emily and Ben- so we won't be complete loners.

"Ready BabyGirl?" Ty asked. I looked behind me to see him staring, his eyes showing the awe and adoration he had for me and it melted my heart.

"Give me a second baby, I need to put my shoes on" I smile at him. He grins and pecks my lips before pressing his lips to my forehead.

"I'll wait downstairs. Em and Ben are here" he smiled sweetly before leaving me in our room to put my shoes on.

I look at my reflection once more. I needed to make sure I looked good for the first day, I wasn't trying to impress anyone (but Tyrell) but I also needed to look presentable.

I wore my black high waisted jeans with a cropped camouflage hoodie, showing about an inch of my stomach. I had on some black stud earrings and put on some biker boots before grabbing my phone and bag and heading downstairs.

"Hey guys" I smile. In a blink, Ty is already by my side and has his hand in mine.

"My god Char! You look so cute" Emily bounces, brushing her brown curls over her shoulder.

"Thank you Em, you too" I grin at her, she did look cute. She wore blue ripped jeans with a white crop top with lace sleeves.

"You looks too cute if you ask me" Tyrell mutters with a small pout.

I look up at him in disbelief.

"Babe, seriously?" I ask and he pouted down at me. He always does this cute face when he wants something and I can never say no to it.

"I know what boys are like" he mutters, "I just love you and I don't like it when boys hit on what's mine" he whispers.

I'm immediately reminded of the time when he got into a fight when a guy was saying how good I would be in bed. Not even 2 seconds later did he have my boyfriends fist in his face.

"I love you too. Now stop giving me that look" I poke his nose before shouting a 'bye' to Camilla and Matt.

We all ride in Ben's car.

"Just saying, boys at our school is probably worse than you expect. Especially this one guy everyone calls Brooks" Emilia says making Tyrell pout.

"I really don't want to fight any boys today. Charlotte says if I fight she is withdrawing me from kissing her" he mutters.

Emilia laughs but then aws at us before Ben mutters 'whipped' under his breath.

We arrive surprisingly quicker than I had expected.

Ben and Emilia get out and I already see a bunch of boys eyes her up. Ben is a bit more laid back than Tyrell, sure he got jealous but would simply say "back off" instead of punching them in the face.

"Ready?" He asked.

I sighed and nodded my head.

He quickly pressed his lips against mine in a short kiss yet it was filled with nothin but passion.

"I love you. It's us against everyone, BabyGirl. Now let's do this" Tyrell says softly before getting out.

I try

my best to restrain myself from pulling extensions out of this girls head when she walks straight up to my boyfriend.

Tyrell speeds up, walking away from the girl and opening my door.

"Thanks babe, I love you" I say for 3 reasons. 1- because I truly did love him, 2- because I didn't say it back when he told me he loved me just now and 3 because this fake ass melted barbie was following my boyfriend like a lovesick puppy dog.

I'm lucky that Tyrell has no respect for girls who walks around with hardly any clothing and just uses boys to sleep with them.

"I love you too" he smirks, as if he knows I did it to piss off the blonde, well he probably did know I did it for that reason.

He grabs my hand and lifts it to his mouth. I feel him press a kiss against it as he looked up at me as if I was the most gorgeous girl in the world.

"You have nothing to worry about, as I said, it's us against everyone" he whispers when he hugs me and I hug him tighter.

"Okay" I say weakly. He knows why I am like this too.

After years of emotional and physical abuse, I began I believe I wasn't enough, that I was pretty or worth it. Tyrell proved me wrong. He says I'm worth everything and I am the most gorgeous girl ever.

I'm lucky to have him.

"Let's get this day over with so we get to go home and cuddle" he huffed before pulling away from the hug. We begin to walk through the corridors, going to the reception to get our timetables and locker keys.

"Names?" The women asked, quite rudely.

"Tyrell Winters and Charlotte Johnson" Ty says.

She chews loudly on her gum whilst giving us our timetables and locker keys.

"Thank you" I say politely even If she wasn't...polite.

We leave and I smile seeing as Ty and I have most classes together. It was most likely because he chose the same topics as me but that was because he didn't know what he truly wanted to do yet.

Ben and Emilia find us and smile.

"Hey what have you got first?" They asked and I answer with, "Music" along with Ty.

"The music teacher is great fun! Honestly, his classes are never boring" Ben says, casually putting his arm around Em's shoulder.

"Thank god" I say and Ty nods.

"The only bad thing is that most of the players and trouble makers are in that class because the teacher is laid back. They get away with everything" Em frowns and I roll my eyes.

"Oh well" I say and Ty grips my hand.

My heart squeezes when I look up at him and he is deep in thought. I knew that Ty was insecure and it made my heart break because he was literally the best person I've ever met or known.

"Hey" I squeeze his hand gently when Ben and Em walk away.

He looks down at me and tries to smile.

"Us against everyone" I murmur to him. He nods his head, giving me a sincere and beautiful smile before sighing.

"Let's get this class over and done with" he sighs just as the bell rings.

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