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   Chapter 3 NO.3

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Summer POV:

"What happened here?" Dad asked, noticing my bandaged knuckles.

"Not now" I say, shaking my head before walking up into my room.

I locked my door before getting into the shower, making sure I let the hot water hit my skin to calm me. I stand under the water until I feel completely relaxed and get back out.

I get changed, remembering that we were going out for a meal, in a black skater dress. I dry my hair before leaving it in lose curls. I apply make up and cover a scratch from the fight before putting on some pink flats.

"Ready to leave, babygirl?" My dad asks, he wraps his arm around me and kisses my head.

"Yeah" I smile and hug my dad.

"I understand you're angry, but when you are ready to speak, me and your mum are here" he whispers, kissing my cheek before grabbing the keys.

"You ready baby?" Dad shouts to mum.

"Yeah, give me a sec babe" mum shouts before she walks down the stairs, looking absolutely stunning.

I saw dads jaw drop at the sight of her, his eyes filled with love and adoration at the sight of her.

"You look so beautiful, Kasey" Dad whispers, wrapping his arms around her and kissing her quickly.

"Thank you Babe" she smiled at him, her cheeks dotted with pink at the compliment.

"You look stunning mum" I smile and she wrapped her arms around me, grinning.

"So do you Sum" she kissed my cheek before saying how handsome the boys looked.

Dad, who looked to be still in a daze at mum, grabbed her hand and opened the car door for her, and for me.

We turn up at the restaurant and all sit down, the boys begin to fight over a menu because they wanted to pick first.

"Boys, knock it off" mum scolds and they smiled sheepishly.

"Sorry mum" Blake mutters with a pout.

She smiled at them, her eyes softening before carrying on to talk with dad.

"Sis" Liam whispers, "when you gonna tell them what happened?" He asked in a whisper.

"When I can tell them without getting angry" I say calmly, though I felt my insides burning with rage at the thought of what happened.

I didn't care what she said about Connor. If he "liked" me, then he should've believed me. It was what she said about my nan that made me angry.

"Are you okay, Sum. You're awfully quiet" she smiled softl

y at me. I saw Dad give me a worrying look too as he rested his head on mums shoulder.

They were still very much in love and looked like lovesick teenagers. I love their relationship, they hardly ever argue.

"I'm fine, I'll tell you what happened when we get home" I say with a sigh and mum nods, her lips twitching up into a small smile.

"You know, your dad and I love you so much, and we will support you with anything you want, okay sweetheart?" Mum asked and I nodded with a smile.

"So what if I was pregnant?" Blake asked making me laugh, along with everyone else at the table.

He didn't even laugh with us.

We get home after having dessert and I immediately change into some grey sweatpants and an oversized white shirt that belongs to dad.

I go downstairs and see mum and dad cuddled on the sofa, whispering sweet things to Each other.

They noticed me and made room between them and I sat down. My mum kissed my cheek and asked me again what happened.

Without crying, I calmly tell them what happened. From Connor- who I kind of had a thing with, till how Drew had to pull me off of Allison.

"Why didn't you tell us when it happened?" Mum looked extremely upset and I knew it was because of what Allison said. When we were best friends, she got kicked out of her house and mum and dad agreed for her to stag here. Mum treated her as her own too so when Allison was speaking about someone who mattered a whole lot to us, my mum felt nothing but disappointment.

My dad kissed my head, smiling down at me.

"She deserved it"

"Jesse!" Mum scolds, "You can't say that" she tried to hold in her laughter.

"I can say anything I want to baby" he smirks at her and I smile before kissing them both on the cheeks.

"I'm gonna get to bed early, I love you" I say.

Ever since my incident of slipping into a coma, we never say goodbye or leave without saying 'I love you'.

"I love you too, princess" dad gives me a huge hug and I smile.

"I love you too Sum. We aren't disappointed you got into a fight" she whispers when she hugs me, "I'm proud of how strong you are" she adds and I smile.

"Goodnight" I say before going into my room, having a shower and brushing my teeth.

When my head hits the pillow, I'm sound asleep.

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