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   Chapter 2 NO.2

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Summer POV:

The day went quickly and before I knew it, it was lunch time.

"Hey sis" My 3, overly annoying but amazing brothers sat at my table. My best friend was on holiday and wouldn't be back for another week.

"Hey" I smile before I continue eating. The school food tasted like absolute crap but I couldn't care because I was so hungry. Also, my brothers wouldn't take me out to get food. They say it's because they can't be bothered.

"Can I speak to you?" Drew walks over, obviously speaking to my brothers.

"Sure" Alex says. I noticed him move the tiniest bit closer to me.

"Practise is on tonight, coach wanted me to tell you" Drew says, his eyes skimmed over all of them till they landed on me.

"Seriously?" Blake mutters. We were meant to be going out for a family meal tonight. I wasn't sure why yet though.

"Yeah, sorry man. I'm not sure why he called it on suddenly. It could be because we have a few matches in 2 weeks time" Drew shrugs, his eyes moving away from me.

"Well, what are you gonna do, Sum? It's a far walk and you don't have your license yet. Do you wanna wait?" Blake asked and I nodded.

"Yeah, I got homework given to me today. I'll do that whilst I'm waiting and I'll text mum and dad for you" I say, getting my phone out and sending a quick text telling them that they had practise.

"Okay that's cool" Liam says, "Thanks Drew" He adds.

"No problem" He nodded, his hair falling into his eyes before he walks away.

Lunch ended quickly and before I knew it, I was in the car doing Biology homework.

A knock on the window surprised me.

I looked up to see Drew.

"Hey" I say, getting out of the car.

"Hi" He smiled.

"Are you looking for something?" I ask, confused. Why was he here?

"Um, no. I just was wandering if Blake was down here. He obviously isn't." He grinned.

"He isn't up there?" I ask before I see Blake jog over, with someone I hoped I never saw again.

"Hey Sum, remember Alicia?" He asked and I looked down before nodding.

It was a good thing Blake didn't know Alicia was the girl who jumped me, he would've been so mad other wise and even more protective.

"I need to go practise. Nice seeing you Alicia" He says before walking towards the courts.

"I see you are surprised to see me" She smirked, her long blond hair and bright blue eyes made boys crazy for her. Although, she jumped me, I wasn't scared of her. I was taken off guard when she jumped me, but I could easily beat her ass now. She only had the advantage when I didn't expect it.

"Yeah, I am. Never thought I would run into to the biggest bitch I've met again. Especially because you ran away when I found out it was you who jumped me" I smirk, my hand resting on my hip. Hatred burned in her eyes.

"You're a bitch!" She exclaimed, her fists clenched to her sides.

I laughed, "you are calling me a bitch but you were the one to jump me and then get Conner to hate me! You sound like the bitch, not me" I say, making sure I keep my guard up.

Conner. He was funny, extremely good looking and smart. We had this thing, we weren't officially together but we kissed a few t

imes and he told me he liked me. It seemed Alicia had a crush on him and beat me up before telling him lies that I was using him. The next time I went to school I saw them making out on MY locker.

She said nothing for a while but when she walked up to me and raised her hand, I knew what I was in for.

I grabbed her wrist just before she slapped me in the face.

"What the FUCK do you think you are doing?" I hissed, my grip on her wrist tightened, not enough to really hurt her but enough for her to feel something.

"I beat you up once, I can do it again!" She spat, her eyes burning with intense dislike.

"Oh yeah, try me bitch" I smirk, letting her hand drop.

She took the first move, shoving at me.

Sure, I knew HOW to fight but that doesn't mean I'll start one. I hate violence but if it is needed then I'll use it.

I shoved her, using all my force. She stumbled back before falling on her ass.

She jumped up immediately, her fist almost colliding with my jaw. Luckily I dodged it just in time.

I punched her in the shoulder, not wanting to punch her in the face just yet. She hasn't done anything that bad yet.

"Conner would be ashamed of you, heck your NAN would be ashamed of you" She shouted. Mum told me about her mother and how she met dad and even though I never met her, I missed her. I wanted to meet her. She was perfect, according to mum.

Without thinking, I began punching her, any way I could.

"Stop Summer!" I hear someone call but I couldn't stop. I was angry. How dare she?

Alicia knew so much because we used to be best friends. More like she would control me and treat me like a puppet.

I feel arms around me and I was lifted off of Alicia, who was on the floor.

Blood was every where, on my hands, shirt. It wasn't my blood though, it was Alicia's.

"Are you okay?" Drew asked, standing in front of me.

"Let me get her!" I shout but Drew's arms shot out to stop me.

"Summer, you need to calm down" He shouts.

"Drew! Move. I need to fight her!" I shout.

"You already have. Now calm down" He says calmly.

"Come on" He says, quieter this time. He led me somewhere.

He began to clean my cuts, being careful not to hurt me.

"Shit Summer, your knuckles are bruised" He says and I sigh.

"It's okay" I say before the door burst open.

"Summer! Why did you beat up Alicia?" Blake asked, his brows crunched up in confusion.

"She was the girl who jumped me. Also, she was provoking me. Then she made the first move" I explain and Liam walks over.

He visibly winces at my purple knuckles.

"Is that not hurting at all?" He asked softly.

"No, not yet" I say.

After I was cleaned up, I thanked Drew again.

"It's okay, honestly. I saw how she provoked you to do so. It was pretty much self defence anyway" He says.

After reassuring my brothers and Drew thousands of times that I was okay, Blake began to drive us home.

Drew took care of Alicia and cleaned her up as well.

"Um, Summer" Alex says hesitantly.

"Yeah?" I ask.

"What are we going to tell mum and dad?" He asked and I felt my jaw drop.

I forgot about that.

"Oh shit!"

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