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   Chapter 1 NO.1

The Bad Boy's Daughter By Courtney Radford Characters: 5827

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Summer POV:

I put my hair in a loose fish tale before grabbing my phone and leaving my room for school.

"Bye sweetie" Mum smiled, kissing my cheek.

"Come here, baby girl" Dad opens his arms and I step into them, hugging him.

He kissed my cheek when my 3 older brothers come downstairs.

"Bye mum" Blake smiled, kissing mum on the cheek.

Blake was the oldest by 2 years, making him 19. He failed the last year though. We went to dad's, mother's, boyfriends funeral. (AN: JESSE'S MOTHER HAD A BOYFRIEND AND IT WAS HIS FUNERAL!) They didn't end up getting married but they were really close and Blake took it harder than all of us. We all loved him but him and Blake had a best- friend kind of relationship. Then my 2 brothers, Liam and Alex were twins and they were both 17. Then I was 16, therefore being the baby of the family.

Blake, Liam, Alex and I were very very close. They were so over protective over me and so was my dad.

For that reason specifically, I have never had a proper boyfriend.

"Come on, lil sis" Blake smiled, his arm wrapping around my shoulder as we wall left. We all got into Blake's car, before he drove off to school.

I was allowed to sit in the passenger seat as we drove to school.

"So, who was that boy you were talking to yesterday after school?" Liam asked from the back and I laughed.

"Aiden? He is just a friend" I smile and Alex sighed.

"He didn't look like a friend" He says and I roll my eyes.

"Why didn't he look like a friend?" Blake asked, his eyes briefly coming off the road.

"He hugged her" Liam says.

"Wait! He hugged her? He made the first move?" Blake asked, his eyes narrowed slightly.

"Yes" The twins say.

"No" disagree, although I was lying.

Aiden was a friend and just a friend.

"He hugged her" Liam confirmed to Blake.

"What do we do?" Blake asked, running his hands through his hair.

"Nothing!" I say just as Alex shouted, "Let's beat his ass"

I rolled my eyes, having 3 over protective brothers and an over protective dad was good sometimes. Other times, not so much.

When they all scared off my first ever boyfriend, including my dad, (I was 15) me or mum didn't speak to them. For one week. Mum didn't even kiss dad or tie his tie like she always did for him. No, instead she completely ignored him along with me.

So, them being like this was what they considered "normal". They have been a lot worse than this.

"If you guys even dare to beat Aiden up, I'll tell mum. And she'll ban you from the xbox and I won't speak to you again" I warn, my voice is firm and I see Liam sigh.

"Can we speak to him?" Alex asked and I shook my head.

"He isn't my boyfriend, any guy I like is scared to date me because of you lot" I say and Blake grinned.

"Good. No boy in that school deserves you Summy. You are way too good for them all, okay? There are only like 2 guys I don't mind you

dating as much and that's because they are scared of me" Blake smiled and I crossed my arms.

"I'm not a baby" I say, and pouted. You know, to prove my point that I wasn't a baby.

"We know you aren't, we just want to make sure that no guy takes advantage of you. You don't deserve to be treated like that." Alex says.

Alex was the quietest and most mature out of all three brothers. Liam being most immature.

"I'll never have a boyfriend if you don't calm down" I mutter and I saw Alex smile brightly.

"Good. I'll break his legs if a guy ever touched you" he says and I glare.

We arrive at school shortly after. Blake gets out, Alex opens my door for me and Liam wraps his arm over my shoulder.

Liam stood to the left of me, Blake stood to the right and Alex was behind. They were all glaring at a few guys who looked over.

"You guys are so over protective" I say and Blake smiled.

"It's our job. You are our only little sister. Who else can I enjoy scaring apart from your boyfriend?" He asked with a grin.

"What boyfriend? I don't have a boyfriend because of you" I say and Alex smiled.

"Good" He says.

They walk me to my locker, even though I was more than capable then going myself.

Everyday was the same, they would all (some how) pick me up from each class I had and walk me to my next class, they would sit with me at lunch and even go as far as waiting outside the bathroom for me.

They never left me alone. They always made sure at least one of them was next to me.

I didn't really get why. All I knew is that every one was scared to say anything bad about me due to my brothers.

Also, they were probably so over protective because 2 years ago I got jumped. I was beat up pretty badly and nearly got put into a coma as my head was hit really hard.

Before that, they weren't as over protective as they are now. They feel like it is their job to protect me.

"What are you looking at?" I hear Liam ask, he wasn't mean, more curious.

"Nothing" I hear the familiar voice of Drew. Drew Johnsone. He was the hottest guy in school- sandy blonde hair and bright green eyes, sharp features, quite tall and a muscular built.

He smiled at me, which took me back. I heard rumours he was an absolute ass hole.

"See you at practise, Blake" Drew turns to Blake before walking off.

He was the basket ball captain and Blake was on the team.

"What was that about?" Alex asked and I rolled my eyes.

"Nothing dude. Leave it. I don't want to be kicked off the team. He smiled at her. That's all. He knows she is off limits" Blake says and Alex nodded.

The bell rings and they walk me to first lesson.

"Have a good day" Alex whispers when he hugs me.

"We love you, Sum" Liam smiled and kissed my head.

"I love you all too" I smile before I walk into class.

"See you in an hour!" Liam laughs before we walks away with my 2 other brothers.

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