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   Chapter 2 NO.2

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Ellie Hensworth:

"Wait! Ellie!" Charlie runs over to me, stopping in front of me. "Why are you back? Why did you leave? I'm sorry for everything I've done" he rambles.

Although it was kind of cute, I rolled my eyes.

"I left because I wanted to" I say truth fully. I decided to accept my mum's offer to live with her so I wouldn't be abused by my father.

"I'm sorry" he says again and I sigh.

"Look. I don't want to go to my last year arguing with you. You have apologised so I will be civil, I will be polite but that's all you are getting from me" I say, my words are blunt, harsh but I had to make sure they were. He wouldn't keep his distance if I said it nicely.

I walk into my apartment, I felt a little mean but it had to be done. I decide that I would do some shopping after I unpacked.

I had all my things get here yesterday and my mother came over with her boyfriend to decorate as It was their going away present to me.

I looked around my apartment. It had a big front room and kitchen, a good view and one bedroom. I had a king sized bed and a tv hanging on the wall opposite. There was a walk in wardrobe and a bathroom attached. All in all, it was perfect.

I hang up my dresses and jackets, putting my shoes at the bottom of my wardrobe before folding my other clothes. I didn't bring all my clothes as some of them were old.

My mother also gave me a bank card- she said she would sent me $5000 a month. It wasn't really necessary but she said it was 'to make up time'. She and her boyfriend both have amazing jobs, my mother is a lawyer and her boyfriend is a CEO of some company so to them $5000 a month isn't a lot. She even said she will give me more but the least would be five thousand dollars a month.

I quickly run a brush through my hair, getting a different pair of sunglasses before I leave again. I lock up before going to the closest mall. It was a 30 minute walk so I called a cab and was waiting for it to turn up.

I heard a wolf whistle behind me and rolled my eyes. Seriously, If i was here just 2 years ago no one would bother with me.

"Damn, what's your name beautiful?" I hear a familiar voice. I couldn't quite figure out who it was but I know I heard that voice before. The word 'beautiful' made me shiver, past memories of him filling my mind.

"What's your name?" I ask and felt my jaw dropped at w

hat he said.

"My name is Joel Davis" Then I began laughing. "What?" He scowled.

"You don't remember me Joel? I'm hurt" I pout, putting my sunglasses in my pocket.

"I've never met you before, I would remember you" He says confusedly and I laugh.

"Ellie Hensworth. Nice to meet ya" I smirk just before my cab pulled up. I got in, without a bye, and left him there.

"Thank you" I smile and give the driver the money before I go into the mall.

I walk in and go into a few shops, buying a few shirts and shoes. Before I came to a stationary store. Of course I went in there too.

I was a sucker when it came to stationary or books.

After I got some stationary, I headed to the music store. I bought a few cds of bands I like, like Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Bring Me The Horizon, Black Veil Brides, Panic! At The Disco and Twentyone Pilots.

Not far away was a shop where I bought food for the week, snacks and pretty much anything I usually end up craving.

I called a cab and headed home when I saw Charlie talking, no shouting with (or at) Joel.

I get out, giving the money before grabbing the 7 bags of shopping.

When I looked back at the two boys- i thought were best friends- Joel was gone and Charlie was there. He smiled.

"Need help?" He asked. I was so so tempted to say no but the bags were hurting my arms and there were so many of them. So I nodded.

"Thank you" I smile when he took 4 off of me.

"Anytime" He returned the smile. I walked into my apartment, him following behind me and I placed the bags on the sofa.

"You live here?" He asked and I nodded my head yes, it was modern, looked way more expensive than what it was though.

He puts the bags down before smiling at me.

"So you're attending school again?" He asked and I nodded.

"What happened with you and Joel?" I ask, "you don't have to answer" I add quickly.

"Nothing, we just... don't get along anymore" he sighs and I nod.

"Well, i'll see you tomorrow" He says, walking towards the door.

"Sure, thank you for helping me" I say and he smiles.

"Anytime" he says before he shuts the door behind him.

I begin unpacking my bags and feel completely satisfied when my fridge is full. I won't have to go shopping for about a month now.

I pack away my clothes before putting my Panic! At the Disco CD on and begin to bake my cookies.

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