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   Chapter 6 NO.6

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I try not to be shocked at where she lives. I knew she lived here from my PI but that didn't make it any less shocking. She lived on the rough side of town, literally a few minutes away from the Scorpions hideout. The scorpions were a small gang, useless at fighting but they mainly dealt drugs.

"Do you want to come in?" She asked and I smile, nodding my head. Ally was so surprising, I never expected her to accept the offer so quickly.

I walk behind her, making sure she stays safe before we get into her apartment. It was tidy, it looked like she didn't live on the rough side of town. Everything was neat and tidy and she smiled at me.

"You can go and sit down if you want, I wouldn't be long" she says and I smile.

"You can take your time" I didn't want her to leave anything she wanted behind.

"It's fine, I'm not planning on taking much anyway" she says. I sit down on the couch, looking around. Her apartment was a bit small but it seemed perfect for her. The light smell of vanilla lingered in the air and I grin when she walks back in. Her phone rings and she answered, smiling at whoever was calling her.

"Hey Jason!" She smiled brightly.

I felt jealous at the fact she was speaking to a guy she obviously is close with but tried not to show it.

She burst out laughing down the phone at something he, Jason, says.

"Yes Jason. I understand you. Now take a chill pill and calm down" she chuckled slightly.

"So what if I was? Jealous?" She smirked, she gave me a look and smiled at me.

"Shut up Jason, you can't because you're my best friend and you are too late" she grins, her eyes shining brightly.

"No, I won't be living there anymore" she smiled and chuckled at something he says.

"You bitch" she chuckled in a teasing manner.

"Okay! Okay! I'll see you later okay?" She smiled before they said their goodbyes and ended the call.

"Hi" she smiled when she saw me staring at her.


she smiled. She put on some black boots before getting her bag, purse and phone.

"Ready?" I ask and she nods.

"Yeah" we walk down to the car.

"I'll get everyone together and tell them you would be here. I'll let you meet security, the guys and my father later on" she nods with a smile.

"Okay" she says.

The drive was a comfortable silence and Ally really shocked me before she went in.

"Thank you for driving me, Nick" she smiled her beautiful smile.

"You're welcome Ally" I return the smile. "I'll text you when I leave to pick you up" I add and she nods grinning.

She leans over and hugs me and I couldn't help but to notice how perfect she felt in my arms. She leans back slightly, kisses my cheek before pulling back, blushing.

I couldn't help but to smile. She looked so adorable.

"Thanks for everything" she smiled at me, squeezing my hand before getting out.

"Hey Ally?" I call before she shuts the door.

"Yes?" She asked, she bent down slightly to look at me.

"You're welcome" I give her my sweetest smile and she returns it. She closes the door and walks through the entrance.

Even though it was just a kiss on the cheek, Ally was shy and that was a bold move. And it made my day.

I drive back to the mansion and nothing could wipe the smile off of my face.

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