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"That's crazy Ally!" My mum smiled at me. She was pale, it looked like the life was taken out of her, yet she still manages to make me smile.

"I know" I say with a laugh.

I was just recalling our date and I was thinking moving in with Nick wasn't a good idea.

I don't even know who he is- all I know is he is in the most feared and powerful gang. I mean, talking about our likes and interests isn't enough to trust someone and move in with them.

I want to ask my mums opinion in this.

"He seems like a lovely boy, Ally" she smiled and I grin.

"Well, he's... kinda a gang leader" I say. My mum looks at me with a knowing smile.

"Allison. You remind me so much of myself" she says softly, "remember Tom?" She asked. She seemed sad at the mention of her husband who had passed away.

After dad, mum married- you could say a 'bad boy' who was in a gang, he sadly died but he treated mum like a princess.

"A rumour or reputation doesn't define someone" she says softly. "I know you are scared of being hurt but you have your whole life ahead of you. Enjoy it. If the boy treats you like a princess, is extremely good looking and likes you- go for it." She smiled.

"He wants me to move in with him" I say, "we were speaking until early this morning but I feel like its too intense. Especially because I met him yesterday" I say and she thinks for a while.

"If you aren't comfortable, tell him. Keep you and him quiet, just until you feel comfortable" she says and i nod, "but Ally, I want to meet that boy" she says and i nod.

"Sure" I smile.

My phone buzzed with a text from Nick.

"Is that him?" My mum asked. I laughed and nodded my head.

From Nick: are you busy?

I text him back, telling him I'm at the hospital with my mum before turning my attention back to her.

"See, you got him wrapped around your finger" she winks and I laugh.

My phone went off again.

From Nick: Ok. Want to meet up after. We need to discuss some things we didn't yesterday x

I frown at my phone and my mum notices.

"What's wrong?" She asked softly.

"He wants us to meet because apparently we need to talk about something" i Say but message him back anyway.

Me: sure. What do we need to talk about tho? X

Mum looked at me softly before taking my hand in hers.

"How are you doing for money?" She asked lowly. It's a topic we both hate talking about. She feels crap because I work a lot for her surgery and I don't like her upset.

"I've got the most of if, I just need a bit more" I say softly.

"I'm sorry" she frowns, she broke eye contact and looked down.

"I'll do anything for you Mum, I love you" I smile and she kisses my cheek.

"I love you too, darling"

My phone rings and I answer when I see Nick was calling.

"Hey" I answer and I could hear his smile when he replies.

"Hey, I just thought calling is easier. I was just going to talk to you about arrangements" he says.

"Hey, nick. Why don't you come to the hospital?!" Mum says loud enough for him to hear.

"Is that your mother?" He asked and I sighed.

"Yes" I say with a smile. "You can come here if you want" I say and my mum smiled, giving me a thumbs up.

"Okay sure, can I take you out after? To speak about it?" He asked and I nodded.

"Yeah" I smile.

"Okay I'm on my way" he replies before the call ends.

"Is he coming here?" She asked and I nodded my head, smiling at my mum. She was crazy.

"Yay" she smiled and I roll my eyes.

"I better go outside the hospital and wait for him, he doesn't know which room you are in" I say. She smiled brightly, grinning at me from ear to ear.

"Go and get that handsome boy!" She giggled like a school girl and I feel my heart warm since my mother was truly happy.

I waited outside and Nick showed up not too long after. I was nervous about the moving in together.

On one hand, it seems like a

good idea. We would be friends, I would be safe and I can always see Nick.

One the other hand, I don't know him. He seems genuinely interested in me but I don't know about him. I just know him as Nicolas James Black- the gang member.

"Hey Ally!" He smiled, and I'm instantly reminded of how gorgeous he is. Nick was so hot (I cringed at the choice of wording) but I didn't know how else I could say it. My mum would be sure to embarrass me in front of him.

I just hope she likes him, I know she never liked Justin.

"Hi Nick" I smile, we walk into the hospital and up to my mothers room.

"Are you sure you want me to meet her?" He asked, he looked weary because of what I told him last night. But my mum was expecting him.

This could be the last time she meets a boy who will be in my life regardless to whether I want him to or not.

"Yes" I smile, "do to want to see her?" I return the question. Maybe he doesn't want to meet her.

"Of course I do" he beams. We walk into my mothers room to see her patiently sat up in bed.

Her eyes snap to Nick and I and she smiled widely.

"Hi Nick! I'm Ella! It's so nice to meet you!" She says a little too loudly. I didn't mind though, she is my mother and I'll be happy if she is.

"Hi Ella" he says with a soft smile, "I see where Ally gets her looks from" he adds with another smile.

My mum lets out a loud laugh, and Nick does too.

"Want anything to drink? Mum? Nick?" I ask.

"I'll have a water please Ally" mum smiled.

"No thanks" he grins at me before he talks to my mum about how we had met.

I left the room for a second. My eyes ached and I felt undeniably tired.

I get myself a coffee, making it extra strong and putting in another sugar than what I usually have. I grab my mum a bottle of water before I walk back into my room.

"Thanks sweetie" my mum smiled as I hand her the water.

I take a sip of my coffee before watching the two interact. I don't even think they would notice if I disappear.

"Are you okay?" Nick brings me out of my daze as he looked at me in concern.

"Yeah" I smile, it felt forced but I don't think he noticed.

Or maybe he did. His smile faltered before he gave me a look which said 'we will talk about this later'.

"Ally! Come say goodbye. I gotta have another few X-rays done" my mum says and I nod. I hug her goodbye and kiss her cheek, whispering that I love her.

"I love you more, I think you should move in with that handsome boy. He really cares about you" she whispers back.

I let her know that I would think about it before we go to leave the room.

"Oh and Ally?" She adds just before we leave, "stop working yourself too hard. Working 70 hours a week with no sleep is not healthy" she says sternly. I sigh with a shrug before I leave the room.

I needed to earn that money.

"Wait! You work 70 hours a week? Like seven zero?!" He asked. I laughed when he thought he misheard me.

"Yeah" I say, "mum's surgery is almost paid for. I only have to pay a bit more. Then I'm keeping some back to pay off all of her debt just in case she dies sooner than I expect" I see an emotion running through Nick's eye.

"You don't sleep?" He asked and I nodded. Every time I close my eyes at night, I see him. I see his evil smile and the rage in his eyes. I couldn't sleep. I didn't tell Nick that, though.

"I can't" I say with a simple shrug before we leave the hospital.

"I was thinking we just go and talk somewhere" he adds and then almost shyly says, "and I kinda missed you".

"That's sweet Nick" I let out a soft laugh, "I kinda missed you too" I say which wasn't wrong. He was amazing to spend time with, so funny and charming. He helped keep away all the bad thoughts, every single one of them.

I see his whole face light up like a Christmas tree.

"Good" he nods his head. He turns on the radio slightly before we begin to drive.

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