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   Chapter 3 NO.3

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Chapter 3:




Fucking shit.

What should I do?

"Hey man, sit down" Noah says, awfully calmly too.

"I can't! They have pictures of her! Fuck! What should I do?" I exclaim, more than mad.

I'm mad at myself.

How could I be stupid enough to ask for her number?

Of course I can't have a normal fucking life.

My dad forced me into this gang, I might not be the leader yet, but when my dad resigns, I will be.

That's it!

"Where's the guy?" I ask and Noah points downstairs.

I go into the basement, taking a gun and knife down.

"Who was with you?" I ask. My voice is deadly, cold.

"I'm not telling you, you bastard!" He shouts and just like that, I shot him in the leg.

He screamed out in pain as I asked calmly, again.

"Who the fuck were you with?"

"I'm not telling you anything" He says and I shrug.

"Then we will kill your family" I hear my dad says from behind me.

My dad gave me a look before he took the knife.

"We will go and kidnap your precious daughter. What is she? 4. Then we will take you wife and -" My dad is cut off when he blurts out.

"MICHEAL. I WAS WITH MICHEAL. PLEASE DON'T HURT THEM!" He sobs and my dad smiled triumphantly, calling our member of the gang that are pretending to kill us.

He was gonna tell us what happens.

"Is Micheal there?" He asked before smiling.

"Great, I'll send my men" He smiled before hanging up the phone.

We walk back up from the basement.

"Micheal is stuck in traffic, we'll kill him and take the pictures" My dad says which makes me smile in relief.

"Thank god!" I say.

"Who is the girl, son?" My dad asked as we sat in his office.

"Allison Winters. 17. Her dad walked out on her, her mum is dying. She has a perfectly clean record and a stupid ex called Justin" I say, remembering what the PI had said about her.

"I mean to you. I saw how stressed and pissed you were. Who is she?" Dad asked and I smiled.

"I just bumped into her today" I say and he grinned.

"You like her?" He asked and I shrugged.

"Well, it is either she stays here or you don't see her ever again" He says bluntly. "Because they'll send more people to get pictures" He says and I nod.

"I'll get her to stay" I shrug although it is going to be a lot harder than I think.

Like Ally is going to stay with me.

I get ready for the date tonight- can I even call it that?

I drove to Annie's and waited outside.

I was so stressed as to what to do.

I lit a cigarette and inhaled the chemicals. It seemed to relax me.

When I saw Cali walk up to me, looking like that, I was ready to wrap her up in my jacket. She looked so stunning but the dress showed her long legs and I knew a lot of boys would have their attention on her.

She looked emotionless whilst talking about her mother in the car. I wanted to comfort her, hug her, hold her but I couldn't. She might not be comfortable with me yet.

There was something pulling me towards her. Something strong but I just hopes she accepts me for me.

Not for the GangLeader or GangMember everyone

knows me as.

For the real me, Nicholas Black.

We finally pull up, Ally is such a funny girl and she is so honest. She is so gorgeous and I could really see myself liking her a lot sooner than I had planned.

I open her door for her and intertwine out fingers before we walked to the Italian restaurant.

"This is new" she smiled, her eyes gleaming as she indicated to our joined hands.

"Good new or bad new?" I ask. She smiled, pink blotches appearing in her cheeks.

"Good new" she confirms and I smile.

We walk in and sit down at our table.

"So, can I ask you something?" I ask, I made sure I looked confident and not nervous.

"Sure" she smiles gorgeously.

"Do you like me?"I ask. Her eyes widen at the blunt question but I need to know.

"Yes. I do. I don't like admitting it straight away but you are caring and sweet. I haven't met someone like you and I do care about you" she says, her eyes burning with sincerity. I know she doesn't like like me but its too early to know. This was based off of first impressions.

"Okay. Good. I do like you, Ally. But there is something you need to know" I say honestly.

"I'm in a gang" I let out, closing my eyes and waiting for her to get up and leave.

But she doesn't.

"Aren't you going to leave?" I ask and she shook her head no.

"I know you are in a gang Nick. Plus, you are kind of my ride" she jokes and I smile.

"How did you know?" I ask and she shrugged.

"Everyone knows. And, I'll be honest I don't like the idea of you in a gang but you were in a gang before you met me. As long as I'm kept away from guns and blood, I'll be fine" she says and I not, feeling a weight being lifted off my shoulders.

Things are going quickly between us, maybe if I carry on seeing her and spending the day I can get her to move in with me quicker.

Or I can just ask now.

"I know this sounds crazy but would you move in with me?" I ask, "I know most people would say this Is too fast but I'm not asking you to marry me, I'm not asking for you to be with me but so I know you are safe and so you would always be safe" I say.

I like her, she is so genuine and down to earth.

Being in a gang, you have to move quickly.

I remember when Jace tried to take it slow with a girl, the other gang found her and killed her.

Ally is the only girl I've ever been my genuine self with. Why would I want something bad to happen to her?

"I need to think about this. I've got 2 jobs that are close to my apartment and I have to visit my mother" she says and I reply immediately.

"I'll drop you off and pick you up. I honestly don't mind" I say and she sighs.

"Okay" she says, "but I don't want things to be this fast between us" she says firmly. I not my head. I wouldn't want it to be this fast either.

"It won't. This Is for your safety" I say and she smiled.

The night went really well, we left the restaurant at 10 because we spent most of the time talking and then we just sat in the car and spoke for a while.

We learnt to much about each other and we were talking until 3 in the morning.

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