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Chapter 1:


"You fucking with my sister when I told you not to?" My voice booms in the empty room as I stare down at the boy in front of me.

I had the rest of my boys behind me and he had his beside him.

He looked at his friends and then at me with a cocky smile, faking his confidence.

He's lucky that I'm here and not Chad.

"Well, I was fucking her bu--" he starts making my blood boil.

Him trying to force himself on her isn't the same as fucking her with her consent.

My fist connected with his jaw Making him stumble back and fall into the floor.

His "friends" eyes widen with fear before they all ran off.

Jace and Noah pull him up to his feet.

"Do you want to say that again?"I ask, my voice low.

I saw fear flash through his eyes before he smirked.

"I fucked your sister" he says and I pull back my fist hit him in the Side of his head.

He groans in pain and I smirk in satisfactory.

I continue to punch him before I get the boys to drop him.

"You fuck with my sister again, you are a dead man" I threaten and see him shaking with fear.

No one says anything until we leave the abandoned warehouse that those assholes decided to stupidly meet us.

"Do you think he really done it?" Jace asked and I shook my head.

"No. Layla isn't stupid. Neither am I. She knows his plan and went along with it" I shrug and Jace nods.

"Whats going to happen now?"Noah asks and I smirk.

"Well, he is either going to back off or give up. Either is good for us." I say and they smiled.

I carried on walking until I felt someone bump into me.

"Watch--" I'm cut off as I look down and see the most beautiful girl ever.

Bright blue eyes with swirls of grey are staring up at me, her brown locks falling down her shoulders.

I take a minute or two to look at this beautiful girl in my arms.

"Hey, sorry. Dude? You can let me go now" she says, blinking up at me.

"Oh yeah" I say breaking my gaze with her. "Sorry" I smile and she returned it. Wow. She is gorgeous.

"Hello, I'm Jace" Jace says with a smirk, looking her up and down and stood in front of me.

I'm not sure why but I felt my stomach twist with jealousy.

"I'm Nick" I smile at her, stepping in front of Jace, making him frown.

"Well I'm really sorry but I've got to go" she says and begins to walk away.

"Wait! What's your name?" I ask, jogging to catch up with her.

"Why do you need it?" She asked, genuinely curious and I was taken back. No girl had ever questioned me. They usually knew I was dangerous and stayed away.

"Well, I wanted to know the name of a beautiful girl so I can make up for walking into her" I say flashing her a smile.

I watched as her cheeks went a little red which made her look adorable.

"Knowing my name isn't going to make it up to me" she smiled, winking at me which made my heart flutter.

"C'mon" I drawl and she chuckled.

"My name is Allison" Allison smiled, although it looked kind of forced.

"Beautiful na-" I start but Allison cuts me off.

"If you are going to say 'beautiful name for a beautiful girl' don't" she chuckled, saying exactly what I was going to.

"Why? Heard it all too much before?" I tease and she smiled.

"No, too cliche for me" she says and I chuckle.

"Well Ally. Can I call you that? I'd like to ask you to dinner, my treat" I smile and she thought before clicking her tongue.

"Okay. When?" She asked and I let out a breath of relief.

"Tonight" I say, knowing the gang has nothing to do today.

"Okay" she nods. "Give me your phone" she adds and I raise a brow.

"Why?" I question and she rolled her eyes.

"Duh. My number" she says making me chuckle.

"Damn, I didn't even have to ask" I say jokingly and she glared at me through her lashes.

"So you don't want my number?" She asked innocently as I gave her my phone. Her blue eyes seemed to sparkle for a bit and it was the most beautiful thing ever.

"I never said that, did i" I say and she chuckled, putting her number in my phone.

"Message me when and I might turn up" she says with a wink before walking away.

"I hope I see you!" I shout with a smil

e as she waved at me.

I walk back to Jace, Noah, Jack and Jason with a big smile.

"You got her number?" Jack asked and I nodded.

"Dudeee, I wanted to get her" Jace pouted.

"What? To use her?" I ask harsher than I was meant to.

"Yes" he snaps "you use to too" he adds and I roll my eyes.

"Yeah, in high school. I'm too busy for that shit now" I say bitterly.

"I don't like how you are talking to me!" Jace says and I sigh.

"Imagine Jenine being used for sex then thrown away. Would you like it? Like hell would you." I say and he pressed his lips together.

"She was hot though!" He pouts childishly, breaking the tension between us.

"Guess who got a date with her tonight" Jack says with a bright smile.

We begin to walk, and I tell the guys that I'll do all the calls and Deals later when we end up at a park.

"Pass to me!" Ally says and the guy passes to her before she begins dribbling the ball.

Many people tried to tackle it from her but she dodged them before shooting and scoring a goal.

I don't think a lot of people noticed, but I noticed the slight wince just before she shot the goal.

"Baby girl, are you okay?" The guy asked before crouching down to examine her.

"I'm fine Justin. Carry on. I'm going to take 5" she smiled at him before limping to the bench.

"I'm gonna go" I say to my friends, nodding my head at Ally.

"Okay, tell me the details" Jace says, wriggling his eyebrows.

"Shut up Jace. You sound like a girl" Noah snorts as I begin to walk over to her.

"Hey Ally" I say, sitting down next to her.

She was wearing some black jogging bottoms with a blue shirt and her brown curly hair was tied up.

"Are you following me Nick?" She asked, my name rolling off of her tongue perfectly.

"Maybe" I wink before laughing. "No, I'm not. I was just with my friends when I saw you limp off, are you okay?" I ask and she nodded.

"Yeah, just twisted my ankle. I'll be fine" she says and I nod.

"You okay baby girl" this Justin asked making me feel a little disappointed. Did she have a boyfriend?

"Yes. I've told you do many times to stop calling me that Justin" she says and he rolled his eyes.

"Is he bothering you?" He indicates to me.

"No, you are though so leave" she says bluntly, her blue eyes turning a shade darker.

"How am I bothering you when I'm trying to fix us?!" He asked, raising his voice.

"Oh fuck off Justin!" She glares at him.

"Can you go away so I can talk to my girl?" Justin asks, turning to me.

"Like fuck will I go. It doesn't seem like she is your girl to me" I say bitterly and he glared.

"Look, Dustin" I say, purposely getting his name wrong. "I don't like you being here and neither does Ally. So can you please go and talk to someone who gives a fuck? " I ask and watched as he looks at me fearfully as if suddenly realising something.

"Are you.. Nicholas James. Son of.. Hunter-" he stutters but I cut him off. Nicholas James Black was my full name but everyone knew me as Nicholas James.

"Yes. I'm Nicholas James. And Hunter James is my father. So what?" I ask and watched as he literally shook in fear.

He didn't say anything else and neither did Ally. Justin just walked away, not bothering to look back.

"So, you play?" I ask, trying to change the subject.

"Yeah, my uncle used to help train me" She smiles, probably at the memory.

"How long have you been playing?" I ask curiously. I used to play at school but stopped after.

"Since I was 7. I love it" she says and I nod.

"NICK!" I hear Noah shout so I look up.

"That your friend calling you?" She asked and I nodded.

"Yeah, I've gotta go. Will you be okay?" I ask softly, indicating to her foot.

"Yeah" she smiled. "I'll see you tonight Nick" She says softly and I smile.

"You better be there" I say with a wink and she laughed.

"Oh, I will be" she returns the wink, making my heart flutter. I look at her for the last time before I jog to Noah.

"What's up?" I ask, my smile vanishing completely.

"We caught Amos" Noah says breathless. "The other one got away. They got pictures of your girl" He says making my heart stop.

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