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   Chapter 19 NO.19

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Chad POV

Love meant a lot to me. Especially if that love was from Lucy.

For the past few years, I haven't been loved. My father always told me how useless I am. I always wanted my parents love, and for a long time it was thrown back in my face.

Even though it may be strange ( I guess you can say) for someone like me to get so emotional about love. Yet, all I wanted was to feel the same love I always have given to people.

"I..I thought you were sleeping" Lucy stuttered. She takes a deep breath before continuing, "but yes. I did say that I love you."

My heart begins to speed up, my smile widening and I felt the happiest I have ever been.

I kiss her lips, feeling an overwhelming feeling of happiness and love.

"I love you Lucy" I say when we pull back. I lean my forehead against hers, looking into her gorgeous eyes through my teary ones.

She smiled, her hands cupped my cheeks.

"Seriously?" She asked, her hands went around my neck and she began to run her hands through my hair.

"Of course I do. I love you so much" I smile at her, grinning when I see her eyes

whispers, his lips brushing against my neck.

"Yes?" I ask. I turn in his arms and smile at him. He looked so adorable. He looked like a shy 5 year old who wanted the last cookie.

"I think that you're the most gorgeous person I've ever met, inside and out" he smiled shyly.

"I know that you are the best person I have ever met" I return his smile.

Half an hour later, Chad and I have ordered pizza, we have popcorn, skittles and cookies. His head is rested on mine as we watch a film.

Soon enough, my eyes were dropping. I yawned tiredly before I finally fall into a slumber. Before I fell asleep, I felt a kiss to my forehead and Chad whispered an 'I love you' in my ear.

I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

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