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   Chapter 15 NO.15

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Chad POV:

I knocked on her door, flowers in my hand as I nervously looked around.

I had an unsettling feeling of nervousness in my stomach at this date. It would be perfect but that didn't make me any less scared.

"Chad! You must be here for the date!" Lucy's mum greets me with a warm smile. "We've been waiting for this to happen" Lucy's dad adds, giving me a smile.

"It took a while for me to realise what I wanted was always in front of me" I say honestly. I told Lucy I've liked her for years which I have, but I've tried to make myself believe otherwise.

Lucy walks downstairs, her long blond hair in loose curls. She wore a black, figure hugging dress which empathised on her amazing figure. She wore a pair of black heels and smiled her gorgeous smile when she sees me.

"Hi" she grins.

"Hi" I reply, I think I looked like a love sick puppy. "These are for you" I say lamely, handing her the bouquet of flowers I know are her favourite.

She gaps, looking down at the different colours.

"They're beautiful, thank you" she smiled widely.

"I'll put these in a vase for you honey, go enjoy yourself" her mum takes the flowers and kisses her cheek.

"Bye, love you guys" Lucy says before shutting the door behind her.

"You look absolutely stunning babe" I say honestly. I didn't even know the first thing about dating, I didn't know if Lucy liked someone who was cute and cuddly, or I don't know if she hated PDA. I don't know what she yearned and liked in a relationship but I would find out, very soon.

"You do too Chad" she smiled at me, she slips her hand into mine, the small action makes my heart skip a beat.

"Thank you" she grins when I open the door for her.

"Anytime" I say with a smile. Being with Lucy made me feel at ease and I no longer had felt the nervousness I had initially felt.

As I walked around to get into the car, I saw her smiling and that made me happy.

"Where we going?" She asked, her eyes sparkle with happiness as I begin to drive to the place I know she would love.

"Where do you think we are going?" I ask, I hold her hand in mine whilst I drive with the other.

"Hm, restaurant?" She says and I shook my head.

"I thought you

o officially be mine but what if she thinks we are going too fast?

Instead, I hug her before kissing her forehead.

"Chad" she says, catching my attention.

"Yeah" I ask, I look down into her beautiful eyes and see the care she has for me.

"Wouldyouliketobemyboyfriend?" She asked all in one breath.

"Woah, calm down and say again" I say with a chuckle.

"Would you like to be my boyfriend" she says quickly, but this time so I can understand her.

I feel my heart pick up when she asked me. I feel the love I have increased again and again and I smile widely. I love her.

"Of course I would" I smile, giving her a hug. "I wanted to ask you" I pout and she laughs, kissing my pouted lips.

"I didn't know if you were going to ask me or not, so I asked instead" she laughs and I smile.

"So I'll pick you up tomorrow?" I ask and she nods, kissing my lips again.

"Yeah, Goodnight boyfriend!" She whisper yells with a smile.

"Goodnight girlfriend" I say, kissing her hand and go back home after she goes in.

I go to my room, avoiding my parents at all costs and grin when I get into my room.

I saw Lucy, in her pjs, opening the window.

She waves and I smile.

'Night' she mouths and I smile, winking at her which makes her blush.

'Goodnight' I mouth back. She grins, she turns off her light and that's when I jump into the shower. I get out a few minutes later and put on some boxers before I go to bed, with a huge smile on my face.

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