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   Chapter 10 NO.10

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2 weeks

2 fucking weeks Lucy has been ignoring me, avoiding me and not even looking at me.

And it hurt. A lot.

Every single time I try to speak to her, she disappears.

She even said her mum wanted her help when her mum and dad were away on holiday.

Nothing much happened after the kiss. Sure, the kiss went kind of far but that was it.

I remembered the moment out lips met, I remember that my heart was going to burst and that my stomach flipped.

I lost my first kiss to Lucy, and she lost hers to me. And no matter how happy that makes me, I'm kind of getting the feeling she regrets it.

And that hurts too.

Never did I think I would be this hurt by a girl that I grew up with.

But I was, and it sucked.

I see her with Dani and Darren.

She looked beautiful, as always. Her hair left naturally and no makeup- she didn't need it. She wore a pair of dark blue ripped jeans and a black jumper. She was wearing her converse and she was laughing at something Dani said. Her eyes wa

" She says and I saw the honesty in her eyes.

"Then why is she avoiding me?" I ask.

Why were girls so complicated?

"She's scared" Dani says bluntly.

That wasn't the answer I was expecting.

"Of what?" I asked and she shook her head.

"That's not for me to tell you. Just give her some time" She says.

"i have gave her time, Dani. I've given her 2 weeks. You know how horrible it is to be ignored from the girl who I like?" I ask, purposely missing the fact that i'm in love with Lucy.

"I'm sorry, Chad. Lucy is... I'll get her to talk to you" she says and I smile.

"Thank you Dani, I guess I just want to know what is happening" i say and she smiled.

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