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   Chapter 3 NO.3

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Chapter 3- Edited.

Lucy POV:

Chad smiled at me, rolling his eyes as he jogs over to me.

"Leave the class now, she is distracted" He whispers, his hot breath hitting my neck making me shiver.

"Okay" I smile, "And Chad, thank you. For the distraction" I say and he grinned before shooing me out of the class room.

"Oh my god!" Dani squeals, wrapping her arm around my shoulder, "He soooo likes you" she exclaims and I laugh.

"No Dani, he doesn't" I deny because it was true. Chad was just looking out for me, I've known him all my life and I would do the same if it was switched and he was in an uncomfortable situation.

"He does" She says firmly. I roll my eyes and she grins when Chad and Darren make their way over to us.

Darren immediately begins to talk to Dani, complimenting and making her blush.

"What did you need to talk about?" I ask Chad. I was as well get the talk over now so I don't have the whole female population glaring daggers at me when he speaks to me in the minute.

"I was, um, wondering if uh- if you wanted to" He stutters before taking a deep breath and leaning in, "help me set up Dani and Darren?" he whispers, his lips were literally brushing against my ear and i felt a trail of goosebumps appear.

"You sure he really likes her?" I whisper in his ear, just like he did to me. I felt him freeze and his breathing hitch before he nodded.

"I think he loves her, don't tell her. That is for him to do" He whispers again. I felt my knees weaken so I leaned back, standing so I put distance between us.

"Yeah, of course" I say quickly, "I need to go to the bathroom" I rush out before turning and walking into the girl toilets.

I walk in and begin to pace.

This isn't happening.

This isn't happening.

Dani and Darren getting together means thay Chad would hand around us more.

No. No.

I can't let it happen.

I could always just hang with Dani alone and when she is with Darren I would go to the library.

Yes. I need to get my homework done earlier.

I take a deep breath before washing my hands and walking back out the bathroom, only to bump into Dani.

"Darren asked me out" she breaths out, "and I said yes. I said yes to Darren, Luce" she says and I sigh a breath of relief.

That means I don't have to help Chad get them together.

"I'm happy for you girl" I say honestly because I was. She truly deserved to be happy and treated like a princess.

"Ask me how he asked me" she squeaks.

"Why don't you just tell me?" I ask with a chuckle.

"Just ask!" She yells and scowl.

"Jeez woman, how did he ask you?" I question, trying to hide my smile.

"Well, he grabbed both my hands and said

I was the most beautiful girl he has ever seen and that I make his days better. Then he dropped to his knees and said you deserve to be treated like a princess, give me a chance and I will treat you like a queen. I said yes and he got up with a gorgeous smile and kissed me" she squeals before sighing Dreamily, "how is he so perfect?" She asks, looking into the distance with a look of admiration.

I smiled at my dazed friend.

"I can't wait till this year ends" she changed the subject immediately.

"Me either" I say, I've been single the whole 17 years of my life and I'm glad I don't have one now. When we go to colleges or sixth form, I wouldn't have to worry about distance.

"You still haven't had a boyfriend" Dani teased, poking my cheek, "or your first kiss" she adds.

"Really?" Darren asked, putting his arm over Dani's shoulder.

"Yes" Dani grins and I shrug.

"I don't want a relationship to be ruined when we end up going to different colleges or whatever" I say and Chad smiled.

"What if they went to the same college as you?" He asked and I shrugged.

"Then it might work. I want to go to university and they might not" I say again and he smiled.

"You are so stubborn. You seem to be looking for reasons not to get into a relationship" he says and I smile.

"Maybe I am, maybe I'm not" I say and he grins.

"Okay, well being on a relationship with someone you like is amazing" Darren says, looking at Dani.

"What if I don't like anyone?" I joke, although I didn't like like anyone.

"LIAR!" Dani screeched and I jumped, surprised at her reaction.

"I don't" I defend and she winks at me.

"I know who. Its the guy who I said likes you just now" she says and my jaw drops.

She thinks I like Chad?

I burst out laughing, tears began to fill my eyes but she gave me a pointed look.

"Oh, you are being serious" I mutter, sobering up.

"Who's the guy?" Chad asked. His face now emotionless. He smiled but it seemed forced.

"There isn't anyone" I shrug, confused at his sudden change of mood.

"Anyway, I just remembered I got homework due in next lesson" I say before running off.

What the hell was Dani doing?


I don't like him like that.

I mean, sometimes I get butterflies and I get nervous but that doesn't mean I like him right?

He is the boy I grew up with and nothing more.

Even If I did like him, he doesn't like me like that.

What am I even thinking?

I don't know the first thing about liking someone ever. I've never even had my first kiss or relationship. Sure, I've had crushes but that's all. And from those previous crushes, I know I definitely do not like Chad Smith.

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