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   Chapter 27 NO.27

The Player Wants Me?! By Courtney Radford Characters: 4299

Updated: 2018-06-04 20:59

Kian Wilde POV:

It doesn't take long for the waiter to come back. And in all honesty, it didn't surprise me.

I know my Belle was damn gorgeous. Heck, anyone knows that she is absolutely stunning but I didn't know that I would get this annoyed at a guy staring at her.

Sure, Nate was a pain in the ass but I'm 99% sure he is here on a date with Jason, that and I know he enjoys pissing me off.

Well, I guess that when that waiter makes a move on my Belle, I can be rude, that and Belle has to agree to be my girlfriend later tonight.

I remember how I asked her to be my girlfriend in the most un-romantic way possible. And Belle deserves the complete opposite.

"And who wanted the lemonade?" He asked.

Belle smiled, "me please" she says politely. I saw the waiter smirk before walking over.

"Here you go beautiful" he smiled making my grip on Belle tighten.

"Oi, back off" I warn, glaring at the guy.

He just shrugged me off and even had the audacity to slip my girl his number.

"I'm not interested" Belle says making me grin proudly.

"You can leave now" I mutter, loud enough for him to hear. He scoffed before stomping away.

"Fucker" I murmur to myself.

"Are you okay?" I know how uncomfortable it makes Belle when a guy- that isn't me- hits on he

mething about "girls keeping their hands to themselves or she would claw their eyes out" and I knew that was because the waitress touched my shoulder.

"It's only you I want" I whisper to her, putting my head on my shoulder and waiting for a reaction- probably like a love sick puppy.

"Good" she smirked, "hear that?" Her eyes look to someone behind me and I begin to chuckle but leave my head on her shoulder.

I heard someone huff before my Belle murmured something about the staff being flirty.

"Or I'm just undeniably gorgeous. Admit it, baby. No one could resist me" I wink at her and she scowled at me.

"Shut up" she mumbled but I noticed her lips twitch up.

"Even you couldn't deny me, I know I'm sexy but I must be sexy as hell to have the most pretty, beautiful girl by my side" I say and watched as a blush appeared on her cheeks.

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