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   Chapter 16 NO.16

The Player Wants Me?! By Courtney Radford Characters: 2403

Updated: 2018-06-04 20:52

Kian POV:

I woke up to the front door opening. My mum walked in, carrying bags of shopping.

"Hello darling" She smiled brightly at me, her eyes travel down to see Belle and she grins.

"Hey mom" I smile, looking down when I see Belle moving around in my arms. "Some things happened to her in school so we came back here and we fell asleep" I say and she smiled.

"You know she is welcome here anytime. Did you stop planning your date then?" She asked and I shook my head.

"No, it was done a lot quicker than I thought so I didn't need the whole day off" I smile and she grinned.

She put away the shopping before coming back in.

"So what did you two get up to?" She asked, smirking and raising a brow. A

nk as she looked at me through her lashes.

She gets up, stretching slightly. I watched her, I was mesmerised.

"What?" She chuckled and I shrugged, leaning against the back of the sofa.

"Nothing. You are just gorgeous" I say honestly and smiled when I see her blushing.


Sorry it's short. I didn't know how to continue but I will try to get my next chapter up soon!

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