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   Chapter 13 NO.13

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Issabelle POV:

"Hey sweetheart" Kian's mother smiled, she opens her arms and takes me into a hug.

"So you are the girl my son hasn't stopped going on about?" She whispers into my ear making my cheeks heat up.

All the nerves I felt vanished. She looked a lot like Kian, maybe a little shorter.

"You have got him wrapped around your finger" she smiled, winking at me.

I blush again and she laughs.

"Mum, this is Issabelle. Belle, this is my mum" he says, wrapping his arm around my shoulder.

"I know Kian. You don't stop talking about your Belle" she laughs. Kian blushed and I giggled at him.

"I just wanted you to meet Belle" he says quietly. I could tell that he really loved his mum.

"I'm glad I did" she smiled, winking at me. I smile at her and Kian takes my hand.

"I'm glad you are. We have got to meet Angel and Pete now" Kian says, his eyes softening when he looks at me.

"Why?" I ask, "and where to?" I add.

"We're going bowling and then for some food. Its a 'get to know each other' date for Angel and Pete and just chilling for us. I wouldn't want our first date this unplanned" he grins and I see his mum smile brightly.

"Whipped" she coughs making me laugh.

"What? I would ask her first and then plan it. This was unplanned" he shrugs with a cute smile. My heart fluttered at his confession.

"Go have fun but not too much fun" she winks and hugs me again before we walk to Kian's car.

Kian opens the car door for me and I get in, watching as he looked at me whilst walking around to the driver's side.

"I'm sorry if it made you uncomfortable meeting my mother so unplanned" Kian apologizes, taking my hand in his. "I just really wanted you to meet her. I love my mum and I want to see you both get along, I'm glad she approves of you" my heart melted at his words.

"It didn't make me uncomfortable, it's fine. I like your mum" I grin and smile when Kian smiled.

"Good" he replied before starting the car.

The whole drive to the bowling alley was filled with the soft music in the car. Kian never let go of my hand, he sometimes looked over at me with a smile and it made my stomach flutter.

When we arrived, Kian (almost) demanded that I stay in the car so he could open the door for me. It made me laugh aloud but also made my insides melt.

He was so cute and sweet that it made me feel feelings I haven't had before. He also tried to hard to be a gentleman sometimes but it got me laughing and took my mind off of other things.

Kian grabs my hand, holding it tightly and swinging out hands slightly as we walked to the entrance. When I looked over at Kian, his face was lit up by a smile that look like it belonged to a child in Christmas morning.

Pete and Angel were already there, they had decided to be against each other but Angel wanted me to be in a team with her, therefore leaving Kian with Pete.

"I really like him" is the first thing

Angel says as I greet her with a hug, "he is so amazing and oh my god- Izzy. I'm so into him" she whispers and I smile, happy that my best friend is finally happy.

I looked to see Kian throwing the ball and getting a strike. Of course he would, I'm pretty sure there was nothing he wasn't good at.

He saw me looking and sent me a wink with a small smirk and I smile but roll my eyes.

Angel sits next to Pete- who haven't taken his eyes off of her- and begins to talk.

"You know they are just going to leave us and flirt for the whole time right?" Kian asks and whistles when I get a strike.

"Damn, is there anything you are bad at?" Kian asked with a chuckle. "Pete wanna go?" He asked his best friend who shook his head.

"I was thinking the same about you" I say honestly, smiling when he knocks over 7 pins.

I saw his eyes light up as he looks at me with a bright smile.

"I just got lucky on my first go" he says making me laugh.

He got a spare before it was Angels go.

"Wanna go Angel?" I ask and she shook her head no, to engrossed with the conversation with Pete.

I shrugged and smiled when I got another strike.

"Issabelle" Kians voice is loud and clear. He also said my full name, not Belle.

"Yes? What's up?" I ask and he looked into my eyes, slowly intertwining our fingers.

"Would you like to go on a date with me?" He asked, his eyes shining with vulnerability as he looked at me from head to toe.

My breathing hitched.

It was no secret I liked the boy. I just didn't want anything to mess up. I didn't want it to go too fast.

"Its okay. I get it" Kian says, dropping my hand and stepping back -like my touch has burned him.

It was then I realised that I was stood in shock.

"Kian" I say softly but he shook his head.

"You could've said no" he says and I smile slightly, walking right in front of him.

I cup his cheeks and lift his head so I'm looking into his lovely eyes.

"Let me finish" I say softly before I lean in a bit closer.

"Of course I will go on a date with you Kian" I smile. I see his whole face brighten up and it makes my heart stutter.

Kian lifts me up and spins me around happily, making me feel dizzy but happy.

"Kian!" I squeal laughing. He was laughing to when he put me down.

"Oh Belle. You won't regret this. It's going to be the best date ever, I promise that to you!" He says when he had put me down.

"I know I won't regret the date, I'm with you after all" I say causing Kian's breathing to hitch. He smiled so widely I was afraid it may hurt his jaw.

"You're amazing" he breaths out and I smile.

"So are you"



Hey guys!

I'm sorry it took so long to update. Every time I got a few thousand words I would read it back and hate it.

I must have written this chapter at least 5 times now and this is the best one out of them all.

Sorry for the wait and I love you all!


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