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   Chapter 11 NO.11

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Kian POV:

My eyes opened, a smile stuck to my face as I remembered what happened last night.

Belle had kissed me!

My Belle has kissed me!

It felt like a dream but when I remembered her lips on mine, I knew it wasn't. It couldn't have been.

It was everything I've ever imagined and more.

I couldn't wait to see her today.

With that in mind, I hop out of bed and jump into the shower.

Once I finished in there, I grab a black pair of jeans with a t shirt and my converse before deciding to put on a beanie.

Once I was ready, I text Belle.

Belle?: Need a ride to school? X

I quickly go downstairs, saying a quick 'hi' to my mother who looked at me curiously.

"Why are you so happy today?" She smiled and I shrugged, smiling down at Belle's reply.

Belle?: Ryder offered. I'll say no to him. X

"Ooh, is it a girl?" She asked and I didn't reply. "It is. Who is she?" She says and I feel myself smiling.

"Belle- I mean Issabelle." I say. I loved her, I loved Belle so much it hurt but I was weak and hid behind a reputation to prevent myself from being bullied.

"What's she like?" Mum asked and I sighed.

"Gorgeous. Not just look wise but her personality too. I think I love her mom" I say, causing my mum to smile widely.

"You act like it. Your eyes light up when you speak about her" she grins and I smile.

"She makes me happy" I say simply and honestly.

She makes me the luckiest and happiest guy alive.

"When can I meet her?" She asked and I shrugged.

"We aren't together yet" I say and she nods.

"I have to go now" I say, quickly kissing her on the cheek before grabbing my bag and leaving.

I text Belle when I'm outside the apartment and watch as she opens the door of my car.

She smiled at me so beautifully that I felt my heart pick up.

"Hi" She smiled shyly, looking gorgeous as always.

"Hey" I grin, not being able to stop it from appearing on my face.

She was cute.

Issabelle POV:

Kian and I arrived at school and I almost forgotten that he was the most popular guy in the school. Almost.

Thanks to that, when I got out of his car I saw a bunch of gorgeous girls glare daggers at me.

My confidence and mood plummeted.

They were all gorgeous, they were tall, slim and stunning.

Kian must have noticed my mood because the next thing I know is he is gently tugging me from the crowd and into a place with out many people glaring or staring in shock.

"Are you okay?" He asked softly, his thumb caressing my cheek.

"Yeah" I say quietly, sending him a small smile.

It isn't his fault I always doubt myself.

"You realise, Belle, that nothing happened between me and any of those girls who were looking at me?" He murmurs, his hand reaching out for mine. He interwines out fingers and smiled at me.

"Nothing happened, the most was talking" he promises, kissing the back of my hand before wrapping his arms around me.

I wrap my arms around him too when I see Ryder approach.

Even if it was for one night, I smile at him and let go of Kian and hug him.

He is my brother, I missed him.

"Alright Iz?" Ryder asked, a smile as he gives me a bear hug.

"Yeah, are you?" I ask and he nodded.

"You need to tell me about you and Kian lat

er" He whispers before turning to Kian and giving him a man hug.

"You good?" Ryder asked Kian who then nodded.

"Issy" I hear Angel beam, rushing over and hugging me.

"Hey girl, did you ride with Kian?" She asked and I nodded.

"Yeah" I say and she grins.

"Are you together?" She asked and I shook my head.

"No, we are friends" I say instantly.

The thought had me confused though.

I don't know what we are. We have kissed, we have admitted we liked each other.

"It doesn't look like friends from how he keeps looking at you" she says and I smile, rolling my eyes.

"Sorry Angel, I need to speak to Iz a sec" Ryder says, putting his arm over my should we and walking a little away from Kian and Angel.

"Why did you turn down my ride?" He asked but the small smirk made me realise he knew why.

"I think you know the answer to that Ryder" I say and he grins at me.

"You like him" he states and I nod.

"I do, the only thing is that I don't want to date him right now. I hardly know him" I say and Ryder nods.

"Your decision is fair, Iz. Let him know that though. Okay?" He asked and I nodded.

He hugged me again before walking back near Angel and Kian.

"Come on Angel. Let's meet them at break" Ryder says taking Angel and leaving me and Kian.

"Are you okay?" He asked softly and I nodded.

"Yeah, let's go to lessons" I say before we walk back Down into school.

We walk down the corridor, people were staring and whispering and I squirmed, taking my hand from Kian's.

He frowned, grabbing my hand again.

"Let go Kian" I whisper, choking back tears.

"She's ugly."

"She's gross."

"She's his new toy."

"Ew, he could've gone for someone better."

"She is disgusting, just look at her!"

"No Belle, ignore them" He whispers soothingly.

"Ew, why is he with trash? He could've been with someone pretty."

More and more comments was heard and this time, I successfully removed my hand from Kian before walking off.

"Woah, Issy" I hear the familiar voice of Ryder before his arms are around me.

"What's wrong?" He asked softly, wiping away some of my tears.

"They are all talking about me" I whisper, hiding my face in his chest.

"Saying what?" He asked, rubbing my back.

"That I'm ugly.. and that I'm gross. I-I can't be there with him Ry. I can't deal with it" I whisper, my voice cracking and his arms tighten around me.

"You are beautiful Is. Any guy is lucky to have you, okay?" Ryder asked, wiping my tears. "You don't have to deal with it. Okay, let me sort it" He says and I nod, wiping my eyes.

"I'm so stupid" I feel my eyes fill with tears again.

"No Is. You aren't" Ryder says, kissing my head. "I love you Issy" Ryder says, releasing me from the hug.

He was the only person who helped me calm down and made me feel better.

"I love you too Ry" I say and he smiled, before calling Angel's name.

"Yes" She smiled before seeing my teary eyes.

"Keep an eye on her. Don't let anyone say or do anything to her please?" He asked and she nodded.

"Of course" She says, wrapping her arm around my shoulder.

"Thanks" He smiled at her. "I'll see you at break or lunch" Ryder whispers, kissing the side of my head again before walking away.

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