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   Chapter 9 NO.9

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Issabelle POV:

"So why are you awake?" I ask as I make my way down the road.

Street lights lit up the town and it was quiet with an odd few cars driving past.

"I couldn't sleep, I'm not a big sleeper. How about you?" He asked. I faintly hear a door shut in the background.

"Don't worry" he says quickly, "you don't need to tell me" he says, sounding a little apologetic and sad.

"It's okay, Kian" I chuckle, "I don't sleep because I can't" I say, as if it was no big deal.

I've been dealing with it for years, it wasn't that bad.

"I know but I'm sorry I asked" he says and I smile.

"It's fine" I say before I arrive there.

"I'm here now" I say before walking in.

"Okay, I can see the sign" he says and I grin but feel nervous.

He walks in and I swear my heart skipped a beat.

He had on black ripped jeans with a black and red plaid shirt, his hair is a casual messy look that definitely suited him.

"Hi" I smile and he grins, a boyish grin that made him look so carefree.

"Hey Iz" He smiles that gorgeous smile of his to me, "Let's go somewhere, I want to show you something" He grins, his eyes lighting up.

"Okay" I say after getting a large fanta, "Let's go" I say and he smiled, opening the door for me.

"Thank you" I say and he smiled, showing his dimples.

"You're welcome" I return his bright smile as we walk down the dark road.




"So, do you have a boyfriend?" Kian asked, as his usual confident self.

"No" I say, feeling a little nervous of how close my hand is to his.

Breath Izzy.

"Why?" He asked, his question catching me by surprise.

"Because" I say and watched as he smiled at me.

"Because what? You're gorgeous Belle. You're funny and smart and amazing" he says, sounding truthful.

And for the first time ever, I didn't feel grossed out by the thought of myself.

"That's what you think" I chuckle darkly, memories of them popping up, "you don't know me Kian" I say, more sadly than any thing.

Kian grabbed my hand all a sudden, tugging me closer to him.

"Then tell me, tell me so I will know you" he whispers, his lips lingering above my lips.

"I- I can't" I say, stepping back so I get breath again.

"You can Iz. I know it" he had a look of determination and it frightened me.

"I can't" I say, this time more confidently, "why would I tell someone all my secrets, all my flaws? Why would I tell anyone that, especially you" I say and he looked at me, hurt.

"I'm just someone to you?" He asked, his voice sounded hurt and a little frustrated.

"No, you aren't and that is why I can't tell you Kian" I almost snap.

Why couldn't he drop it?

"What am I to you then Issabelle? Why can't you tell me but you wouldn't mind as much to tell anyone else?" He argues and I sigh but don't say anything.

We walk, nothig was said but it didn't need to be.

"Here" Kian murmured, avoiding my eye contact. "This is what I wanted to show you" h

e adds before letting go of my hand.

I forgot he was holding my hand.

I look up and felt my breathing hitch. It was gorgeous.

It was a cliff that over looked the tracks I worked at. I could see some cars racing and it seemed to look like something you would see in a movie.

"Wow" I breath out, feeling at the loss of words.

"You know, Belle, any one can make something up, anyone can lie but it doesn't make it true" he murmurs softly. "I know you have heard things about me. I know you have seen me with girls but does that mean I sleep with them?" He asked, he sounded hurt and just annoyed.

"So I'm going to tell you the truth. Please don't run, don't judge me." Kian pleads, I freeze.

"I need you to promise me Belle" he whispers and I look at him.

"I promise"

So then he began to explain.

"You've known me for a long time" he starts, "I've known you since I was 7. You might not remember me but I remember you. The cute girl with freckles and long hair. That's how I remembered you" he whispers, with a soft smile. "I was bullied" he let out a shaky breath, "from the age of 5 but when I met you, I just... it just.. I don't know. But when I met you, everything felt fine again" he says sadly.

"You probably don't remember me" he says, "but I remember you. I always have. You tied up my show laces and then you drew a picture of me" he smiled, chuckling. "My mother still has the picture. It was a stick man but you always loved to draw. Fast forward a few years, I'm still getting bullied this time it was physical" he says, looking down so i couldn't see him.

"My father passed away a little after" he says quietly. I grabbed his hand for comfort.

"I changed from then on. I grew up, went to the gym and turned out extremely good looking" he smiled, humour dancing in his eyes. "I'm kidding but I got a lot of attention from girls but I never wanted theirs. I wanted the attention of the little girl with freckles and long brown hair" he whispers.

I look at him as he smiled at me before kissing the back of my hand.

"Ever since we were younger, it's always been you" he murmurs softly.

I hug him. I don't know what made me do it but I wrapped my arms around him.

He chuckled, smiling against my neck as he hugged me back.

I pull away and he just smiled at me.

"I bet you are wondering about all the rumours?" He asked, his smile was wide and it was impossible not to return it.

'No, I'm thinking about you' i wanted to say but nodded anyway.

"This might sound stupid" he says before shrugging, "but 1, I wanted to get your attention. I knew I had a lot of the female atrention so I tried to get yours" he smiled sheepishly. I felt my stomach flutter, "and I also wanted to keep up the reputation. I didn't want to be the weak, vulnerable boy who got bullied again. A reputation Made me out to be strong and I couldn't lose that" he mutters and I smile at him, before hugging him again.

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