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   Chapter 6 NO.6

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Isabelle POV:

I walked out of the bathroom after making sure there were no traces of me crying. As soon as I walked out, Ryder and Kian stopped talking.

"I need to grab something quickly" Ry says before squeezing my hand and walking down the halls.

Kian and I just stood there, not knowing what to say.

"So, are you okay?" He asked, looking at me. "I mean, sorry. That's a stupid question. Um, what happened? Actually, don't tell me. I'm sorry-" he rambles.

"Kian" I say quietly.

"I'm sorry I heard about your-" this time I successfully cut him off.

"Kian!" I shout, my lips twitching up into a small smile.

"Sorry" he says " it was just quiet and awkward"

"Stop saying sorry, you have nothing to be sorry for" I say and he smiled nervously.

Wow, the Kian Wilde was nervous?

"I'm sor-shit! I'm gonna just shut up" He mumbled and I laughed.

"You should be in class" I say, suddenly remembering that I'm in school.

"Well, I got sent out" he admits, "I couldn't be bothered with anything" he shrugs and it is then when I see the purple bags under his eyes.

"Are you okay?" I frown and he sighed.

"I guess I am, just had a hard night" he says, his eyes looking distant as if he was thinking about a memory.

"Do you want to talk about it?" I ask, seeing as Ryder has been gone for a little longer than I thought.

"Maybe another time, I don't want to talk about it here" he says, shaking his head. "I don't mean I don't want to tell you, because I do. I just don't want someone over hearing or someone-" I cut him off again.

"I get what you mean" I say and he smiled at me. That gorgeous smile.

"Thank you Belle" he says quietly, almost so quietly I don't hear it.

"For what?" I ask, just as quiet.

"Everything" he says with a small smile.

I didn't do anything, I thought to myself when Ryder came back.

"Ready to go and speak to them?" Ryder comes back, with a smile.

I could never get over how happy he was, how happy he made me feel.

I know he was my brother but it seemed as though he was the only person I could talk to, aside from Angel.

"No" I mutter, "can I not speak to them after school?" I Ask and Ryder sighed.

"Iz, avoiding the problem for as long as you can might not make it any better" he says, put ring his arm over my shoulder.

"I'll be right beside you for the whole time and if it gets too much then let me know and we will go back" he says and I sigh.

"Promise?" I ask and he smiled.

"I promise"


We walk outside the school, my hand tightly gripping Ryders.

"You'll be fine" he whispers to me, "I promise"

When I see my parents I felt my legs wobble. Mum and add hardly ever fought and when they did it was because something serious had happened.

"Izzy!" Mum shouts, running over and taking me in her arms. "I'm so sorry baby, I'm sorry" she cries before pulling away.

"We don't blame you Iz. We never will. We were- are stressed" she says, hugging me again.

"Come over here and talk with me and your father, please" she begs and I nod, feeling my heart break.

I hate when my mother cri

ed. Or father for that matter.

Ryder let go of my hand.

"I'll be over here" he points to a bench before sitting down.

I walk over to dad with mum, not really feeling anything.

"Izzy" my dad breathes, "I'm so sorry Iz. I didn't want to put the blame on you, I didn't mean to put it on you. It's not your fault, I promise you neither of us blame you" he says, wiping away a tear.

"Come here" he opens his arms and I leap into his arms, like I used to do when I was 6.

"Dad" I cried, resting my head on his shoulder.

"Its okay, Iz" he cooed, gently rubbing my back.

He puts me back down and kissed my head.

"Can I explain what I meant?" He asked and I nodded.

We both sit down, mum gone to Ryder to make sure he is okay.

"Okay so you remember Sally?" He asked, "the girl who bullied your mother?" He adds and I nod.

"She got a hold of me one night. She was crying and said she had no one to talk to, no where to go" he explains.

"Thats not our problem, dad. She hurt mum and nearly broke you up" I point out and he sighed.

"I know Iz. She said she wanted to talk so I agreed. We decided to meet in a cafe but I couldn't tell your mum yet. I was planning to after, telling her why I did what I did" he breathed out. "I never intended for what happen to happen" he says and I take a breath.

"what do you mean dad?" I ask and he sighed.

"She came onto me. She kissed me and your mother saw. I could never ever cheat on Bailey. Bailey and you and Ryder, you are all my world so why would I choose to lose that?" He asked. "Bailey saw me push her off of me but got mad about me meeting with her" he says.

"I did it because Sally was the only one there for me when I got abused by my parents" he says, "I didn't know your mother then but Sally helped me. She talked to me and she was there" my dad says, struggling with his words.

"Now, I'm not going to lie Iz, when I found out you had insomnia and depression, it took me off guard and stressed me out. It didn't stress me out because you had it, it stressed me out because I didn't notice it. That was enough to make me feel like shit. So when I came home from meeting Sally, Bailey said she wasn't happy with me and went to bed early. I got in bed too and she woke up first, giving me a hard time because of it. So she began shouting when I answered a call from Sally. She called her a lot of things and I got mad because even though she ruined us, she helped me and if she didn't then..." my dad trailed off and I hug him again.

"I understand" I say, my breathing becoming steadier.

Thank god it wasn't my fault.

"I love you Iz. I'm sorry I made you upset" he says and I smile.

"I love you too dad and it's okay, I didn't let you explain"

"Are you coming home or do you want to stay in school?" Mum asked.

"Stay at school, I have art" I say with a small smile.

"Okay, what about you Ryder?" She asked.

"I'll stay with Iz" he says and they nod.

They hug us both before we walked back in.

When we were walking to class, however, I heard

"Issabelle and Ryder Evans. Isolation! Now"

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