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   Chapter 35 NO.35

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Updated: 2018-06-04 20:39

This is the last Chapter of 'I Love The BadBoy'. There would not be a sequel to this book as I don't know how I could continue Shawn and Cali's story (but if you have any ideas let me know). Thank you all so so much for all your support and I hope you enjoy it!!


***2 years later***

I woke up to our baby girl screaming in he middle of the night. Cali groans beside me and open her eyes. I smile down at my gorgeous wife before kissing her forehead.

"I got her" I whisper to her. Cal immediately shakes her head and sits up.

"You always got her Shawn, I wanna help" Cali says with a pout. I smile at her, I love how her hair is a cute kind of messy as she walks around in just my shirt.

I grab her hand, gently tugging her into our baby girls room.

"Ey, ey beautiful. What's going on here?" Cali says softly, picking up our baby girl and gently rocking her.

I watch in a mixture of adoration and awe as I watch our baby girl slowly stop crying and stare up at Cali.

"You're very noisy, Layla. Do you know that?" Cali asked softly, gently caressing our daughters cheek. Layla was our baby girl, Cali and I had adopted her. Cali wanted to adopt, she wanted to help children out. It made me love her even more.

"Daddy" I hear our (almost) two year old son, Lucas call. I look down at our son and smile, picking him up when he lifts his arm.

"You okay Lucas" I ask, he puts his head in my neck and his breathing slows. His nods his head before he falls asleep on my shoulder. I chuckle at how adorable he is. Lucas looked exactly how I imagined. Thick, dark black hair and my blue eyes with specks of green. He looked exactly like Cal and I.


mething else?" She asked and I shook my head.

"Nah, it's okay. Watch whatever you want to, love" I say and she smiled. Cali is so strong and beautiful, after I saw the pain she went through giving birth to Lucas I never complained about being in pain again. In fact, I gave Cali anything she wanted. Even though I want another child, I didn't want her to go through that pain again. It hurt to see how useless I was when she was in so much pain. Luckily, my girl is quite forgiving and is more than willing to have another baby, though she said maybe when Layla is a bit older.

"This life is the one I've always dreamed of" I whisper, leaning down to kiss her cheek, "spending my life with you is the best thing ever" I add and she smiled.

"I love you Shawn" she says and I smile, leaning down to kiss her. I kiss her slowly, pouring my emotions into the kiss.

"And I love you too, Cali" I whisper, wrapping her up into a tight hug.

Im the luckiest man in the world.


The end! I'm actually so upset this book has ended so quickly. Thank you all so so much for your support. I love you all so much xoxox

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