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   Chapter 34 NO.34

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AN: there is only one more chapter of 'I Love The Bad Boy' Thank you all so much for your support! Xoxox


I smile as I get a call from Shawn. He makes me so happy.

"Hey Shawn" I smile as I pick up the phone.

"Hey, soon-to-be wife" he says and I smile.

Shawn and I were getting married in an hours time. I had my hair and makeup done and now I was just putting on my dress and any last finishing touches.

"Are you okay?" He breaths, he sounded mostly excited but the littlest bit anxious.

"Yeah, I'm so excited. I can't wait to marry you" I say honestly. He chuckled and I could imagine him grinning.

"Me either, Cal. My dream is finally coming true" he says and it made my heart flip.

"Are you nervous?" I ask, I look at the dress I had chosen out. Shawn hadn't even seen a glimpse of the dress yet and he always told me how excited he was to see me in the dress walking down the isle. You could see the smallest bump since I was only 3 months pregnant yet if you didn't know I was pregnant, you wouldn't notice it. I've been craving burgers and Ice lollies and that's all. Nothing else.

"Yes, I feel like I'm dreaming, I can't believe I'm finally marrying you- the girl of my dreams" He says softly. I smile widely and I see Leah roll her eyes yet she smiled.

"You're not dreaming babe. I'm going to go now, I have to have my finishing touches but I'll see you in a bit. You better be there waiting for me" I say jokingly yet I meant my words.

"Oh I definitely would. You're gonna look gorgeous, like you always do" He says.

"And you're gonna look handsome, like you always do" Was my reply. Leah looked at me with a smirk and I feel my cheeks heat up.

"I'll see you in a bit Cal, I love you" He breaths out.

"I love you too" I say, my voice quietening a bit. I smile as I cut the call.

Now I really couldn't wait to marry him.

(((((Cali's dress)))))

I hear the song

a nod. "We can find out the sex next month" I say with a smile. He grins, his eyes lightning up.

"I think it's a boy, our baby boy" he says with a soft smile. I can't wait to find it out.

"Now come on, wife. Let's go to the reception" he says. Shawn and I had booked a reception for the party afterwards and were only planning to spend a few hours there before we go to our honeymoon.

Everyone told me how gorgeous my dress was, and how Shawn looked at me as if I wasn't real.

"That's because, I thought people like you only existed in my imagination" he whispered to me, a wide smile on his lips. I giggled at him when he took me away from socialising.

"You know, people can't take you away from me anymore. You're my wife now" he says with a cute little smirk.

"I'm socialising Shawn" I let out with a laugh. He rolls his eyes.

"You should be spending time with me, your husband" he says jokingly.

"We still have the rest of our lives for that Shawn" I say and he smiled brightly, leaning down and kissing my lips.

"I love you, Cali and our baby. More than anything in this world" he says, grinning at me.

"I love you and our baby too Shawn. More than anything" I smile and he smiled a boyish grin before leaning down and kissing me forever or so I wish.

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