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   Chapter 28 NO.28

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Cali fell asleep beside me in bed. Her face was buried in my neck and her arm thrown over my chest. I looked down at the girl I love and thought for a while.

Is this too soon to propose?

I mean, sure we are very young but if we are in love then I don't really see the problem.

It's not long until I fall asleep next to Cali, placing a small kiss on her forehead before I fall asleep in her warm embrace.

It must have been hours later when I feel someone struggle in my arms. I frown, pulling her closer to me and placing small kisses on her shoulder.

"Where are you going baby?" I murmur, I open my eyes and though I want nothing but to go back to sleep, I stay awake- for her.

"I'm just going to get a drink, go back to sleep" she whispers, sweetly. Though, I noticed something seemed off.

I caress her cheek with my hand before I feel wetness on her cheek.

"Have you been crying?" I ask with a frown, I sit up and turn on the light, it hurt my eyes slightly but I had something more important to deal with.

"I'm fine" my beautiful girlfriend says but then I noticed the dried up tear marks and her red puffy eyes.

I take her into my arms, wrapping her into my chest and kissing her forehead.

I felt wetness against my shirt and frowned when she began to cry again.

"Cali, baby. What's the matter?" I ask, I sit her on my lap and wipe her tears before running my hands through her hair.

"I nightmare" she says meekly, her eyes watering as though she is remembering it, "to do with that happened with Samue.." I cut her off by hug

king to watch movies but we were tired" she says, bringing a bag full of cookies into the living room. "I was really craving cookies at the time" she laughed quietly as she pulled out, at least, 4 boxes.

"I can tell baby" I chuckle. She sits on the sofa and I sit next to her, reaching behind the sofa and grabbing a fluffy blanket.

I wrapped it around us as Cali switched on the tv and put on a film.

"This is nice" she sighs happily, her eyes drooping shut when she yawns.

"It is" I agree with a smile, leaning down to kiss her head.

"Mmh, I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you" she murmurs making my heart burst with love.

"I can't wait either, sweetheart" I say softly, feeling my heart skip a beat at her cuteness.

I really didn't deserve her.

I smile to myself when she falls asleep, murmuring and fidgeting in my arms.

She was too cute for her own good.

I turned off the tv and smiled when Cali wrapped her arm around me. I fell asleep in her arms thinking how I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with her.

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