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   Chapter 22 NO.22

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It was like something was lodged into my throat and I was embarrassed.

I was just talking to Shawn, telling him what's on my mind, telling him I can't do it when his mother just died.

"I'm so sorry" I whisper, she may have not been the mum I met when we were 13 but Shawn loved her nonetheless.

"Its just, I need you to be okay Cal. You are the girl of my dreams, you are my whole world and you need to be okay" he whispers, "I've lost my mum and I can't lose you. You the most important thing I have" Shawn says, a tear falling.

I open my arms, sitting up in the hospital bed before Shawn walks into my arms, laying his head on my chest before I moved over for him to lay down. I heard his quiet sobs and felt my heart break.

"I'm here, I promise" I whisper, running my hands through his hair to comfort him.

"I can't believe she is gone" he whimpers, his tears soaking my shirt and he gripped Me tightly.

"I know" I say softly, kissing his head. He looks up at me and I wipe his tears.

"I need you Cal" he says quietly. "You are all I have left" he adds, his voice getting lower and lower.

"That's not true" I say softly, "you have got all your boys and you know you have got Danny and Connor and Leah. You have all of us" I say and he nods his head.

"I love you Cal. Please don't ever leave me" he murmurs, his eyes dropping slightly.

"I love you too Shawn, I won't leave" I say, my own eyes begin to feel heavy.

"Pinky promise?" He murmurs and I smile, linking my pinky with his.

"Pinky promise" I finalise before we both fall asleep.


We wake up the next morning, Shawn was up before me and smiled weakly.

"Morning baby" he whispers, his eyes red and I kiss his cheek.

"Morning. How are you feeling?" I ask, in

e slam of the door downstairs before I sign, picking up Charlotte.

"Hello baby girl" I coo down at her, trying to take my mind off of Shawn. He is just upset. He is grieving over his mother's death.

She babbled up at me, with a little cute giggle.

I lay her next to me in bed, she falls asleep on my chest and I fall asleep not long after.



I was angry at the world.

Why did my mum have to die?

Why did Cali to through what she did?

I got in my car, driving off. Somewhere. Anywhere.

I needed to get away.

I love Cali, I really do. But I was angry and taking it out on her and that wasn't fair.

I stop in a random car park and I sigh, trying to calm myself down.

I probably just lost Cali...

I get my phone and call her, she charged her phone so it should ring.

When there was no answer, I gave up hope.

My baby. I lost my girl. I've lost her. She's gone. All because of me.

Cali was sweet and beautiful, any guy would want her. She would find someone better than me. She deserved better than me.

I text Cali telling her I'm sorry and to call me back.

I calm myself down, my heart felt heavy.

I've lost her.

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