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   Chapter 19 NO.19

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I still felt horrible at how I snapped at Cali for not going to the police. I still felt horrible because she was still hurting and I couldn't make it better.

I walked down the coridoors, Joe and Cameron with me. Caspar was with some girl and Joe and Cam was talking- not to me. They know I'm not in the mood to talk right now.

Cali wasn't in today and I missed her so much. She was sick when she woke up, she looked quite ill too and I was tempted to stay off school and look after her but she asked- well, demanded- me to go to school.

"You okay man?" Joe asked and I nodded, walking into our next class.

A thought came to mind and I felt sick. My heart was close to breaking- if that was the reason she was sick.

No! I thought, it's just a sickness bug.

But the thought stayed in my mind, I couldn't concentrate, at all.

"Shawn" the teacher says, making me look up.

"What?" I ask and he raises a brow.

"The answer?" He asked pointing to the equation on the board.

I shrugged, leaning my head back down on the table.

"Detention" he snapped, slamming a slip down onto my desk.

Caspar snickered, laughing at the teacher.

He is the only one who understands what I'm going through right now.

"One for you too, Caspar" he says and Caspar smirked.

"Ooh, detention. I'm so scared. Aren't you?" He asked me and I smirked too.

"Absolutely terrified" I say and watched as people began to look at us in amusement.

"Me too. Like absolutely, horrifically terrifying, especially if he is there" he whispers the last part so the teacher can't hear him.

The teacher heard him anyway. And glared at us.

"Detention for tomorrow too" he says and hands us both a slip."I want you both to stand outside and think of your behaviour was acceptable" he scolds and I chuckle.

"What are we, 5? We don't need to think of

only fair I laid in bed with her. Even though I would have anyway.

"Hey Shawn. Have you asked your girlfriend about visiting?" She asked in her usual chirpy voice.

"No actually, I'll ask her and let you know" I smile. At least someone in my family would check up and care for me.

"Okay, well hurry. I'm not getting any younger waiting for you" she says making me laugh.

"Okay, I will" I say before she ends the call.

"Cal" I say, smiling as she turned over and wrapped her arm over my torso.

"Yes" she mumbles quietly, her eyes closed and she looked peaceful.

"Want to visit my aunt with me?" I ask. I was a little nervous but more excited.

She would be the first girl who has met my family.

"Of course I would" she opens one eyes, squinting it at me.

God, I love her.

"Great! When?" I ask, ecstatic for her to meet the woman who had pretty much raised me.

"Whenever you like" she murmurs.

Her black hair was spread all over the pillow, she was make-up free but still looked like the most gorgeous, prettiest girl I had ever laid eyes on.

"Saturday?" I ask and felt her hum.

"Yes" she breaths and I smile again, missing her head.

"Sleep sweetheart" I say before she drifts off into a peaceful sleep.

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