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   Chapter 14 NO.14

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We pull up outside my lake house and I just keep imagining forever with Cali.


I open my door and her door too before we walk into my lake house.

"I love it here" She says quietly, looking out at the waterfall and lake.

"Me too, that's why I bought you here" I smile down at her.

She is so beautiful, so gorgeous. And all mine.

She smiled up at me, making my heart flutter.

"Ready for the next part?" I ask, a smile smile on my lips as she intertwines out fingers.

"Yes" she smiled and I gently tug her into the lake house. When showing Cali around, I purposely missed out the door that led to the basement.

My dad and I built this before he died.

"Close your eyes for me gorgeous" I say, picking her up.

I love having her in my arms.

She closes her eyes, leaning her head on my chest. I hope she didn't notice my heart beat speeding up.

I walk her down to the basement, switching in a light.

"Open your eyes" I say, hoping she would like what I done for her.

Her lovely green eyes open and she gasps, looking around the room before looking back up at me.

"Oh my god, Shawn" she says, wrapping her arms around my neck.

"It's beautiful" she says before she put her lips on mine.

I kiss her back, smiling against her lips. God, i love her.

She pulls back and smiled at me before getting out of my arms and walking around the room.

When Cali and I were younger, we used to always build forts but this one was a bit different.

It has fairy lights in the inside with a small tv and junk food. I set up a bed on the floor with lots of bl

i sat up.

"You should've went back to sleep" I say and she shrugged.

"I was waiting for you" she whispers and I grin.

I take off my shoes and she takes off hers before she lays down. I lay down next to her, putting my head on her chest and tangling our legs.

"Thank you for tonight Shawn" she says quietly, her eyes shutting.

"Anything for you gorgeous" I say, looking up and kissing her cheek.

"I'm serious, even though I have had a bad few days you have been there and made my days brighter. Thank you for taking my mind off of every thing" she whispers.

"You took my mind off of a few things too" I say honestly and she ran her hands through my hair.

"I love you Shawn, I really do love you" she says, "I always have loved you" she mumbled, getting quieter.

"I love you too Cali. I've loved you for years" I say, my own eyes closing.

I quickly lean up, wanting to kiss her before I fall asleep.

I miss her lips softly and she kissed me back.

"Love you" she mumbled, her eyes shutting.

"Love you too" I say before we both fell asleep.

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