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   Chapter 9 NO.9

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"Sleep baby" I say softly before Cali falls asleep.

She had a rough night.

"I love you" I whisper when she fell asleep.

I was still new to the whole relationship but nonetheless I loved it. I love her and I would do anything for her.

I was led next to her, just hearing her steady breathing.

I was going to ask her on a date today, I was going to ask her properly to be my girlfriend but with everything that has happened I don't think she would like to.

After all, she had Charlotte to worry about now.

I laid down next to her, not bothering to try to sleep.

My phone began to buzz and I sighed, irrated that i was getting a call right now.

"Hello?" I ask quietly.

"Where are you?" My mum asked. "You didn't come home last night and I haven't saw you for 2 days now" she says.

It was true. I have my own small lake house where I escape all my problems.

Maybe I should take Cali there for our first date.

I was extremely happy with Cali, even laying here beside her was enough to have me smiling for weeks.

"I think you know the reason why" I say, my voice cold although I feel my heart break again.

My mum chose her boyfriend who abused me over her son.

"He has gone out" she sniffs and I roll my eyes.

That's the excuse she used last time and I went home and got the beating of my life.

"We can't keep doing this mum" I say, "you are hurting me now, he is hurting me physically. Do you understand that I'm done with being pushed around?" I ask, trying not to wake Cali.

She rolled over and through her arm over me, mumbling something about me and cake.

That's adorable.

It immediately brang a smile to my face.

"You should come home" she cried.

"I will when he's gone" my voice is firm and she knows I'm not joking around.

I hang up, leaving her to make the decision.

"Mmh you okay Shawn?" She murmured, her lips moving against my neck.

"I will be" I say. She opens her eyes and kissed me.

"Want to talk about it?" She asked, putting my head onto her chest and running her hands through my hair.

"No, I just want you" I say, closing my eyes.

She made me feel cared for and loved.

I never really felt like that before.

"You have got me" she whispered, kissing my cheek before laying back down.

"I'm glad" I murmur, feeling like my heart was going to burst with love I have for her.

"Get some sleep Shawn, I'm here" she whispers and I look up to see her eyes before to close.

"Thank you" I say, "for being here" I add, my eyes feeling heavy.

"Anything for you" she whispered. I felt my heart film with warmth at her sweet words.

I felt her breathing steady and I fell asleep in her arms.

* * *

I woke up, still on Cali's chest but she was awake.

"Sleep well?" She asked, smiling down at me.

"Yeah, amazing. You?" I ask, sitting up and leaning my head

Cali sits back down.

"What are you two talking about?" She asked, raising one eyebrow.

"And yes, I expect you to tell me" she looks at me.

"I was just asking if I could take you out for the night" I say, shrugging because I was really going to ask him.

"And?" She asked.

"Of course you can, don't forget to wrap it up though" Danny winks at Cali making her blush.

Once we were done eating, we make our way to the car.

"Got everything?" I ask, taking her overnight bag and putting it in the back of the car.

"Yes, can you please tell me where we are going?" She asked and I shook my head.

"Patience, baby." I say and she pouted.

After I opened her door for her, I jogged to my side before I got in.

I remember my nana telling me how to treat Cali.

" I know you like that girl, Shawn. Act like a gentleman and great her right. Open doors for her, be polite and never say she is wrong, even if she is" she says making me laugh.

"She would never like Me, nana" I say, "she likes bad boys" I sigh.

"Never change yourself. You are amazing, Shawn. She will come around" she smiled.

I grabbed her hand and kissed it, looking into her lovely eyes.

She blushed, looking away.

"Look at me Cali" I say, waiting at her to look at me.

"Why?" She asked.

"I want to see your eyes" I say and she smiled, looking into my eyes.

"Smile bigger" I whine and she giggled but her smile widened.

"Gorgeous" I smile, kissing her lips.

I was about to pull away when she wrapped her arms around me, stopping me from pulling away.

"We need to get going" I mumble against her lips, "we won't have much time" I add and she closed her eyes.

"Okay, I just, I want to kiss you" she complains and I grin.

"We've got plenty of time for that later" I smile, pecking her lips.

She smiled rubbing her thumb over my knuckles.

"Lets go then" she grins and I smile.

"Yeah, let's"

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