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   Chapter 7 NO.7

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After we ate, Shawn dropped me back at mine and decided to pick me up later, before the party.

"See you later" He sends me a boyish grin that makes my heart flutter before jogging back to the car and driving off.

I rush upstairs to my room, before quickly jumping into the shower, not bothering to wash my hair.

Once I'm out of the shower, I walk out of my room in just a towel and look in my wardrobe.

I decided to pick out a leather black dress, it crossed around the back of my neck and came mid thigh.

I decided to put on some black heels before sitting down and curling my hair.

I then put on some makeup. I put on some foundation and powder before doing a purple Smokey eye with a plum lip colour.

I picked up my phone to see I had a message from Shawn.

Shawn: I'm leaving now, be there soon. X

I grab my phone and put it in my bag before walking down stairs.

"Holy crap, Cal" Connor says, looking at me. "Where you going looking like that?"

"A party" I smile at him.

"You look beautiful" he says, warping his arm around my shoulder.

"Thanks Con" I smile.

"CONNOR! WHERE ARE YOU WITH--" Danny stops in his tracks when he sees me.

"Cal" he breathed. "You look stunning" Danny says, kissing the side of my head.

"Thanks guys, really" I smile before I hear a beep outside.

"Well, that's my ride. I'll see you later" I smile before hugging them both and walking out the door.

I smile as Shawn opens the door for me.

"Thanks" I grin but he just looks at me, with his jaw on the floor.

"Shawn!" I shout, trying to get his attention.

"I'm sorry, you just look so... stunning" He breathes out, his eyes raking my body.

"Thank you, ready to leave?" I ask, feeling my cheeks heat up.

"Yeah" He breathes out before shaking his head and smiling at me.

"Let's go" He grins, before driving off.


"Hey Cali" Leah smiled, quickly looking at my outfit, "You look sexy, for anyone special?" She asked with a wink, in Shawn's direction.

"I could ask you the same question" I smirk, looking at the purple, leather dress with knee high boots.

"Hey ladies" Shawn smiled, throwing his arm over my shoulder.

"Hey Shawn, where's Cam?" Leah asked with a smile.

"Over there with Michelle" He says and I see Leah look upset for a split second before she smiled.

"Okay, thanks" She chirps before walking off in that direction.

"So, wanna do shots?" He asked, a small smile on his lips.

"Sure" I grin and he takes my hand to show me the way.

It's been 1 hour and I'm pissed.

I don't know how but I lost Shawn and now I'm dancing with... wait, Who am I dancing with?

I look up to see someone with brown eyes and blond hair.

He is speaking to me, I think but I don't know what he is saying.

"Who are you?" I slur, moving closer to see who it was.

"It's Micheal, Cali" the guy, Micheal says.

"Oooooh, Micheal. How you doing?" I ask, giving him a goofy smile.

"Wait, you don't know who you had been dancing with all this time?" He asked and I nodded before shaking my head.

"I lost Shawn and remember dancing with someone. They had blond hair and blue- no brown eyes. They are tall and I think his name is Micheal. Have you seen him?" I blabber, not really knowing what's going on.

"Cali, this is Micheal" The guys says and I grin at him.

"Oo, hey Micheal"

"I'll take her now" I hear someone say. Their voice sounds a lot like Shawn.

"Wait, what?" Micheal asked, "I was just dancing with her" he adds and the guy shrugged.

"You sound like Shawn, and you look like him" I slur, stumbling towards him. "Are you his twin brother who is here to kidnap me?" I ask before I gasp. "MURDER-" I'm cut off when Shawn covers my mouth.

"Cal, I am Shawn. I'm not going to kidnap you" Shawn says and I giggle.

"Oh, hey Shawn-bear. Where did you go?" I sigh dreamily.

"To the bathroom" He smiled. "And Shawn-bear?" He asked with a small smile.

"Yeah, you're really good at cuddling, and kissing and being my boyfriend" I slur and he raised a brow.

"We never dated, Cal" He says and I pout.

"But we kissed and we were each others first" I pout and he sighed.

"But we weren't official, I'll do it properly this time, I promise" Shawn smiled and I felt butterflies in my tummy.

"You give me butterflies, you know that?" I grin up at him, "and you make me feel special. It's like I actually g

y" he smiled and I returned it.

I go into my bathroom and get out of my dress before putting on some checkered pjs that were a little too big for me.

"Cali? Cali? Gorgeous, where are you?" Shawn began to shout and I smile.

"I'm in the bathroom" I shout, smile evident in my voice.

"Hurry please, I miss you" he says making my heart warm.

"I will be quick, I promise" I reply before quickly taking off my makeup.

I brush my teeth before opening the door and turning off the light. I put my lamp on and climbed into bed, next to Shawn.

"Cali?" He mumbled, his lips turning up to a smile.

"Yes, I'm here" I say and watched as his eyes lit up.

"I knew you would come back for me" he grinned before hugging me.

"Come back from where?" I ask but smile nonetheless.

"The bathroom. You locked the door and I thought you wanted to get away from me" he says, his lips curling into an adorable pout and I rest my head on his chest.

"I never want to get away from you" I smile, "ever"

Shawn looks at me, his eyes a lighter shade as he kissed me quickly.

"Good" was his reply before we decide to watch a film.

"What do you want to watch?" I ask him and he smiled.

"Can you put on friends? It would be like old times" he says and I feel my love grow for him, if possible.

"Yeah" I smile and he returned it.

I get out of bed to put on friends when I hear Shawn say something.

"What?" I ask, turning around to look at him. His eyes were a little darker and he stared at me.

"I said you are gorgeous" he breathed out. "All of you is gorgeous and all of you is mine" he smiled happily to himself.

I got back in bed and Shawn cuddled into me. He had his head resting in my chest and he hugged me as he whispered my name.


"Yes?" I ask, looking down to see him already looking at me.

"Run your hands through my hair please" he says and smiled.

That wasn't what he was about to say, but I'll let it slide.

Just this once.

I begin to run my hands through his hair and I heard him sigh in content.

"See, I would rather be here in your arms than anywhere right now" he says, smiling to himself before he drifts off into a sleep.

"Good night, Shawn" I whisper, kissing his lips softly before getting out of bed.

Shawn grabs onto my wrist and pulls me back in bed, throwing his leg over me.

"Cali, don't leave me. I need you" he begs and I turn around before kissing him softly.

"I'm just turning off the tv before getting a glass of water" I say and he smiled.

"Okay, gorgeous, be back soon" he smiled before I hear his cute little snores. I turn off the tv before walking downstairs.

I make myself a glass of water before the door bell rings.

It was 3 AM.

Who would be here at that time.

I look out the window seeing no one there but a car drive off.

I grab a bat, before opening the door.

My heart stopped when I heard the cried of a little baby girl.

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