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   Chapter 4 NO.4

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2 hours later, I'm stood looking at myself in the mirror. I wore a red coloured dress that hugged all my curves. I had my black hair curled and I had on a natural smokey eye with a bright red lipstick. I wore big, red heels and once I had sprayed I walked downstairs.

"Where you going, Cal?" Danny asked me.

"Just to a party" I smile and he nodded.

"Let me know if you are staying out. Or if you need anything" he says and I smile.

"Will do, see ya" I smile and he kissed my cheek.

A beep was heard from outside so I walked out and into the car.

I saw Caspar, Joe and Shawn all had their jaws touching the ground.

Joe was the first to recover.

"Hey, you look pretty" He says and I smile.

"Thanks" I grin and Caspar then recovered.

"Damn girl, you didn't need to go through all this effort for me" He whistled and I laughed.

"Oh trust me, it wasn't all for you" I wink and he chuckled.

"I know who it was all for though" He says and I smile.

"I'm glad you know I got dressed up for myself" I say and he rolled his eyes.


Shawn was still staring at me, his jaw dropped.

It kind of made my heart flutter because he was staring at me like I was the most beautiful girl ever.

"Shall I slap him?" Caspar said making me burst out laughing.

"Shawn!" I shout and he blinked.

"Sorry" He says but he didn't sound sorry at all.

We arrived at the party 10 minutes later. Caspar and Joe kept making me laugh whilst Shawn kept making me blush as I would always catch him staring at me instead of looking at the road.

We walk in and I smile at a bunch of people.

"You came!" Rachael smiled, hugging me.

"Of course I did" I say and she smiled.

Rachael was another one of my best friends. She had brown curly hair and dark brown eyes. She was gorgeous, all in all.

"Do shots with me, please!" She begged, giving me a puppy dog face that I just couldn't say no to.

"Okay, only a few" I shout over the music.

She begins to drag me away but I quickly grab Shawn's hand to drag him with me.

Sparks shot up my arm and he smiled widely at me, his gorgeous blue eyes lighting up.

"Wanna take some shots?" I shout over the music.

"I can't. I have to drive them home" He says and I pout.

"Please, you can stay in a guest room, they can crash here too. Please" I pout, knowing he never was able to resist it.

"Fine" He muttered and I smiled.

"Yay!" I smile.

"You look cute together" Rach says and I smile.

"We aren't if that's what you are implying" I say and she shrugged.

"You aren't, yet" She says with a wink.

She gets us lots of shots and hands us a few each, maybe 6 for each of us.

"3, 2, 1" She says and we all take it.

I cringe at the familiar burn as it went down.

"Another" She says and we take another until we have each taken 8 shots.

A guy comes and takes Rachael away from us and I turn to look at Shawn.

Everything was buzzing and I loved it.

"Wanna take more?" I hiccup and he gave me a lazy smile.

"Anything for you" He stumbled on his words but nonetheless it made butterflies erupt in my stomach.

"You're cute" I slur, getting us some more shots.

"Come on love. 3, 2, 1" He says and we both take the shot.

"Hey, we're playing never have I ever, wanna join?" Leah asked and eyed Shawn's hand that was now on my waist.

"Do you want to?" I asked Shawn.

"Do you?" He asked and I nodded.

"Come on then love" He says and stumbles with me to join everyone else.

I sit next to him and he wrapped his arms around me.

I didn't bother to worry because I was ha

ppy and I felt loved.

"Never have I ever made a big mistake" Someone says and I don't drink. Shawn does though.

"What was your mistake?" i ask when people were taking the shot.

"Letting us drift apart" He slurs and I feel my heart flutter.

"Never have I ever lost my first kiss" someone else says and both Shawn and I take our shot.

"Who were your first kisses?" Cameron asked, eyeing us cuddled up to each other.

"Each other" I smile, ignoring everyone else who gasp.

"I wish we would be how we used to" Shawn murmurs quietly in my ear.

"What? Random make out sessions and then pretending it didn't happen" I ask and he nodded.

"Then at least I would be able to kiss you" He says and I giggle.

"True" I say and kissed his cheek.

"I love when you do that" He says and I giggle.

"How about truth or dare?" Someone else asked and I pulled away from Shawn.

"YES!" I shout with a giggle.

We all decide to play truth or dare.

"Okay, Leah. Truth or dare?" Someone asked.

"Dare" She says with a bright smile.

"I dare you to kiss, um... Ooh. I know. I dare you to kiss Cali" Someone says and I shrug.

"It isn't as if this is the first time we got dared to kiss" She giggled. She was drunk too.

She walks over to me and pressed her lips against mine. Our lips moving in sync before she pulled away.

"You're still a good kisser when you are drunk" Leah smiled and I beamed.

"Thanks" I say.

My lipstick was smudged along with Leah's.

"UM. Cali. I dare you to kiss Shawn" Leah says with a giggle.

"You didn't ask truth or dare" I pouted and she giggled.

"Okay, truth or dare?" She asked and I smiled.

"Dare!" I beamed and she winked at me.

"Kiss Shawn" She says and I smile, shyly.

I turn around to see Shawn staring at me, excitedly.

I pressed my lips against his and nearly moaned.

There was butterflies, sparks, fireworks, everything.

I felt like a 13 year old, squealing on the inside.

Shawn picked me up and pressed me closer to him, deepening the kiss and his tongue ran over my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I open my mouth and our tongues touch and I pulled him closer to me, my hands running through his hair. He growled and held my hips tighter against him.

Soon enough we pulled away and just smiled at each other.

I smiled at Shawn, whose lips were swollen. His hair in different directions and he had lipstick around his mouth.

"Just as good as when we were fourteen" He says making me erupt in giggles.

"I'm pretty sure you said kiss, not make out" Cam says to Leah.

"Shush and let them at least pretend they are madly in love" she giggled.

* * * * *

Shawn stayed by my side all night. We were both completely and utterly drunk but we were happy.

It was about 3 AM and Shawn and I stumble into a guest room.

He locked the door behind him and pressed me up against it, kissing me slowly and pouring all of his emotions into the kiss.

I tug at his shirt, and he gets the message, breaking the kiss to take it off.

I look at him. Covered in tattoos and that made him a whole lot more attractive.

We pulled away and Shawn pressed kisses down my neck.

He took my off of me dress and then put his shirt on me, it reached about mid thigh.

"I may be drunnk but I won't have sex with youuu when you aree intoxicated" he draws on some words.

"You're a great guy Shawn" I say breathlessly as he gets in bed beside me.

"Only for you" he murmurs, kissing me again.

I turn off the light and cuddle up to Shawn, for the first time falling asleep smiling.

I was with him, after all.

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