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   Chapter 2 NO.2

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I walked back into the cafeteria, the biggest smile ever.

Who could blame me? Shawn was my first kiss, my first love.

I saw Shawn's other 3 friends look at me. My smile didn't drop though.

One of them, I think his name was Cameron asked me to go over to his table.

"Hi" I smile, probably beaming.

"Hey beautiful" The boy opposite days with a flirty smile making me roll my eyes.

"Where is Shawn?" Cameron asked and I smiled.

"We were talking and Quinn came over. Started saying about seeing me on the corner and then Shawn distracted her and told me to go" I say.

What Quinn said never hurt Me, she was a bitch anyway.

"That was nice of him" another boy says and I nod.

"Yeah" I sigh Dreamily, a smile on my face. I cleared my throat when they were all staring at me; amused.

"What?" I ask, my cheeks heated up when they saw me like that.

"You like Sh-" Cameron goes to say.

"Don't finish that sentence!" I say loudly and he stared at me.

"Why?" He asked and I whispered.

"Because he is coming over!" I say and then the two boys smirk at each other.

"Joe! Caspar! Don't even think about it" Cameron says.

"But why Cameron, you know that--" but that's all I hear because Cameron covers my ears.

I try to lip read but I couldn't because they were speaking to fast.

"Can you get off?" I ask Cameron who did nothing but shake his head.

I pout, and cross my arms over my chest.

Then, Cameron's hands are off and I can hear again.

"We thought we should introduce ourselves because we know you like him" either Joe or Caspar says.

"What's that going to do?" I ask and Cameron nods.

"That's exactly what I said" he says with a small smile.

"Just go with it. Anyway, I'm Caspar but you can call me Casp" Caspar says with a smile.

Caspar had brown hair and Bright blue eyes.

"I'm Joe. You can call me Joe" Joe says making me burst out laughing.

Joe had black hair and dark grey eyes.

"And I'm Cameron. You can call me Cam" Cam said and he had blond hair with dark blue eyes.

"I'm Cali and you can call me Cal" I smile and they return it.

"Everyone is stealing my introductory line"Caspar pouted and I laughed.

"What?" Joe asked, turning to face Casp.

"I say hello my name is Caspar and you can call me Casp, and then you all copied" he pouts and Cameron rolled his eyes.

"Get over it" he says and I laugh again.

"Hey guys" Shawn says, sitting down beside me.

I already felt my palms start to sweat and my heart beat speed up. His leg was touching mine and I swear I nearly passed out.

"What happened back there?" Cam asked and Shawn shrugged.

Shawn Myers was was undeniably attractive. He had short, black hair along with the brightest and most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. I could just see the end of his tattoo on his neck.

"I'm setting Quinn up with James to get her off of my back" he shrugged and the boys laughed.

"Well, when we were gone we met Cali here" Joe says, smiling at me.

"We found out that--" Caspar starts but is cut off when I kick him under the table.

"Ouch!" He says dramatically, glaring at me.

"What did she do?" Shawn asked, glaring at his friend.

I stuck my tongue out at Caspar.

"She kicked me!" Caspar pouts and I roll my eyes.

"No I never" I say innocently.

"I don't blame her, you're annoying" Shawn says, sending me a small wink that made my heart flutter.

"Lover birds" I hear Joe fake cough making me pull away from Shawn.

What was I thinking?

Do I want to be killed by Quinn? Not particularly. Plus, maybe this crush would go away.

Yeah, because a 2 year crush would suddenly

go away! My mind mocked me making me pout.

"Why are you pouting for?" Cameron asked, whilst all the boy looked at me amused.

"No reason" I say, forgetting that I'm sat with 4 boys, one of which who I have liked for the past 2 years.

"CALI!" I hear Leah shout before she practically leaps on me.

Leah has been my best friend since 15. After Shawn and I drifted away, I started cheer leading and she was the one who helped me practise.

She also knew about my crush on Shawn, just like I knew about her crush on Cameron. That's how I knew him.

"You left me" She pouts and I giggle. "You broke my heart" She adds, her eyes faking a saddened look as I fake frown.

"Want me to kiss it better, or do you want-" I'm cut off when her hand is covering my mouth. It wasn't like I was going to say his name anyway.

"You'll do" She blurts with wide eyes making me giggle again.

"Why don't you sit with us, beautiful?" Caspar says and I see Cameron give him a look.

"Do you say that to all the girls?" Leah asked as she sat between me and Cameron.

"No, I did say 'hello beautiful' to Cali though" He says proudly, giving me a goofy grin.

"Did he?" Shawn whispered and I froze. He was a lot closer than I had expected. I felt his breath on my skin and there was a trail of goosebumps that appeared.

"Yes" I whisper back, breathless. I looked into his blue, captivating eyes before I looked away.

I can't keep doing this.

" I just wanted to tell you Danny has gotten back from Spain. He has been calling me to tell you he wants you to call him, now" She says and I feel my stomach bubble with excitement.

I get out my phone and dial his number.

"DANNY!" I shout when he answers.

"Hey sis, I'm coming home soon!" He says and my smile widens.

"I've missed you sooooo much" I say and he chuckled. And it was the truth, I did really really miss my brother.

"I've missed you so much more" he says, I could hear the smile is his voice.

"C'mon babe" I hear a faint voice in the background.

"IS THAT ALEC?!" I shout again and my brother says it is.

Alec is my brother's boyfriend. They are so cute together.

"EKKK" I squeal "Alec, how are you?" I ask once I've calmed down.

"I'm good. Trying to get your stupid brother to help me" he says and I smile.

"That's my fault, I'll leave you now" I say with a wide grin.

"Okay, I love you sis" Danny says.

"I love you too Danny, see you when I get home" I say before the line goes dead.

My phone buzzed and I looked down to see a text from Leah.

Leah: Maybe you should clear up that Danny is your brother and Alec is his boyfriend. A certain someone is getting jealous. ;))

"Who was that?" Caspar asked, looking over at Shawn's face.

Surely Shawn remembers Danny.

"My brother Danny and his boyfriend, Alec" I say making Shawn's head snap in my direction.

Danny left home when I was 14, with the odd visit at Christmas and birthdays.

"Danny?" He questions and I nod.

"Yeah, he is back" I smile and he returned it.

"Will he be there tonight then?" Shawn asked and I nodded.

"What are you doing tonight?" Joe asked, a sly smirk appearing.

"Yeah Cali. Tell your best friend" Leah says making me laugh.

"A project" Shawn says. "For English" He adds and they nod.

"Anyway, it wouldn't be anyone but our business what is happening tonight" Shawn winks at me and my stomach flutters.

"Not even my best friend" I mocked Leah and she stuck her middle finger up at me.

"I'm kidding. We are doing an English project" I say and then they all groan.

"But you suit!" Caspar mutters to Joe who nods.

I just pretended like I didn't hear it.

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