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Why was she always on my mind?

It was enough to make me insane, enough to make me beg for her. I needed her, I knew I needed her. She was stability, I needed that and love, protection and no drama. I know she provided just that. I needed to have her. I needed her to be mine and only mine, forever and ever.

I sighed as I walked into the school gates.

I knew I loved her. I was madly and deeply I love with her but who could blame me? She was gorgeous. A small smile could make my heart flutter or the way her eyes lit up could send me into over drive.

She never noticed me though. Never.

Every time I would try to look into those gorgeous green eyes of hers, she would look away shyly. I didn't know why though. Why was she so shy?

We used to be friends; best friends. I hate how we aren't now.

If I could turn back time I would in a heart beat. Anything to have her close to me, to look at me or to possibly touch and hug me.

Anyone would call me "whipped" if they heard me now. Or if they heard me anytime. She was always on my mind. The last person I think of before I fall asleep and the first person I think of when I wake up.

I'd do anything for her.

I walk down the empty halls and into my class. English. The subject is awful but i could make it through that lesson because she was sat next to me.

To have her that close, her intoxicating scent, her big, green eyes look over at me- as If checking I was still there. It was actually quite cute. To have her look at me for a split second before looking away, as if getting caught in the act.

I like her eyes on me though... Actually I love it. It shows she was thinking about me, caring about me, looking at me. I would have her look at me all day of I could.

If I could, I would have her be mine.

But I can't. I can't because she acts like she cares and then acts like she doesn't. She looks at me, smiles at me but avoids my eye contact most of the Time.

"Mr Myers. Please explain why you are late?" The stupid teacher asked. I felt her eyes on me, I could feel the intensity and I took my chance chance to look into her green eyes which has swirls of yellow in them. Absolutely gorgeous if you ask me.

"I overslept" I shrug, leaning against the door. I watched as her cheeks turned crimson, making me want to smile at how adorable she is.

"Just take your seat" he mutters, probably annoyed because I use the same excuse every time.

I sit down next to her. I looked to see her biting her lip (which made her look sexy as hell) and thinking about something really hard.

I wanted to hear her. I wanted to hear her say my name. I wanted to hear her beautiful, angelic, soft voice call me, say hi to me.

I knew it wouldn't happen though, she doesn't love me like I love her. So I just watched her.

I watched as her eyes crinkled as she laughed at some lame joke the teacher had said. I looked at her soft, silky black hair that cascaded down to the bottom of her back. She had the brightest green eyes I had ever seen. The most beautiful too! I looked at her full, plump lips and imagined what it would be like to kiss her. To kiss my love. That would be a dream come true. She had high cheekbones and sharp yet somewhat angelic features.

She was perfect.

Although being extremely stunning, her personality is what really made me fall for her.

We drifted apart at 15, 3 years ago, I've been In love with her since then. I'm crazy about her.

She is sassy, sarcastic as hell and confident. I love her confidence. How it is shown when she walks in the room. Not in a cocky way, just in a way to show you she was in charge. No one else. She was so stubborn at the time and the 14 year old me used to get so annoyed by it but now I would rather have that than nothing.

The fact she wouldn't let me protect her annoyed the absolute fuck out of me but she was too stubborn to even think about it.

The fact that she is bubbly, that she is gorgeous as she has confidence is what made me fall for her.

"Um Shawn?" Cali says, my name rolling off of her tongue perfectly and I'm taken out of my little daze.

My heart jumps out of my chest when I realise she is talking to me. To me!

"Sorry, what were you saying?" I ask sending her a sheepish smile. I wasn't going to deny the fact that I was staring. Why would I? She was too gorgeous for her own good.

"Didn't you hear sir?" She asked, raising a perfectly arched brow at me.

I felt jolts of excitement in my stomach because this is the most we have spoke in 3 years. 3 whole years without a few second conversation! It was usually just a 'hi' then 'bye' but I definitely preferred this.

"No" I chuckle nervously, hoping she didn't think I was a dick.

Who was I kidding? I got myself a reputation. A bad one too. One that made girls scared of me. Not that I minded because I only wanted one girl and I knew she wasn't scared of me.

To my surprise, she giggled. The sound making my heart speed up.

I did that! I made her giggle. The beautiful sound was enough to keep me smiling for weeks.

"We are partners. For the project..." she draws is before literally face Palming.

I held back a laugh as she turned scarlet and broke eye contact. That was the cutest thing I've ever seen.

"We have to do a project about Romeo and Juliet" she says so quickly I nearly missed it.

"Damn" I mutter. I hate having to review Shakespeare, hence why I never do my homework.

"What?" She asked curiously, looking at me with a small smile. Although wanting nothing but to be closer to her, I'm glad she was far enough to not hear my heart that had sped up, again.

"I hate doing Shakespeare homework, I never get it" I almost whine and feel my stomach flip when she burst out laughing.

"I get it. Don't worry" she says when she sobered up.

"When and where do you want to do the project?" She asked as she began to put her books away.

I felt a small sinking feeling inside of me because I realised that this is almost the end of our conversation for a while.

"Tonight?" I question "At mine?" I ask again and she bit her lip.

"Can we go to mine instead? I've got to get Candi and Connor from school" she explains and I nod.

"Of course. I'll meet you by the school gates?" I ask, my heart best speeding up at the thought of spending time with her.

"Sure" she smiled just as the ball rang. "See you later Shawn" she grins that I'm sure makes my eyes light up because she makes me really, really happy.

"Bye Cali" I send her a small smile even though in the inside I want to hug the teacher.

Not that I would because that would be strange.

I walk to my next lesson when Quinn and a few of her minions approached.

"Hey baby" Quinn smiled at me. That smile didn't make my heart flutter like Cali's smile did.

She was stood in front of me. I couldn't help but look down and compare her to Cali.

She had green eyes but they were the completely wrong shade of green. She had red hair that reached just below her shoulders.

Unlike Cali, today Quinn wore a short red mini skirt with a black shirt. She wore black heels.

Cali, however, wore a highwaisted, black skirt that wasn't too long nor too short. She wore a white long sleeved shirt tucked in with some small, black heels. Cali looked beautiful.

The thought of her bought a small smile to my face but Quinn must of thought that the smile was for her.

"How about we... skip?" She ask, her hand now on my arm which made me freeze.

Don't get me wrong, Quinn wasn't ugly. She just wasn't Cali.

"No" I say, my voice low and i got her hand off of me. I watched as one of her minions pointed over at someone before calling "Cal"

There Cali was, walking down the hallway.

Everyone was silent. Most eyes were on Cali, including mine, but Quinn's eyes were on me.

"Hey Leah" Cali smiled as Leah hugged her.

"Why not?!" Quinn whined pouting at me, bringing me out of my stare.

"Because I'm not interested" I shrug, leaning back against a locker and watched as Quinn stomped away.

"Quinn! Come back" her minions screech before running after her.

"You like

hanging out with them?" I ask, raising a brow at Cali.

"Not all of them. Some of them aren't as bad as they seem" she says honestly.

"I'll see you tonight" I smile before turning on my heel and walking down the corridor, knowing that Quinn would go after my girl if she saw us talking.


Word got out that I was seeing Cali tonight. I don't know how or why but all I know Is girls have been questioning me.

One of the girls being Quinn.

I remember how harsh she was about my girl. It took everything in me to not do anything stupid but then I remembered, Cali is going to be in so much more shit.

"Hey! Shawn. Wait up!" Quinn speed walks over to me. Her minions vanish and I watched as a smile lit up her features.

"How are you?" She asked, I looked around because to be honest I was bored.

She has the same stupid conversation with me every day.

"I just wanted to ask if you are going out with Cali?" She asked. She kept her voice sickly sweet except from when she spat my girls name.

"No" I say bluntly. I'd keep it a secret that we had a project if it meant she would be safe.

"Everyone says they heard you say see you later to her" She points out confused. Even though I actually said I would see her tonight, I shook my head.

"I meant like around the school" I clear up, lying through my teeth at this girl.

Not that I cared.

"I don't blame you. She acts like a bit of a slut if you ask me!" She exclaims making my blood run cold.

What. The. Fuck.

I clench my fists as I try to end the conversation with her.

"Like, she wears clothes that look way to small. They also look like half of them are missing. I bet you will find her at the corner of a street tonight" she says bitterly, her eyes narrowed into splits when she talks about her.

I knew why.

It's because she was jealous. She was jealous that Cali got all the boys attention, because she did. It was no competition between Quinn and Cali. For me, it would always be Cali. For others, they lost likely would have chose her too!

"Yeah whatever. I'll see you around" I mutter coldly. My voice low at the thought of anyone calling my girl such horrible names. Especially something she isn't.

"Sure! Bye baby!" Quinn is practically beaming as I leave but I don't care.

If she ever, ever thinks about messing with my girl, I'll mess with her.

"Um, Shawn. Can I talk to you please?" Cali asked hesitantly as I sit with my friends: Caspar, Joe and Cameron, at lunch.

Caspar gives me a sly wink like the 'get in there' kind of wink whereas Cameron gives me the nod. The nod- telling me to man the fuck up and tell the beautiful girl that I love her.

I nod my head, standing up as we made our way out of the cafeteria for some privacy.

"Whats up?" I ask as I lean against the locker.

"Someone heard us!" She exclaims. She looks genuinely worried and it makes my heart beat faster in the worst ways.

"I know. I told Quinn I meant I'll see you around school. I know you would freak and she would go to you" and then you wouldn't like me. I mentally add.

"Oh, thankgod! Thankyou!" She says in relief before wrapping her arms around me.

Oh. My. God.

Oh. My. God.

Oh. My. Fricking. God.

She is hugging me.

Her intoxicating scent was surrounding me. Her small, petite frame was pressed against me and I felt dizzy.

She made me feel dizzy.

I smile before hugging her back.

I was still dizzy. The way she made me feel, the way my body reacted was insane.

I knew that I was going to tell her I love her soon.

"Its cool. We used to be friends so I knew you would be freaking out" I chuckle as she pulls back.

She seems a little embarrassed which makes her seem so cute.

That adorable little blush.

"You got that right" she smiled widely making me smile again.

I always smile when she is around.

"I wish we didn't drift apart" she murmurs softly. I almost didn't hear but when I did I freaked out. Well, on the inside.

"Me either" I murmur, just as quiet and she smiled widely causing my stomach to flip again.

"I'll see you later then. I just wanted to talk about that" she says and smiled before walking away.


I thought about shouting it to her but I would rather not get denied in school so instead I remember what it was like to hug her.

I go back to the table, trying my best to hide my smile.

Imagine what it would be like to have her arms around me everyday!

"My man. You finally told her, huh?" Joe says, snapping me out of my day dream about her.

"No" I say quietly but then smile.

"We just talked" I add, my voice is quiet but the boys notice my smile.

"What happened then?" Caspar asked, turning to face me.

I explained to them everything that happened. Everything. From what I told Quinn and what she said. I didn't miss out anything.

Joe whistled.

"Well, she is a gorgeous girl" he says, smirking when he saw my pissed off expression.

"Yeah, and she is mine" I say, making sure he understood.

"Ey. I know man. Just stating facts" he smirked and I narrowed my eyes at him.

Cameron kicks me under the table making me look up.

"Slut approaching" he says before sipping his drink.

"Hey baby!" Quinn smiled, sitting next to me.

Everyone knew that this was our table.

Everyone also knew that we didn't like other people sitting with us.

"What are you doing?" I ask, my voice is low.

"Sitting with you, my boyfriend" she says making me laugh.

"I'm not your boyfriend" I say "and I never will be" I add and she looks at me with a soft smile.

"Sweetie" she says, putting her hand in my arm "I think you are a little bit confused. You will be mine" she says as if she was talking to a 5 year old.

"Leave" Cameron said. His voice is dark and cold yet clear. "He isn't interested, trust me" he adds before glaring at her.

"Quinn. Get your shit and get lost" Joe says from beside me. "Now!" He adds and I watch as she scrambles up before running away.

"Thanks guys" I smile and they roll their eyes.

"We did it for your girl, not for you" Joe says, his eyes lighting up.

I shrugged. Either way they got the bitch to go.

"So when can we meet your girl?" Cam asks making me sigh.

"I don't know. Soon?" I question and they nod.

"Good. I wanna see the reason my boy has gone batshit crazy for this girl" Caspar says making me chuckle.

"You'll see" I smile and they roll your eyes.

Cameron's eyes goes on someone behind me before he smirks.

"Your girl is here" he says making me turn around.

Cali was stood behind me, smiling down.

"I forgot to tell you some thing" she says and I nod.

"I have to leave just before next period to pick up Connor and Candi" she chuckled, a blush on her cheeks and I get up from my table.

"I'll be back in a bit" I say and they nod, Caspar winking at me again.

"Do you want me to meet you somewhere then?" I ask and moved around her bracelet. Something she does when she is nervous.

"Um, actually. I-uh was wondering if you still had my number?" She asked, her face gone completely red and it was adorable.

I nod and she smiled.

"Okay then! Just text me and I'll let you know the address" she says and I raise a brow.

"I thought you lived by OakWood Way?" I ask and she shook her head.

"We moved, remember?" She asked and I nodded.

That's one of the reasons we drifted apart.

"Well I'll see you tonight" she grins and I'm about to speak when another voice does.

"On the corner of a street?" Quinn asked. She was alone.

"No. We have a project" I shrug and Quinn smiled at me.

"So do we" Quinn says.

"No we don't. You aren't in any of my lessons" I say and she smiled at me.

Cali looked at me but I gave her the signal to go back. She smiled and mouthed a 'thank you' before she went back.

"And you would know that" she winked.

"Look. Quinn. You are a really beautiful girl" I say which makes her smile. "But you aren't for me. I could try to set you up with someone though?" I ask.

She wants sex and I remember so did James.

"Thankyou!" She grinned before walking away.

Well, that was easy.

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