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   Chapter 36 NO.36

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Jesse POV:

I made my way home from work, feeling more than excited to see my beautiful wife and boy again.

Blake was always such a cute little boy, definitely going to be a little heart breaker when he is older.

I missed them both so much.

The 2 years the Blake had been born was as if he filled a whole in, both, mine and Kasey's heart. We hardly ever argued anymore and we were the perfect little family.

I wanted more children, Kasey and I talked about how we wanted more kids. We weren't sure when.

We talked and laughed about when we said we wanted 2 children, because now Blake was born we wanted more. 3, maybe 5. Who knows? All I know is whenever Kasey and I decide, I'll be the best father ever.

I arrived home from work and raised a brow when it was quiet.

Usually, Blake would run over and jump on me, telling me he missed me and he took good care of his mummy. Kasey would follow him and hug me too. kissing me and asking how my day was.

It was perfect, every single day.

"Hello? Blake? Babe?" I shout, shutting the door behind me and loosening my tie before taking off my shoes and blazer.

"Babe?" I shout again before wandering around the house.

y cheek.

"So, baby number 2" He grins and I smiled.

"yeah, just after you left to go to work Ry came over with pregnancy tests. I was throwing up after you went to work and had my suspicions" I say and he smiled.

"I'm excited" He smiled widely and I nodded.

"So am I" I smile and he kissed me again.

* * * * * * * * * * T H E E N D * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hey guys!

I'm so sad that this has ended since I loved writing it so much!


There is the sequel to this (trilogy) is out RIGHT NOW!!

GO check it out and I hope you enjoy it!

The first chapter would be later tonight so keep a look out.

Thank you all so much for your support. If you ever need anything, you can always message me.

Thank you for reading.

I love you


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