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Kasey POV:

2 days later, Jesse, Blake and I are out of hospital and home again.

"Kasey" Jesse whined, as we walked through the door. Blake was so quiet and hardly ever cried. Sometimes I thought Jesse was the baby.

"What?" I ask, the smile evident on my face when I see Blake looking up at me with his gorgeous eyes.

"You're hogging him" he pouts although I see Jesse fight a smile.

"Hey!" I pout, "I carried him for 9 months and then gave birth to him!" I say and he chuckled, his hand brushing through his hair.

"Okay, okay. Its cute to see you both together" he smiled and I grinned.

Jesse went upstairs and dropped in a few bags of clothes for the baby, presents for us and more that we had. As soon as Rylie found out that it was a boy, she went and blew all her wages on him. No lie. She bought back 2 bags worth of baby clothes and toys.

I sat down of the sofa, Blake was looking around, his chubby fist in his mouth.

I still felt tired but I didn't want to let go of Blake yet.

Jesse comes back down and sits next to me, his arm wrapped around my shoulder and his head on my shoulder as he looked down at our little angel.

"He's so perfect" he murmurs, looking at me before looking down at Blake.

"I know" I reply, my voice is quiet. I admire Blake, my love growing for both, Blake and Jesse.

"I love you Kasey" Jesse whispers, looking up at me and I smile. I take my eyes off of Blake and kiss Jesse quickly.

"I love you too" I say and he grins, placing his lips on mine again.

* * * 2 years later * * *

"Mummy! Mummy!" My 2 year old son, Blake squeals. I hear him running before more laughing and squealing.

"Mummy!" He laughs as he runs into the kitchen.

"Uppy!" He laughs, raising his arms. I smile and lift him up, placing him in my hip.

"What are you running from?" I ask, smiling bec


I couldn't believe when I saw the test was positive, as I didn't through up as much as last Time and I got the symptoms much quicker.

An idea came to mind and I smiled as I called Blake.

"What's wrong mummy? Are you okay?" He runs into our room. I flushed the toilet, washed my hands and took the test in my hand.

"Blake, how do you feel about having a brother or sister?" I ask and I saw a smile light up his face.

"Really!" He laughs and began to jump on the bed.

"Yes" I smile ask laugh when he squealed.

"Yay mummy! I want a little brother or sister" he says and and I smile.

"We need to tell daddy when he gets home from work" I say and he smiled, "here is the plan"

I told Blake the plan on how to tell Jesse before I started to cook Blake and I dinner.

"I'm home!" Jesse shouts and I smile when Blake giggles.

"Ready?" I whisper and he nodded.

"Yes" he laughs.


AN: Hey guys! Sorry for not uploading in a long time but a new chapter would be up very soon.

Leave some baby names- there is a gender reveal very soon and will be finding out of Blake would be having a little brother or sister.

I've already began to work on the next chapter.

Thanks for reading.


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