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   Chapter 25 NO.25

The Bad Boy's Baby By Courtney Radford Characters: 7353

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Kasey POV:

"I hate you" Rylie says, "I know you were doing something before you came to get Sam and I and you won't even tell me, your own best friend" She says with a pout.

"I'm her best friend, Rylie. You're her second" Jesse shouts from the kitchen making me laugh.

"But she loves me more" Rylie says in a sing song voice.

"I highly doubt that" Jesse says, coming in and sitting next to me, "She can never say no to me and my amazing looks, right?" Jesse asked, wrapping his arms around me and kissing my head, leaving me slightly dazed.

"Right" I sigh dreamily, loving his scent.

Then I process what he really said.

"I mean I can say no to you" I pout, trying to jump out of his arms.

I'm lying and he knows that I know I am lying.

"Whatever you say, beautiful" he says, his lips twitching up into a small smirk. I feel my heart swell with love for him. He is my rock, my best friend, he has been there for me through everything and I love him for that.

Rylie pouts at me, folding her arms over her chest.

"Don't worry babe, I love you more than I love Jesse" Sam says, coming in and sitting next to Rylie.

"Ready to leave?" Ry asked, rolling her eyes at Sam.

Rylie looked gorgeous. She wore a golden sequined dress that ended mid thigh with white knee high boots. She had her hair down and straight.

Jesse wraps his arm around me, leaning down to kiss me.

"I can't keep my hands off of you" he murmurs lowly, kissing my neck.

"Lay it off lovebirds. Let's wait till we get to the club" Rylie huffs, taking 2 shots before walking outside.

''Whats up with you two?" I ask Sam.

"She wouldn't forgive me because of something that happened in her dream" Sam huffs, rolling his eyes. "Apparently, in her dream I kissed another girl and even though she knows I love her, she isn't accepting my apology. It isn't even my fault. It's her for dreaming it!" He whined like a 2 year old.

Jesse chuckled at Sam.

"Just get her chocolates and tell her she is beautiful and you love her everyday, she wouldn't be able to stay mad at you" Jesse shrugs "it works with Kasey all the time" he whispers, not so quietly to Sam.

I glare at Jesse.

"Should I ma

esse is getting more pissed off by the second. The person behind me must really be pushing their luck.

"Um, excuse me?" A deep voice asked.

Jesse's jaw was clenched and I could see the jealousy in his eyes.

I turn around in Jesse's arms to face the guy, he was shorter than Jesse, had brown hair and green eyes. Looked a lot like a player.

"Damn, she's hot bro. Let me know when you are finished with her" The guy says, making me feel sick to my stomach.

Jesse's hold tightens and he snapped.

"What?" Jesse barked, over the music. "Are you serious? She isn't a piece of meat, stop treating her like it. She is my wife, if you must know, now stop looking at her, talking to her or even breathing the same air as her before I snap both you legs!" He threatens, his eyes burning with hatred for him.

"I'm Graham" He says to me, completely ignoring Jesse.

"And I'm not interested" I snap. I see Jesse's lips twitch up into a small smirk as he leaned down and kissed my cheek, his eyes on Graham the whole time.

"That's my girl" Jesse says, taking his eyes off of him and beaming down at me.

I smile up at him, feeling my heart flutter at his words.

"You should be. We'll be good together. I bet she is great in bed" He says, smirking.

I froze. The thoughts of my baby girl filling my mind.

I felt my heart break and Jesse must have too before before I can stop him, he marched right up to Graham and punched him, square in the nose.

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