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   Chapter 24 NO.24

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Updated: 2018-06-04 20:05

Sorry for not updating for a long time, I've had a lot of things going on which I won't bother to bore you with.

My next update should be some time next week as I am camping the weekend.


I hope you enjoy!

Kasey POV:

"Girl! It's been 3 months since we all decided to go out!" Rylie shouts down the phone.

"Sorry, I've been busy" I say, leaning my head on Jesse's shoulder.

"Busy? Doing what?" She asked, her tone demanding and I hear Jesse chuckle behind Me.

"Nothing, I've just been back to work and yeah" I say before Jesse kissed my forehead.

"Yeah yeah" she says sarcastically.

"So wanna go tonight?" She asked, "the boys can come with us?" She asked and I looked up at Jesse.

He nods before taking the phone out of my hand.

"Yeah, we will be there...At 8... We will drive to yours... okay...okay...bye" Jesse says before hanging up.

"I'm so tired" Jesse mumbled, leaning down to kiss my cheek.

"I am too" I say honestly. Everything has been exhausting and I would have liked to spend the night in but I promised the girls.

"I missed you" Jesse says, wrapping his arms around me. He still had his work clothes on.

"I missed you too" I murmur, "I always miss you" I add.

"Likewise, sweetheart" he says, his lips brushing against my cheek.

"We haven't got work tomorrow, either." Jesse added, closing his eyes.

"Spend the day with me? Just us?" I ask, my eyes dropping and my voice quieting.

"Of course. There is no other way I would want to spend my day" he whispers, his voice going into soft murmurs.

"I love you" I manage to whisper.

I faintly hear a "I love you too" before I fall asleep.

utterflies fill my stomach.

I smile at him, not being able to reply. He left me speechless, as always.

''come on, sweet heart. Let's get going" he says, grabbing my hand and kissing the back of it.

My cheeks heat up and he chuckled.

"Hey, baby girl. Can I ask you a question?" Jesse asked, just as we got in the car.

"Sure" I say, telling Rylie that we have just left.

"Are you wearing lipstick?" He asked.

I looked up to see him very very close to me.

I didn't mind one bit.

"No, lip balm" I breath out.

"Amazing!" He gives me a full blown smile before pressing his lips against mine.


"Were here, calm down" I chuckle to Rylie.

"You said you will be here at 8. It's 8:30" she says and I smile.

"We got stuck in traffic" I blurt out and ignore Jesse who burst out laughing.

"There was no traffic. Sam came home at 7:55 and drove past your house" she says "plus, it is a 5 minute drive from your house to mine, the traffic is never that bad" she reasons and I roll my eyes.

"Yeah yeah, whatever" I say before hanging up, as we parked up outside of her house.

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