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   Chapter 22 NO.22

The Bad Boy's Baby By Courtney Radford Characters: 5386

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Jesse POV:

2 weeks.

2 weeks of hell, 2 weeks of being avoided; alone.

Kasey got discharged from hospital a little less than a week ago and, honestly, things are not looking good for her.

She has hardly ate, hardly spoke.

Event in the hospital when I would visit her, she would either lay there crying or just be emotionless.

I know she was hurting, badly. I felt helpless because I couldn't do anything, I didn't know what to do.

I love Kasey, more than anything in the entire universe but she doesn't want to talk to me, or even look at me.

I know it is hard for her, very very hard but I don't want it to ruin us. I couldn't bear the thought of losing Kasey. She completes me. She is my other half, my everything and I feel like I'm losing her.

"I'm home" I say, once I get in and start to pack away the shopping.

I lock the doors, knowing I would get very paranoid of they were kept unlocked when we were upstairs.

I don't hear a reply, but then again she hardly ever spoke to me.

After I was done, I walk up to our room to see the bed empty. So I go into the guest room to see her tucked up in bed.

Her eyes fell on me and although she was upset, I saw the love in her eyes that she still had for me.

"Hey baby" I say softly, going to sit on the edge of the bed.

Kasey stretched her arms out and I smile, taking her into a hug.

I smile against her because I missed her so much.

"Why are you in here?" I ask softly as I pulled back. Kasey, however, must have liked hugging me because she pulled me closer again.

"I... I can't go in just yet" She whispers, my

ll get through it because you are so strong baby" I say softly and I watched as she sent me a small smile. My heart fluttered.

"Lets just sleep" she says, her voice a little louder and I had hope that she was going to be okay.

"Okay, sweetheart. Whatever you want" I say, placing a small kiss on her cheek before looking her in the eyes.

"I really love you. I'll be with you through this" I say, making sure we keep eye contact.

"I really love you too" she says, and for just a second, I watched as the spark reappeared in her eyes.

She closed her eyes, moving closer to me. I looked down at her.

I'm so lucky to have her.

Her brown hair was sprawled across the pillow. Her freckles were slightly more noticeable because the sun bought them out. Her pouty lips, chapped and I missed kissing her so much. She lays in my arms, it was like I was protecting her small body.

She was my wife, my lady and the love of my life. I know that things were going to be hard, very hard but I would try to make this work, make us work.

I'd do anything for her.

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