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   Chapter 21 NO.21

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Jesse POV:

I ran off of the plane when I get a text from Charlie.

Charlie: Got her locked up. I'm with her. Hurry.

His text makes am run even faster. I begin knocking on Damon's door.

I'm sure I look crazy, banging on Damon's door, close to crying.

"What's wrong?" Parker asked.

"I need to find her" I say and he looked at me.

"Who?" Damon asked, walking into the front room and standing next to Parker.

"Damon, please track this. I need to find Kasey'' I say and he nods.

Within 10 minutes, I'm in my car and im driving to the place.

I didn't have a clue where it was.

I finally arrived, it was an old house. Definitely seemed abandoned. The front garden was covered in weeds and some windows has planks over them, some windows were smashed too.

I take no time going in just to see, both, Dylan and my father, dead.

They were laying in a pool of their own blood making me sick to my stomach. Especially to see him again, to see the man who had killed my mother.

I rushed to look in all the rooms. Some were empty, and some were locked. It didn't take much for me to knock them down though.

If my father was behind it, she was probably dead.

I heard my girl's voice so I opened the door.

"KASEY!" I shout just to see that Millie stabbed her in the stomach.

My heart sank.

Blood was everywhere.

Kasey's hands was covered in her own blood and I watched in horror as Millie takes the knife out of her.

"Baby" I say, my voice low as I ran over to her.

Millie looked at me with wide eyes.

"I killed her" she whispered, more to herself.

My heart broke.

I was untying Kasey from the chair.



I could lose my world. Both of them.

She has been through so much.

Her and our baby.

A sob escaped when I hear another gunshot.

I didn't even turn around to look, I couldn't. My world and our baby had been stabbed.

The police and ambulance ran in, the ambulance taking the 2 most important people away from me.

"Jesse" Charlie says, I notice the tears streaming down his face.

"Millie shot herself" he states. I couldn't say or do anything. I felt paralyzed.

We rush into my car, following the ambulance to the hospital where we sit and wait for hours.

Hours and hours passed, beside me, Charlie was asleep but I just stared ahead of me.

My eyes were red, puffy and sore from crying. My head hurts but not as much as my heart.

I could lose the woman I love

wanted a baby. I knew how much you wanted us to be a family. That's why I talked to you about it. That's why I stopped with the pills. I wanted you to be happy. This is my fault. I was carrying her. I should have tried harder" she cried, her sobs becoming louder and louder.

She hugged me closely to her, her tears soaking my shirt whilst mine fell on her.

"I'll always love you sweet heart. It isn't your fault" I say softly and hug her closer to me.

She didn't say anything, but she didn't have to.

I knew she was going to carry on blaming herself.

"Sweetheart. Your hands and legs were tied to a chair. You couldn't do anything" I say, kissing her cheek softly.

"I could have tried" she says, her voice muffled slightly.

"I know you tried because you would try to save anyone you love" I say, rubbing her back comfortingly.

"I know but-" she starts.

"Well then, you know you tried your hardest" I cut her off. She gives me a weak smile.

''Thanks for being here" she says, and I kiss her head.

''I will always be with you"

After a long silence, I hear her ask in a shaky voice, "Where's Millie?"

"She killed herself" I say, my voice low.

"Why did she have to kill our baby?" She asked and I sighed.

"I don't know sweetheart. Let's just try to sleep? Okay" I say and she nods.

" I love you Jesse" she says, her hold on me tightening.

"I love you too Kase, so much" I say before we both fell asleep, my arms around her and her closely to me.


AN: Hey guys, there should be another update tonight or tomorrow.

This chapter was so emotional for me to write :(

Love you guys!

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