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   Chapter 20 NO.20

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Jesse POV:

"What's wrong?" Martha asked me. She came along too because I had to have someone come with me and I didn't like the idea of Millie being here.

"Kasey isn't answering. I've left texts and I've called; she just isn't answering" I say, I felt something sink. I felt like something bad was happening right now.

"Maybe she is asleep" she reasons and I sigh.

"Maybe, I will call her brother and just see if he can check in on her" I say and she nods.

I call up Charlie, I can't help but Feel like something bad has happened.

"Hello?'' He asked and I got straight to the point.

"Have you heard from Kasey?" I ask and he said he hadn't.

"Can you check up on here? I feel like something bad has happened" I say and he agrees.

"Of course"

The line goes dead.


Charlie POV:

I got the keys to their house from my back pocket when I saw the door alread opened.

I took a deep breath and walked in.

My heart sunk.

The sofa was tipped and the mirror was smashed. The words 'slut' painted onto the wall.

I ran upstairs, hoping my sister is still asleep but then I walk into her room.


Apart from the blood in the floor, it is empty. I start to panic when I see the blood in the floor, I don't even see a guy come in.

"Say goodbye" he mutters before hitting something in my head, hard. Making me fall to the floor.


Jesse POV:

(sorry for the switching of POVS)

Damn it! Now Charlie isn't picking up.

I felt that same sinking feeling.

"Jesse, why don't you wait till the morning to see her?" Martha asks softly.

I shook my head.

"I can't, I won't be able to sleep knowing that something is happening to the one good thing I have in my life. I have to go, I need to fly back out to my girl, I can't stay with this feeling like something b


"THEN WHY HAS SHE BEEN LOCKED UP FOR 2 DAYS?!" He shouts and she doesn't even flinch.

"Because boss wants her to be" she shrugs.

"Boss is taking what's mine" he says, grabbing the gun from the waistband of his jeans.

"Are you crazy?! Don't try to kill boss" she pulls him back and he pushed her off of him.

"Just. Fucking. Watch. Me." He breathes out, before going out of the door.

"Millie. Why are you doing this?" I ask and she laughed.

"I'm not the one behind it, i wish I was though because you are going to die and Jesse will come back to me" she giggled and i freeze.

"He is going to want comfort and love and I can give him that" she says and I feel tears stream down my face.

"But don't worry, I'll be make sure to tell mine and Jesse's kids about you" she asked, a sly grin on her face.

"You're a bitch. He loves me. He still does. I know it" I say. She leaned down, taking something from her pocket.

"He hasn't said it to you in like 2 days, maybe he fell out of love" she whispers.

The door slams open but all I can concerntrate on is that fact that she bought the knife closer to my stomach.

"KASEY!" Someone shouts just as pain consumed my whole body.

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