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   Chapter 12 NO.12

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Updated: 2018-06-04 19:58

Kasey POV:

"Jesse! Wake up!" I shout as I just finished doing my hair.

All I had to do now was my makeup.

I decided in wearing a dark blue, navy dress that reached mid thigh and i loosely curled my hair.

The dress was really pretty. It had 2 thick straps and then comes in at the waist before flowing down.

[[Pic of dress]]

I decided to go and wake up Jesse.

I walked in our room and leaned down to him.

"Jesse" I say softly, shaking him.

He opened his beautiful eyes and smiled up at me.

"Hey" he says and i smile.

"You've got to get up now, we need to get ready" I say and he nodded.

"Okay, but can you lean down a little bit closer?" He asked and i nodded, confused but done it anyway.

As I leaned down, Jesse grabbed me by my waist and gently led me on top of him, before getting the duvet and putting it around me.

"There, now back to sleep" he says and i chuckle but roll my eyes.

"Jesse, get up!" I whine playfully as I try to roll off of him. As soon as I did though, Jesse hovered over my body.

"Can we just stay and order pizza? And make out and snuggle and sleep?" He asked and i pouted.

"You suggested going, why not now?" I ask and he shrugged.

"I like feeling you close to me and I don't wanna have to fight off all the guys" he says and i roll my eyes.

"You won't, look" I say, showing him my wedding ring.

"No guy is going to take you away from me Jesse because I love you" I say softly and he smiled widely.

I cupped his cheeks and looked into his eyes.

"I love you" I say before gently pressing my lips against his.


"Hurry up!" Jesse joked and i glared at him.

"You made me have to redo my hair!" I huff. And if you're thinking we had sex, we didn't. We just made out and Jesse kept running his hands through my hair.

"You kissed me first!" He points out and i rolled my eyes.

"Okay! I won't kiss you anymore" I say and he walked over to me.

"I'll just kiss you then!" He says before pressing his lips to mine.

As much


"Yeah, and then leapt on my husband" I say making Jesse scowl.

"And I would have much rather it was you who leapt on me" he whispers huskily in my ear making me giggle.

"Then he chose this bitch over me" Millie says bitterly, glaring at me again.

"Can I hit her?" I whisper to Jesse who was now a lot closer to me.

"No baby. Just stay close and i will deal with her" he says, kissing my cheek and the putting his head on my shoulder.

"Millie. Whatever we had Is gone so maybe I should say it slower. I. Don't. Fucking. Like. You. I'm. Married. And. Going. To. Be. A. Father" he says slowly making me giggle.

"When you have the baby, he is going to leave you!" She screeched before stomping away.

"Ignore her baby. I'll never leave you" he says and i smile.

"I know. You love me too much" I smile with a wink and he chuckled.

"You got that right, do you love me too?" He asked vulnerably and i nodded.

"You know I do"


Hey guys! I've decided as well as updating on Saturday, I'm going to update sometimes in the week. Sometimes it could be more than others and sometimes it could be different days but I feel like updating once a week is hard, especially because I love writing so much. I hope you enjoyed this chapter!

This is just the start of Millie trying to ruin them.

Until next time, byee.Xx

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