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Kasey POV:

"Oh god! Why isn't she here yet!" I groan.

"Hey, calm down. She will be here soon and is she isn't, I will kick her ass" Rylie lightens the mood.

"I will be the one kicking ass. I can't walk down the isle lookig like this!" I exclaim.

"Right. Kasey, chill your beans. You will always look stunning whether your hair is done or not. Jesse is going to be blown away okay?" Charlotte rants and i roll my eyes.

"Okay" I shrug. My wedding is in 2 hours and i still haven't got my hair done or dress on. I done my makeup and it was a light layer of foundation, blusher, eyesshadow, lashes and a pink lipgloss.

There is a knock at the door and Abby opens it.

"Let me see my soon-to-be wife" Jesse shouts and i smile.

"Hey babe" I shout.

"Hey sweetheart. Are you okay?" He asked concerned. It's funny because we can't even see eachother but he knows I'm stressed and i know he is nervous.

"If the hair dresser showed up maybe I would be" I whine and he chuckled.

"If she doesn't just leave your hair down. I'm really nervous" he shouts and i hear 'awws' from our friends.

"Babe, I won't be leaving you there. I will see you in two hours. I'm nervous but hey, I'm marrying you so" I say and he laughed.

"Okay I will see you in 2 hours. I love you baby" he says.

"I love you too" I shout and the door is slammed.

Another knock is heard and Emma, my hair dresser, ran in.

"I'm so sorry I'm late" she says and I shrug.

"All that matters is that you are here now" I smile and she sighed.

After an hour of tugging and complaining, my hair was done. It looked beautiful.

I put on my dress it was strapless and reached the floor.

After my bridesmaids for into their dresses, we made our way out of my house.

Riley, Abby, Charlotte and Kim were my bridesmaids. Kim was a girl i met at university and we clicked instantly. They wore royal blue dresses. Rylie was my maid of honour and her dress was beautiful. It had lace as straps and it flowed down to the floor.

Charlotte, Abby and Kim all wore matching royal blue dresses. Theirs were strapless but flowy too.

We all got in to the car and before we knew it we were outside the church. Charlie was waiting for me since he is handing me over and i was told 100 times from Rylie not to cry and ruin her art work.

The church doors open and Charlie is walking me down the isle. My eyes meet with Jesse's and i can't seem to look away. He looks at me nervous and lovingly. He has a huge smile plastered on his face and I find myself with a matching one.

Before we know it, we are saying 'i do' and we are married!

When they said "you may kiss the bride" Jesse slammed his lips onto mine. I react quickly and we pull away. Everyone is cheering and we run to the reception.

"Did you ever imagine marrying me?" I

ask as we wait for every one else to arrive.

"I've always wanted to marry before kids. I've always wanted someone like you to marry. Someone who will be with me throughout everything and I have. I have the best girl ever and I'm so happy that I decided to chase you back in highschool" he says and pressed his lips against mine again. I kiss back only for Rylie to run over to me.

"You are finally married" she squeals and i smile.

"I would like my wife back, I haven't saw her since yesterday and we have catching up to do" Jesse says wrapping his arms around my waist. I giggle and Rylie coos. She still goes on about how cute we are.

"I'm sorry. You may have Mrs Kasey Collins back now" she says and I giggle.

"I love that" he says.

"What?" I ask.

"The sound of my last name after your name" he says and i smile widely.

"Well, you did steal my heart so I took revenge and stole your last name" I say and he chuckled.

"That's not revenge sweetheart, I gave you my lastname" he says and i just smile.

After a while lot of congratulating, we had our first dance as a married couple. The song was Hear you me. The first song we danced to.

"It feels like prom all over again. You the prom king and me the prom queen" I whispered and he smiled.

"But now, you are my queen" he says and he spins me.

I see everyone looking at us with wide smiles and some wiping tears.

"I need to tell you something" I whisper again. I was waiting to tell him but this seems like right time.

"What is It sweetheart?" He asked as he spun me again.

"How about an extra addition to our little family?" I question and he looks at me confused.

"What?" He chuckled.

"You heard. How would you feel if I told you that there will be an extra addition to our small family?" I question and he looks at me.

Realization crossed his face till it was replaced with a huge smile.

"You... You're pregnant?" He questions, the smile is the biggest I've ever saw.

"Yeah" I say "that's why I was throwing up all last week" I add and he smiled even bigger, if possible.

"Are you serious? Because if you at lying I will... well I dont know. I want this to be serious. Are we having kids?!"He whisper yelled and i chuckled.

"I would never lie to you about this Jesse" i say.

"Jesse?" I ask.

"Yeah baby" he said.

"You're going to be a dad" I say and he smiles again.

"Were pregnant. I mean, you are pregant with my kids. I mean our kids. I going to be a dad and you are going to a mum. You're going to be an amazing mum" he rambles and i giggle.

"Jesse" I say snapping him out of it.

"Sorry, I got a little excited" he says and i chuckled.

"I didn't notice. Let's tell everyone when we are sat down" I whisper and he nodded. He had a spark in his eyes and i smiled.

We're having kids.

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