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   Chapter 17 Judgement Day Part 2

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"Put her down, Riley. Please, I don't want to lose her like Rodney."

I put her down and she punched me. So, I pulled her back by her hair and punched her in the face, knocking her out. Maybe I want too far but who cares she was getting on my nerves and I wanted her to shut up. Why not put her to bed?

"I thought I put you in jail, " I stated, coldly.

"You did, but I just got released yesterday. Then I heard that my sister was on a crazy mission to find out who killed Rodney and then get revenge by killing whoever they cared about. While planning to take over Dad's company. I guess you beat me to it, " he scratched the back of his neck nervously.

"What's with the change of heart, Carlos?"

"Well, I realized what an idiot my father was to start this whole thing and the impact my family made on your family. Dad, since I'm taking over the company soon. I think it's best we shut it down, " he spoke wisely.

"That's a good idea."

Suddenly, I saw something small heading in my direction and hit me above my stomach closer to my ribs. My eyes widened in shock and I put my hand where I got hit. Blood was starting to come out. That's when I knew that I was shot.


I fell to the ground as my eyes started to get heavy with Cameron rushing over. "Babe, don't die on me. Please don't die on me."

"Call 911, now!"

In the corner, I saw someone with a phone as my consciousness was starting to leave.

"Carlos, can you stay with her?"

"I think you should stay with her, Cameron. She needs you more than she needs me right now. I'll go find the person who shot her."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome."

Cameron's P.O.V:

Carlos left and a few guys followed behind him. I stayed with Riley and held her close. I'm not ready to lose her. I don't want to lose her again. Suddenly, I saw Canary awaken after she was knocked out.

"What happened?" Then she looked at Riley and her eyes widened in shock. "S-she has been shot." There was some concern in her voice.

I stared at her coldly, "Why do you care? You want her dead."

Five minutes later.......

The ambulance arrived and the paramedics put her on the stretcher. Then they put Riley inside and I went with her. After that, we left the house.


iley West."

Then two FBI agents came and cut the ropes off of their hands. They handcuffed them and took them away.

"Bye, dad."

"Bye, Alexa."

Cameron's P.O.V:

Seven hours later.......

After hours and hours of surgery, they finally got Riley in a room and she was officially admitted. This was the last time that I was going to see Australia ever again. I can't tell anyone where I've gone. I can't tell anyone where I will go and where I'll live. We have to move away and start our lives over again.

Riley, when we leave Australia, I want us to have our wedding someplace beautiful. Right now, isn't the time because you're lying here on a hospital bed. I hope we don't have to deal with any more people that want to kill us. Right now, I just want you to get better and stronger. I love you and I always will. Let's get out of here and stay together forever.


Hi guys, I just wanted to say that I loved writing this book and sharing it with you guys. Even though I got some criticism here and there, you guys managed to make writing this book worthwhile. Thank you guys so much reading this. I never imagined for both books to come this far. These books were my first ever books to write and share on this so please be patient with me. I hope you guys enjoyed part 2 of Riley's story. It was fun writing this book. This is the last chapter of the book and I don't think I will do a third one. Enjoy!!!




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