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Who was it?

Tyson's P.O.V:


"Ah, Tyson. It's been a while."

"What do you want, James?"

"My money that you owe me."

"I don't owe you anything. What are you talking about?"

"You don't remember? Our last deal. I'm suppose to get two thousand dollars from you and I never got it. So, give me money by tonight or you'll never see your precious daughter again."

Cameron's P.O.V:

I saw him hang up, pulling his gaze up at me. His face, paled like a blanket on concrete. His hands shook, swe

"Dad? Are you okay?"

"Y-yeah, I'm fine. Why?"

"You look like you found out some bad news."

"Don't worry about it."

"Someone took Amber didn't they?"


This is the part where I go save someone's life and this life is my sister's life. Then I called Riley.

"Hey, babe. Sorry to bother you."

"It's alright. What's up?"

"Someone kidnapped my sister. I just called to tell you that I'm going to save her and if I don't come back, I love you."

"Oh my god. Don't talk like that, Cam. I can't live without you. Be careful, alright."

"I will. I love you."

"I love you more."

After telling Riley where I was going, I got myself ready for a fight and a gun war.

"What are you doing, Cameron? This isn't your fight, it's mine."

"No, dad. You made the mistake of making your last deal before going to jail. As for me, they took my sister and I'm going to save her."

"Then I'm coming with you. It's my fault she got involved into all of this."

"Suit yourself."

"I'm coming too."

"No, mom. It's too dangerous."

"Son, I've been in more dangerous situations than this so don't tell me that I




As time was going by, my grip around his throat grew tighter and tighter. His face began to turn purple and blue.

"Alright! I'll tell you, but it'll be too late for you to save her now. Soon, she'll be dead. She's in the room on the right, " he confessed in between breaths.

We went to the room and there was no sign of her. That moron lied to me. He'll pay for this! They'll all pay for this!

"She isn't here. Damn it!"

"Cameron, we'll find her. Don't worry."

"How can I not worry?! My sister can possibly die at any second and you're telling me not to worry?! You don't know what it's like to live a life as a victim of kidnapping! I'm going to find my sister and find the person who took her."

I walked out of the room and they followed me from behind. We left the warehouse and went back to the house. Then I found a note in front of the door. It said:

If you want your sister, I have her and she's safe. Meet me in the alleyway nearby Club Down Under. And bring your fiancée with you.

Who the hell is the person who took Amber? Why would want me to bring Riley?

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