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Cameron's POV:

I was four years old. My parents fought and clawed their way into the gates of hell. I couldn't help but watch. I was helpless. I didn't understand. They made me believe the fable of always getting a happily ever after. My mom was fed up with my dad. He was the idiot who decided to use all our money on drugs. Why? Because he was a drug addict.

Dad would always come home late at night - high and hallucinating. He created blood shed at the expense of mom. If she tried to go outside and carry me with her, that would be it for her, death's face would be sitting in his soul. I couldn't watch him hurt her anymore so I tried to do something. I failed and got myself taken to the hospital by the next morning.

I couldn't move any part of my body that day. My mom took me to the hospital without dad knowing and found out that I was temporarily paralyzed from the neck and down. It was devastating to find out that my own father nearly killed me. We managed to keep a normal facade in front of people for a while but that didn't work.

Each night, we'd find ourselves in pain physically and emotionally. I'd hear her cry herself to sleep, praying for the pain to cease. I'd cry myself to sleep too. Next thing I knew, She was gone, leaving me alone with the devil on earth. The shocking part is that I found a pregnancy test in the bathroom and it read positive. She was pregnant with another kid, keeping it hidden from us. After that, I never saw her face again.

Five years later, I was taken by Rodney and flown out to California. I was "chosen" to be the first junior secret agent of the FBI but there was more to this program. It wasn't a training camp at all nor an FBI program. Cages were set, blood was shed, bodies lifeless in their life pool.

I was nine when I took a life. It changed me and somehow, respect was gained from it. Fear was driven by it. Then I saw her for the first time, dark hair, beadie, bubbly brown eyes full of innocence. The first time Riley and I met.

In due time, we became two of the best fighters that Rodney had under his belt. We became more than that, we became assassins. Years went by, and I had enough. With the perfect escape plan, I slipped through Rodney's fingers, clinging onto the little sanity I had left.

If you didn't know, I was born here in Melbourne. I'm actually Australian. The outback is my home. Riley and I started our lives together. We practically grew up together. By the time I was fifteen, I started having feelings for her and gained the courage to tell her. When I told her, the feelings were mutual. We made it official, but kept a low profile.

If anyone knew, someone would've told Rodney and things wouldn't go well. So anytime we were around we'd act like we were best friends which was natural. The one mistake I did though, was leaving her behind. I just couldn't stay there. So, I managed to escape the night after my last fight.

I bought a plane ticket back Australia and went home to my family. They were happy to see me at first but of course, dad wasn't. He's never happy to see anyone. The first time back home was a disaster, he tried to tie me up and tell me to never leave the house ever again. That was when I hit my breaking point. My anger slipped. I ripped the ropes off, getting up from where he tied me up. Then I said:

"Do you have any idea how much pain

I had to endure by you?! Do you have any idea how torture I went through just to get here?! Do you care about your own son's wellbeing?! I guess not because all you do is get high all day long and can't even realize how you pushed everyone away! It's the same reason why mom left! It's the same reason I got kidnapped! Because of your irresponsible addiction to drugs!"

After that, Dad and I never spoke for years. We still haven't said a word since I moved back. I moved back here because he's in jail and my uncle Ryan got me job so I can bail him out. Not only that, I can't remember the last time I saw my mom. Ever since I moved back, I feel like I'm being followed like someone is watching my every move.

Passing the ice shop, the sound of small footsteps appeared. I was right, I was being followed. Let's see how long this goes. I'm not used to being followed around but after spending almost ten years with Rodney, I've gotten used to it. Whoever follows me never gets off easy.

I've gotten used to it since I grew up with people who can fight as good as I can. As an assassin on the street, there's always someone following you so I'm always prepared. For now, I have to plan a huge romantic gesture leading up to proposing to Riley. I can't wait to see the look on her face when I surprise her. It'll be fun.

I wish my family could be there to see it but they don't get along since my dad is in jail. I don't even know where my mom is and my aunts and uncle basically shunned me. They stopped visiting and talking to me. I know, my family sucks, I get that a lot.


The first thing I see is a note by the front door. I knew it, I was being followed by someone. But who? I picked up the note and went inside. As I got inside, I sat on the couch and read the note. The note said:

I'll find you and everything will be explained. If you want to know who I am, you can find me in the alley by Melbourne High School. There, I will tell you who I am goodbye.

I guess I'm meeting this person at my old school soon. Right now, I can't since I have a whole big romantic gesture to plan out. I can't wait to see the look on Riley's face when she finds out but first things first. I'm not going to leave her two best friends out. I called Carmen.

"Hey, Carmen. What's up?"

"Nothing much. How are you, Cameron? It's been a while."

"I know."

"So, why did you call?"

"Well, I'm planning on proposing to Riley this weekend and I need you and Jamie to be there when I do. So, when do you and Jamie have off from school?"

"Well, I don't have school on Friday but I don't know about Jamie. I'll ask her. How are we going to get to Australia and isn't it a long flight? Oh my gosh, then we'll be there."

"Don't worry about the flight. I'll find a way to get you guys here on Saturday morning and back by Monday."

"Okay, see you soon."



Hi guys, thanks for the support on the last chapter. I hope you guys are enjoying the book so far. I really appreciate the support that you give towards my work. Thank you for the support on the last book. That book reached 100k. That's amazing and it boggles to see how many people like what I write. So, thank you and I hope you enjoy this chapter. You'll get to learn more about Cameron in this chapter.




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